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Hidden Gems of the Western United States

My new ebook, Hidden Gems of the Western United States is now available on Amazon! 


While this blog (UponArriving) is dedicated to my international travels which have been amazing, my heart lies back in the United States with the national parks and other stunning landscapes found across the country. This book highlights over 130 of those destinations with some beautiful photography artwork and all kinds of fascinating insight into the geology, cultures, and environments of these sites.

I worked on this project for about 15 months until I was finally able to finalize it and publish it on Amazon in March of 2015. It was a long and grueling process at times, working with tons of photographers, historians, geologists, scientists, park rangers and so on but it was entirely worth it!

If you’re interested in planning a road trip to the western United States, I highly recommend that you look into purchasing this book because I really think it will help you discover places to see that you never knew existed!

It’s a bargain at only $5.99!

You can visit my website: to find out more!


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