Simplify credit card eligibility

Save time by automating approval rules for Chase, Amex, Citi, & more.

Strategically navigate annual fees

Get help with upgrade and downgrade options

Optimize your wallet

Discover how to put more money back into your pocket.

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Your digital smart wallet includes

Intelligent credit card guidance

Annual fee insight & assistance

Next level wallet organization

Point optimization 101


How WalletFlo works

You can use WalletFlo in two different ways

1. Find approval rules (including hidden policies)

Simply click on a card and you can find approval rules that can help you get approved and avoid rejections.

2. Automate your eligibility

Take a few minutes to input your credit card details like your account opening dates and you can easily figure out what cards you are eligible for. You’ll also be able to view helpful breakdowns of your points, annual fees, credits, etc.

WalletFlo is simple and secure. 

No SSN, DOB, or credit card numbers needed.