UponArriving’s Purpose

UponArriving is based on my personal belief that everyone deserves a chance to live a meaningful and fulfilled life. For many people, including myself, this means a chance to see the world.

Travel is fun but beyond that it’s also transformative.

Travel breeds perspective, gratitude, and confidence. It can be humbling and can provide healing.

Travel can connect you to this planet and to the people who inhabit it in a way you might otherwise have never known was possible.

In short, travel offers many ways to get closer to the person you want to be.

Unfortunately, one of the biggest hurdles for many to make their travel dreams come true is that it can be prohibitively expensive. Luckily, with award travel, you can find ways to travel for next to nothing by doing things like jumping on the best travel credit cards. 

The only problem is that award travel can be quite overwhelming and confusing. Also, if you really want to make the most of award travel you need good credit and that’s something many struggle with.

That’s when UponArriving comes in.

On UponArriving, I cover the latest developments in travel credit card rewards, airline and hotel loyalty programs, and various other travel topics. Sign-up right now for my inside tips! 

Articles on UponArriving are detailed-driven and thoroughly researched so that they can help you take control of your personal credit and give you the information needed when it’s time for you to make those important decisions like what credit card to apply for or what airline to book.

I work tirelessly to breakdown voluminous information to the basics and deliver it in a way so that any beginner should be able to catch on. 

If you’re interested in booking first class tickets for next-to-nothing or maybe just stretching your miles and points as far as they can go so you can see as much of the world as possible, you’ve arrived at the right spot. You can read more about me here.