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Many of you know that I’ve been working quietly behind the scenes with some talented developers for the past few months to create a new platform called “WalletFlo.” Well, the development process hasn’t been quite as easy as I thought it’d be but we’ve made some real progress and it’s finally time to give you a sneak peek! 

What is WalletFlo?

WalletFlo is a digital smart wallet that helps you to maximize and manage your credit cards via smart automation. 

It’s designed to replace spreadsheets with something much more functional that, at the end of the day, just makes you feel better about applying for credit cards and optimizing them in the future. 

WalletFlo is for both beginners and advanced users and will be ideal for individuals or couples. It will initially exist as a web platform but will eventually be a mobile app as well. 

WalletFlo give-a-way

I’ll be giving away one-year subscriptions to WalletFlo to randomly selected commenters on any UponArriving posts dated from now (Oct 22nd) until the launch this winter.

A small number of people will also be gifted a free lifetime membership to WalletFlo — and all you have to do is leave a comment (preferably a quality comment) on any post (like this one) to enter. 

The more comments you leave, the better your odds (but spam-type comments won’t count). 

WalletFlo’s “MVP “

This is a sneak peek for WalletFlo’s “minimum viable product” or “MVP.”

This means it’s the most basic form of the product I felt was worth presenting to the public. 

There will definitely be some wrinkles left to iron out in the beginning but addressing them all now would take a very long time and it’s much better to get your product in a user’s hands early and then go from there. 

WalletFlo Background 

Simplifying credit card eligibility 

Over the past couple of years, I’ve noticed that credit card application rules have been getting increasingly common and complex.

As credit card rewards have exploded in popularity, we’ve seen a lot of new restrictive rules like the wall of text for Marriott credit cards below. 

And then there are all the credit card application rules like: Chase 5/24, Amex 2/90, Citi 8/65, Barclays 6/24, BOAs 2/3/4 Rule (now 7/12 and 3/12 rule) — many of which aren’t even published.  

I know many people (including myself) find it time-consuming and confusing to keep up with all of these rules.

I’ve even seen folks get denied for cards and hurt their credit score due to violating these rules.   

So I felt there was a real need to simplify credit card eligibility and to do so via effortless automation.

Simplifying credit card management

I’ve also always wanted an optimal way to keep up with all of my credit card features and annual fees.

Yeah, I had my spreadsheet but it didn’t have the functionality I wanted. For example, it wouldn’t update quarterly categories in real time or posses other smart automation features.      

So with these issues in mind, I created WalletFlo to significantly cut down the time and effort needed for optimizing your wallet.

Whether it was navigating credit card application rules, maximizing bonus categories, or managing annual fees (downgrades, travel credits, etc.), I wanted to create something that would save users (including myself) a lot of time and even money. 

I also wanted WalletFlo to be innovative and not just a glorified spreadsheet. 

Utilizing an interactive timeline seemed like the perfect feature.

In my lawyer days, I would regularly create timelines for cases/complex transactions, and I thought a digital smart wallet was perfectly suited for timeline functionality, so I started sketching it out in early August. 

First sketch of WalletFlo.

I played around with many different timeline ideas and formats but it took some time to envision exactly how it should look. 

I thought using a timeline with colorful bars or “flows” (hence the name) would make it easier to view all of your cards and get an instant sense of your overall credit card portfolio, especially when it came to things like the pace of opening new cards, timing of annual fees, free night certificates, etc. 

A standalone timeline wouldn’t be enough functionality, though. WalletFlo needed a place where your digital wallet could give you an efficient way to view, sort, and manage all of your cards and card features, so I added a sidebar.

WalletFlo started with the messy sketches seen above and after a few months, it’s finally coming together in a real way and I’m excited to share a sneak peek of some of its core features!  

WalletFlo sneak peak

Here’s a look at the dashboard screen for the “annual fees view.”

Keep in mind it’s still a bit of a work in progress so things will look a little different and cleaned up in the future.

Further below, I’ll go into detail about some of the features

“Wallet” Tab

On the left corner, you’ll see the profile tabs which show “DMG” and “BMK” — those will be your custom initials that represent your profile.

The “All” tab will allow you to view info for all profiles in your WalletFlo family. So if you had 10 cards and your spouse had 5 cards, you’d see the breakdown for all 15 cards.  

Below those tabs you’ll see other sub-tabs for:

  • “Wallet”
  • “Apps”
  • “Points”
  • “Fees”

I’ll just be showing you the “Wallet” and “Apps” tab in this sneak peek.  

Your wallet will show you a breakdown of all of your credit cards, organized by issuer. You’ll see how many total cards you have overall and the total within each issuer. 

(When in the “all” view, you’ll see the cards everyone in your family has and each card will have an indication of who owns it by showing their initials.) 

Card features

If you select a card, you can see all of its details like bonus categories, travel credits, credit limits, etc. Eventually, I hope to have more details related to things like travel insurance, purchase protection, etc. to give you the full picture of your cards. 

Closed accounts

Another nice feature is the Closed Accounts drop down where you can keep tabs of all the cards you’ve had in the past, which is very helpful for Amex and business cards (and just good practice to track). 

WalletFlo timeline

Your cards will also be visible on the timeline where your true wallet “flow” lives. 

As you can see, each card will have a color, organized by issuer. All of the major issuers like Chase, Amex, Barclays, etc. will have their own color while smaller, obscure issuers will be lumped into one color.

This view will help you get a sense of the pace at which you’re opening up new cards and an overview of how diverse your wallet is. 

When we implement the community feature, this universal color scheme will also make it very easy to view and understand other timelines. 

WalletFlo Annual Fees View

Managing annual fees can be tedious and time consuming, especially when searching for downgrade options. And sometimes those pesky annual fees can sneak up on you. 

One thing I love about WalletFlo is it will break down all of your annual fees over the course of a year.

To view your annual fees on the timeline, you’ll simply click on the annual fee “$” icon and your timeline will go to “annual fee view.” 

Annual fee breakdown

Each annual fee is placed on the timeline where your account anniversary takes place, so you’ll know when it’s due.  

Upgrade and downgrade options

When you select an annual fee on your timeline, you’ll see the upgrade and downgrade options (if available) allowing you to avoid annual fees or find an upgrade to a better card.

The MVP will only give one option for upgrade/downgrade but future versions will have more (interactive) options and perhaps ways to provide you guidance based on your spend. I’d also like for it to notify you about valuable retention offers, allowing you to get more fees waived. 

Monthly breakdown

In addition to the individual fees listed on your timeline, you’ll also see a helpful bar graph that breaks down your annual fees based on the total fees each month. Couples will be able to view all of the annual fees between the two of them, which will I think will be very helpful to keep fees in check.

You’ll be able to see more info related to annual fees such as annual credits on the “Fees” tab but I’ll talk about that later.

WalletFlo Cheat Sheet 

The Cheat Sheet will auto-populate top earning cards in different categories along with their bonus multiplier and value of points earned viewed in percentage form.

So if your #1 dining card is the Amex Gold Card, you’ll see “4X (6.8%),” which means you’re earning 4X Membership Rewards and getting the equivalent of 6.8% cash back based on a valuation of Membership Rewards.

Valuations will be based on an average of different sources though I hope to eventually give users the ability to input their own valuations since these are subjective at the end of the day.  

The Cheat Sheet is perfect for a few situations. 

Finding top earners

If you’ve got lots of great cards it can be difficult to keep tabs on your top earners and that will be automatically done for you. 

What’s more, many newbies struggle to realize the difference in value of a card that earns rewards in a weak currency (e.g., Hilton) versus a strong currency (e.g., Amex MR). Showing the percentage returns will show you which options return the most value. 

Quarterly categories

Also, if you have quarterly categories, it can get really confusing as to which quarterly categories are active (especially if you have multiple 5% back cards). WalletFlo will automatically update each quarter when those 5% categories change. 

Team work

The Cheat Sheet will help couples where one member is leading the charge and the other constantly wondering which card to use for gas, groceries, etc. 

Mobile App & Voice

Eventually, I hope to have the Cheat Sheet in the mobile App for easy use and possibly compatible with voice. Instead of your partner texting or calling you to ask about which card to use, they could simply ask Siri, “Which card should I use for groceries?”


I’d also like for users to eventually be able to customize the Cheat Sheet, perhaps based on their earning goals. For example, if you wanted to just focus on earning Ultimate Rewards or United miles, you could select that option and then your Cheat Sheet would prioritize cards that earn those type of points. 

Or you could just set your own custom preferred options. 

WalletFlo Apps Tab 

WalletFlo will save you tons of time when it comes to your credit card applications by automating all of the credit card application rule calculations for you. 

You’ll simply add a new application and then select your desired card and you’ll instantly see every potential rule that applies to that card and how your individual wallet complies with those rules. 

That will save you from finding the latest rules, interpreting them, and applying them to all of your accounts. It will also help people avoid wasted hard inquiries that bring down credit scores. 

This will be extremely helpful for beginners and still convenient for advanced users who want to check things like their 5/24 status and keep tabs on long-term bonus eligibility.  

How does it work? 

After selecting a card, you’ll see a breakdown of various rules that apply.

If you’re compliant, you’ll see green text verifying you’re good.

If you’re not compliant, you’ll see red text alerting you and showing what date you need to wait for until you will be compliant or what action you’d need to take (e.g., cancel a card).

Also, sometimes you’ll just receive a yellow “caution message” when things are a little iffy and you need to proceed with caution.

If you don’t know what the rules mean, you can click on the info circle and view a quick explanation of the rule. In many cases there are exceptions to the rules, so you’ll be able to easily click on a link to an UponArriving article which will explain the rule in detail to you. 

To make things easy on you, you’ll also be able to sign-up to receive notifications whenever you become compliant.

Whether it’s one month or one year, you’ll be notified (and that notification will be updated in real time).  

I truly believe that long-term strategies are becoming more important as issuers crack down on applicants and so WalletFlo will help you put your long-term credit card strategy more on “auto pilot” with the help of reminders.  

You’ll also be able to save your apps so that you can check back on them and keep tabs on all of the applications you’re interested in.   

Other features

These are only some of the WalletFlo MVP features to be included and there are others (Points tab, Fees tab, Notification feature, etc.).

Each of those will offer something to make your life easier like breaking down annual credits and reminding you to put spend on dormant cards every 6 months. But I’ll talk more about those later.  

The next feature will probably be a “Perks” feature that focuses on displaying perks like free nights, elite status, travel insurance, etc., and I’ll share more on that later.  

Pre-order WalletFlo? 

The price is looking to be around ~$22 per year but I might offer a chance to pre-order WalletFlo for a discount at something like, I don’t know… $15.24. 

(If you pre-ordered and were randomly selected for a free year of WalletFlo or free lifetime membership, you’d obviously be refunded for your pre-order.)

Let me know if you’d be interested in pre-ordering and I can get on it! I’m hoping to launch WalletFlo’s beta version in December and have the full launch in January but we’ll see how it goes! 


Would you pre-order for $15.24




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  1. A bit busy on dashboard compared to Award Wallet but less tabs than Awardwallet. Warning threshold of Chase’s 5/24 and Amex 5 total card ownership is quite cool, although, it would be helpful to have a date when the 5/24 expire.
    One nit is not tracking category spend with other platforms besides Merchant Reward and Ultimate Rewards. For example, one can simultaneously possess the entire Amex Hilton portfolio (Honors, Surpass and Aspire) and acquire points with each card.

    1. Yeah, still a little work in progress. An exact date would be supplied for all date-based rules like 5/24. Can you explain further about what you mean with the Hilton cards?

  2. Wallet Flo is an amazing concept and a great way to optimize keeping track of your credit cards and all that is attached to them with just a click of a button. Based on our busy lives, this is fantastic and reduces stress, searching for information or contacting the credit card company. Everything is at your fingertips and also will be current. Can’t wait to utilize this.

  3. I am very exciters about this as well myself. I have been trying to manage this kind of information through secure files and notes on phones and different computers and such. I am very willing to beta test it!!

  4. Generally an outstanding idea. I now have two spreadsheets that include information your app would provide. I find the general layout of bar graphs with a side bar to be excellent. For me, a lot of the graphs are distracting, superfluous and have no value. On the other hand, the information about history of all prior cards, current cards and expiration dates, perks, is very useful. You should consider a password to enter the program so that confidential information (i.e. card number, expiration dates and 3 digit code) could be readily available and yet secure. You should be able to store the information in the cloud so that it would be accessible on all devices, all locations.

  5. Love the idea of getting away from (and improving) my spreadsheet. If I manage my own cards (personal and business) and my wife’s (personal and business), will that require two separate accounts on here?

  6. Looks like a good start. I can see having alerts and warnings be very useful vs. how I manage things today. Would very much welcome the Siri integration as my wife is constantly asking which card to use!

  7. This is genius! My husband does a manual version of a part of this, but to have it automated and expanded is amazing! So glad you’ve created this resource. It is so needed, can’t wait to til it comes out!

  8. We are fairly new to the rewards game and have loved I have several spread sheets and am anxiously awaiting merging everything into Walletflo. There is a definite need for this app.

  9. WOW! What an amazing app this is going to be when finished. I can not think of a function or feature that I would want that Daniel has not already thought of and is providing. Can’t wait until it is released!

  10. Very good idea, wish you the best on this endeavor.
    My two cents: (Maybe you will cover it with the future Perk posts you mentioned), but it will be great to remind us when it is time to get the travel credit or hotel credit back for some cards. Amex Aspire, Platinum, Gold, etc, all of them have the “Airline Fee Credit” $250, $200 and $100 that renew every calendar year. But Aspire has a resort credit that renews each anniversary year. It would be great to have reminders when those dates are approaching.

    1. Thanks for the feedback! That’s definitely something I’ve thought about doing possibly in the Fees tab with annual credits. Would be very helpful!

  11. OMG Daniel! When you first talked about this several months ago, I thought it was too good to be true because how could you possible fit all of this necessary information into this app. But now that you’re revealing what it’s going to look like, it’s pretty much EXACTLY what I need. I e-mailed you after you first talked about this looking for beta tester. I developed a spread sheet to try to keep up with all of the reward cards my wife and I have, but since I have been in this “hobby” since 2005, my spread sheet has over 120 lines (includes closed cards) and tabs and it’s becoming very unwieldy! I am excited to see this thing in action, and if you still need beta testers, count me in!

    1. Awesome! Yeah I want this to be a go-to app for all things credit card related. I’ll update potential beta users in November on the progress.

  12. It sounds like an interesting and useful product, but a video of it being used would go a long way towards convincing me to shell out $$. Also, will it include details like which gas station you’re using or other programs that affect rewards.

    1. I’m not sure it will have the guidance on other programs. That sounds more like an AwardWallet thing? But I agree, a video showcasing the features in real time will be very helpful.

  13. This is really interesting. Keeping track of credit cards will be much easier. Will there be a tab to add authorized user as well. Thanks for all your time and effort putting all these together.

  14. So far it looks like it will really simplify my world! I’d love to have the Siri or Google Assistant voice feature working – talk about simplifying life! Looking forward to trying it.

  15. Interesting concept; I like the tracking element in terms of card fees / recommendation of which card to use for which category.

    A couple of nuances which I’d love to see

    1) When there are changes in card benefits – updated recommendations on cards. Example : Costco visa initially had foreign transaction fees; so it was good for domestic travel but not for foreign. With the change, it became better for me than the CSP.
    2) Changing cards – getting new ones or upgrading / downgrading, after analysing my spends. Example – I have the Amex Delta platinum with the companion certificate – but with Amex changing the fees + the benefits, would I be better off downgrading to the Gold Delta (or the Blue Delta) and putting my spend elsewhere? Or would I be better off taking the Delta Reserve? Or even more – shift to the Amex Platinum with Member rewards?
    3) Optimizing sign up bonuses as well – and if the app could track new offers (70K points instead of 50K yadda yadda)..

  16. Bring it on…so happy to get rid of my spreadsheets!!! This concept is long overdue and it seems like it’s very encompassing. Do you have room for any more beta testers? I look forward to using it.

  17. I used Excel Visual Basic to build some dynamic spreadsheets for tracking. It was fun, but way to time consuming. Can’t wait to here back from you on release day

  18. Wow! I can’t to use it. What a great concept. It’ll make it so much easier to manage my cards. I currently use a spreadsheet and having this program would be wonderful! Will our points, miles, etc show up or do we put it manually? Congrats again!

  19. I’ve been waiting for this app since I’ve got an update from it before. Now I can be more organized with my cards. I always have a problem whenever I am at the counter/cashier I always dont know which one to use and I always have to run the categories on my hear before making a decision. But the main selling point for me is the “specific rules” guide that the app offers. Its definitely worth it for me because of that added feature. Love the walletflo so far. And yes im interested on getting it once its released. Thanks Daniel.

  20. There are some great features here ike (a) advising what options are available to upgrade or downgrade a card; (b) the spend reminder; (c) the application availability so you know if you comply with application requirements. These are really new and different. I wouls like the cheat sheet to list how many points/miles we get in each category (i.e. groceries, dining, travel, etc.) for all cards in my wallet.
    Another great thing that maybe you would want to consider to get people to sign is a free 15 min. personal consultation on either strategy for the cards the enrollee should sign up for or discard or for travel. Would you consider this or is this too much time for you?

  21. I’m excited about the upgrade/downgrade info and the rules compliance – I think those are the real game changers for you. Good job!

  22. Everything is looking great so far! I think you’ve done an excellent job of trying to cover all the intricacies that come along with these products/this industry. I like how you take everybody’s comments into account as well in an effort to improve the tool. I would definitely be up for pre-ordering!

  23. Yeah, I agree with other commentors…This looks like a very useful tool for the ever-changing and sometimes complex world of cc’s/points. There’s many things each individual might want to consider and keep track of and this seems like it would be a great help to me. Thanks!

  24. Looks great! I manage all the cards in my household, and need an easy tracker for my husband. This looks like the perfect fit. My two cents.. something that I’m constantly going back and forth are the different offers in the cards. If you could find a way to have them easily displayed (or a search button?) to maximize spending with specific merchants this could be great. For instance, current AMEX offer for Marriott, and Chase offer for Sheraton… if spending less than $300, use Chase.

    1. That’s a great feature idea. I’ll see if that’s possible. Could be difficult to implement but would definitely be helpful!

  25. Looks great! Any chance you’ll have more details for those of us in 2 player mode? For instance, early on, I lost points when I didn’t realize I could refer my husband to cards I had, and he me.

    1. Hey Sue, I think having reminders about active referral links is a great idea. 2 player mode will be very important for WF and I think there will be lots of ways that couples will benefit. Thanks for the feedback!

  26. What a great idea! I’m a spreadsheet girl but it’s a PITA to update with all the nuances you have here. I’d love to see (and maybe it’s there) something that lets you track your “break even” with your AF and a way to see how much you’ve earned from Amex offers would be nice. I’d definitely give this a try and would love having my husband ask Siri which card instead of me!

    1. Yeah the breakeven point on the AF is definitely a V2/3 feature we want to do that would work alongside automated upgrade/downgrade suggestions.

  27. This is very interesting me as I have always intended to set up spreadsheets to track everything but don’t really have time to do that. Seems like a very low price point as well considering that information can and will change frequently and you will need to update that information. I like the app and alerts. Best wishes and hope it is success for you!

  28. My wife is with me in this hobby, but it’s the tracking of the payments and deadlines, changes, and dates – we get lost in the mix. We have our own speadsheets that we keep, but I just know we could do better. So any kind of assistance or technological relief will be great.

  29. Will this get into the weeds on which credit bureaus are hit with an inquiry based on the issuing bank and the state you live in? Will there be a way to import data directly from a credit report and then you fill in the details about what card was associated with which record on the credit report? Can you add targeted spending offers or promos to help keep the Cheat Sheet accurate? I’d love to be a beta tester for this before I decide to pay for it or not.

    1. I’ve thought about adding a credit bureau component at some point. Importing data and targeted info presents a lot of challenges but we’ll see what can be done. I’ll have more info on beta testing soon. Thanks for the feedback.

  30. Very nice. Interested in being a beta tester and willing to provide feedback in terms of a regular user, customer experience and being a (lol)/24 churner with a look out for the next card in exchange for special pricing. DM me if interested.

  31. It looks interesting and I’m definitely interested in seeing its functionality and applicability when you have stable beta to test.

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