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Articles on UponArriving are detailed-driven and thoroughly researched so that they can help you take control of your personal credit and give you the information needed when it’s time for you to make those important decisions like what credit card to apply for or what airline/hotel to book.

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UponArriving Team 

  • Name: Daniel Gillaspia 
  • Position: Founder of UponArriving, LLC (est. 2014)
  • Education: University of California, Berkeley, School of Law ’13; Texas A&M University ’10
  • Most used credit card: Amex Gold Card
  • Favorite travel destination: Cape Town, South Africa
  • Top airline redemption: Singapore Suites A380
  • Top hotel redemption: Conrad Maldives

Daniel is a former attorney with a background in white collar crime, fraudulent financial activity, and international affairs. Throughout his higher education career, he gained substantial travel experience by living abroad in places such as the UK, Australia, and Mexico and by constantly exploring new destinations. 

While earning and redeeming millions of miles and getting hooked by the amazing world of credit card rewards, he combined his passion for international travel with his analytical legal background to start producing thoroughly researched content in the intersection between personal finance, credit cards, and travel. 

After using miles and points to take multiple trips around the world and mastering a portfolio of over 20 credit cards for several years, he is now a a full-time credit card rewards and travel expert and spends his days researching the latest deals and news in the credit card rewards/travel space.

He also frequently calls upon his legal background to provide insight into commonly asked questions that deal with topics like TSA restrictions, immigrations and customs, and all things related to credit card terms and conditions. 

His travel and personal finance content has been featured in many prominent media outlets such as National Geographic, Forbes, Smithsonian Magazine, CNBC, ABC, Travel & Leisure, US News, Business Insider, and many more. He has also made several TV appearances discussing topics related to personal finance and travel. 

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  1. Thanks, that’s awesome to hear, and I’m glad you’ve found the info helpful. You are going to love Portugal — definitely one of my favorite places in the world!

    1. It can be ridiculous, but it’s not too asinine on a one way flight that departs from somewhere outside the UK and routes through LHR.

  2. I recently have had a flight cancelled on 3/23 by UA from TPE to SFO. They did send me a text and my travel agent also informed me about it. He also applied the refund for me. I had to rebook with Evaair to fly to SFO and connected with UA 5648 back to ABQ. I would hope that I will get the half of RT back the credit card. What is the liklyhood if UA take forever to make the refunds?

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