Simplify credit card eligibility

Save time by automating confusing credit card eligibility rules.

Say goodbye to annual fees

Get help reducing annual fees (or avoiding them altogether).

Optimize your wallet

Discover how to put more money back into your pocket.

Boost your credit score

Increase your approval odds and get help boosting your credit score.

Make wise credit card choices

Avoid boneheaded credit card decisions with beginner-friendly guidance from WalletFlo.

Your digital smart wallet includes

Intelligent credit card guidance

  • Credit card eligibility checker instantly finds all hidden application rules and terms and conditions
  • Automated calculations for 60+ credit card rules for issuers like: Chase, Amex, Citi, and more!

Annual fee insight & assistance

  • Interactive timeline to help track annual fees and view account history
  • Automated upgrade and downgrade suggestions
  • Full breakdown of credits that help offset your annual fees

Next level wallet organization

  • Profile tabs to easily view and manage annual fees, cards, and applications for P1, P2, or the entire family
  • Easy to use drop-down menus to organize past, pending, and future credit card applications

Point optimization 101

  • Cheat Sheet shows you cards that offer the best return on your spend for each major category
  • Points tab breaks down all of your cards and shows you how much your miles and points are actually worth
  • Information boxes show you how to optimize your bonus points


  • Notifications show you when you're eligible for your desired credit card
  • Alerts when new rules affect your eligibility status
  • Timely reminders help you keep your accounts open and request credit limit increases