Chase Sapphire Reserve Lounge Access Policy Explained [2022]

The Chase Sapphire Reserve is one of the hottest premium credit cards with a number of solid perks, including Priority Pass airport lounge access. I’ve used its Priority Pass membership a countless number of times and it is still one of the few cards that I always keep in my wallet.

But what exactly can you expect with Chase Sapphire Reserve lounge access and what access do guests get? 

This article will explain everything you need to know about the Sapphire Reserve’s lounge access policy for cardmembers and guests. I’ll also show you how to find a list of Priority Pass lounges in the US and around the globe and offer up some alternative options for lounge access.

What is the Chase Sapphire Reserve airport lounge access policy?

The Chase Sapphire Reserve offers Priority Pass Select airport lounge access for you and up to two guests.

Priority Pass offers different types of memberships but the type of membership given to Chase Sapphire Reserve holders is Priority Pass Select, which is essentially the equivalent of “Prestige” which would normally cost you $400 and wouldn’t even allow free guests. So this is an extremely valuable perk just in terms of its monetary value.

Considering that the annual fee for the Reserve is $550, and that you can use the $300 travel credit and $60 DoorDash credit to offset that annual fee down to $190, it is like getting a $400 membership for well under $200 (assuming you take advantage of other perks of the credit card).

Chase Sapphire Reserve lounge access.
Priority Pass membership tiers.

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What are Priority Pass lounges?

Priority Pass is a global network of airport lounges that number over 1,300. You can search for a list of Priority Pass lounges in various cities here.

Priority Pass lounges vary in quality and services offered.

Some Priority Pass lounges might offer clean showers, hot food items, complimentary alcohol, modern decor, spacious multi-floor seating, and inspiring views of the tarmac. At these lounges you will be loving life and at peace with the universe (even with flight delays).

Other Priority Pass lounges may consist of merely a large, dim room with canned sodas, chips, and some painfully slow internet. At these lounges you will not be living life and not be at peace with the universe (and yes, flight delays will have you questioning your life choices).

Still, even though the quality differs among Priority Pass lounges, I’ve been overall pleased with my Chase Sapphire Reserve lounge access, especially while traveling abroad. I’ve visited some very nice lounges that have offered me some crucial rest when I needed it the most. The key is to always do research so that you know if you will have a lounge at the airport you are traveling through.

Bidvest Premier Lounge in Cape Town, South Africa.

Chase Sapphire Reserve Priority Pass guest policy

The Chase Sapphire Reserve was unique when it was released in that it offered Priority Pass access to the cardholder and to every guest traveling on the same itinerary.

Yes, you could walk into a lounge with 10 other people and everybody could get in as long as you were all on the same travel itinerary. So as you can probably imagine people abused this benefit to death. Literally.

Chase ended up revising their policy so that card holders were limited to only two guests per visit, which is the current policy. 

It’s worth noting that most lounges have their own policy when it comes to allowing folks in. Typically, they will follow the guest policy attached to your membership but at times, “due to capacity,” they could limit the entrance of guests.

Heck, they could even turn you, the cardmember, around and not allow you to enter the lounge if they are too full. Some lounges will have dedicated hours when Priority Pass members are not given access so watch out for those, too.

Chase Sapphire Reserve lounge access
The Club Lounge at MCO.

Chase Sapphire Reserve Priority Pass restaurant access

There are quite a few restaurants that are part of the Priority Pass lounge network. At these restaurants, you can get a credit of around $30 that you can use toward food or beverages which is quite nice.

Some cards with Priority Pass do not allow you to receive these credits for these restaurants but with the Chase Sapphire Reserve you definitely get these credits.

How it works is that you scan your Priority Pass card or app and then scan your boarding pass at the beginning of your meal. Sometimes the server will ask you if you are a Priority Pass member but other times you can just call it to their attention.

They should clarify the amount of your dining credit and then you simply can order whatever you want and apply that credit to food or drinks. The only thing you can’t apply the credit to is tips.

Hitting up these restaurants is great at airports that don’t have lounges or even at airports that do have lounges but are overran with other guests.

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Priority Pass restaurant in Tucson Airport.

Accessing arrival lounges or lounges upon arrival

Some Priority Pass lounges will allow you to access the lounge when you arrive at the airport so you don’t always have to be departing.

For example, let’s say that you fly from Seattle to Los Angeles. When you arrive in Los Angeles, it is possible that you could get access to a Priority Pass lounge. Lounges may not always allow folks to enter when they are arriving so you can’t always count on this.

Then there are also arrival lounges — these are lounges that are dedicated to passengers arriving at the airport and of course you will be allowed in if that lounge is a part of the Priority Pass network.

Priority Pass arrivals lounge at SIN.

Do authorized users get Priority Pass?

Each authorized user will get their own Priority Pass so they can get access into airport lounges along with two additional guests. The annual fee for each authorized user is $75 so you could consider this a heavily discounted Priority Pass membership.

This is the most valuable benefit for Chase Sapphire Reserve authorized users, though there are some other perks as well.

How to sign-up for Priority Pass

You cannot forget to activate your Priority Pass membership after you get approved for the Sapphire Reserve because it does not automatically get activated. If you forget to activate, not only will you not have a lounge membership but you will officially be a Reserve newb.

Once you have your Sapphire Reserve online account setup, log-in and go to Ultimate Rewards.

Form there, click on “Card Benefits” and then the “Activate Now” button. That will activate the benefit for you and any authorized users you have added to your account.

Your membership will remain active until you close the card.

If you add your authorized user after activating the card for yourself, just call in to Chase and let them know what you’re trying to do.

Remember to bring your Priority Pass Card!

Merely holding the Sapphire Reserve credit card in your possession will not be enough to get you access into the lounge. For this reason, I always advise people to bring along their physical Priority Pass card which gets mailed out to you.

And although it’s possible to gain access with the app (“the digital membership card”), not all lounges will take the digital card. And there is always the chance that their computers are not working properly or something along those lines.

Here is what Priority Pass states about bringing your card:

All lounges accept the physical membership card and the majority of our 1300+ lounges also accept the Digital Membership Card. To avoid any disappointment, we recommend you always carry both cards with you when traveling.

So I always try to keep my physical card on me when traveling. It’s just good practice.

Chase Sapphire Reserve lounge access

What if I forget my card?

If for some reason you forget to carry your Priority Pass card with you, you can charge the lounge access on your Sapphire Reserve and Chase might reimburse you for the expense. Keyword “might.”

I’ve been told they will do this, but I would not 100% rely on this (especially more than once) because this sounds like something where your mileage could vary.

If you do end up doing this, simply call the number on the back of your card or send them a secure message explaining to them how you misplaced or forgot your card and how you would like to request a reimbursement for the lounge entrance fee. And then cross your fingers.

Other lounge memberships

It’s worth noting that only approximately 5% of Priority Pass lounges are located inside the US. Yes, you heard that right only 5%.

And while there are more Priority Pass lounges popping up all the time, many feel that the domestic lounges are much too crowded.

Therefore, if you want to maximize domestic airport lounge access with credit cards, you might want to consider some other options. Below are a couple of options that will have you relaxing stress-free in some great lounges all around the US.

American Express Centurion Lounges

My favorite lounges to visit when traveling in the United States are the American Express Centurion Lounges. These are definitely some of the nicer domestic lounges and you can typically find the following features:

  • Hot food items
  • Complementary quality cocktails
  • Showers
  • Quality service
  • Free Wi-Fi
  • Swanky decor
  • Some even have spas

You can only get access to these lounges if you have a qualifying card.

Qualifying cards include the American Express Platinum Card, the Business Platinum Card, and the Centurion Card, also known as the American Express Black Card.

The Platinum Card comes with a Priority Pass membership but it does not offer you access to Priority Pass restaurants in airports which is a bit of a bummer (you get a host of other lounge memberships though).

The annual fee for the Platinum Card is $695 which is expensive but you can offset this annual fee with several credits like the $200 airline credit, $200 Uber credit, and $100 Saks credit. Also, the Platinum Card is simply loaded with additional benefits and you can read more about those here.

Hong Kong Centurion Lounge.

Co-branded credit cards

Maybe you are more of the loyal type and interested in getting airport lounge access with just one airline. For example, maybe you live next to a United hub and frequently pass through that airport. In that case, maybe you would be interested in getting a United Club membership?

Well, you are in luck because you can use cards like the United Club Card to get an annual membership into United Club lounges.

Other airlines like Delta and American Airlines also have credit cards that will offer you lounge access.

Sapphire Reserve airport lounge FAQ

What are Priority Pass lounges?

Priority Pass lounges are part of a global network of airport lounges that number over 1,300. At these lounges, you might find clean showers, hot food items, complimentary alcohol, modern decor, and inspiring views of the tarmac.

How many guests can you bring into a Priority Pass lounge?

You are allowed to bring in two additional guests for free.

Do you get access to Priority Pass restaurant credits?

Yes, you can often receive a $30 credit that you can use toward food or beverages.

Do you have to activate your lounge membership?

Yes, you will have to activate your Priority Pass membership after you get approved for the Sapphire Reserve.

Final word

Overall, the Chase Sapphire Reserve lounge access is solid in that you get Priority Pass Select along with restaurant access and guest access. But, if I were primarily concerned with lounges, I’d look heavily into the Platinum Card since it offers broader access to other lounges.

Chase Luxury Hotel and Resort Collection Review (Benefits) [2021]

Many people aren’t able to hit the thresholds for earning elite status with hotel programs in order to receive special benefits like a free breakfast, upgrades, and late check-out. But luckily for these people there are some special programs for luxury properties that allow you to receive these elite-like perks!

One of these programs is the Chase Luxury Hotel and Resort Collection. In this article, I’ll tell you everything you need to know about the Luxury Hotel and Resort Collection, including how to access the program and all of the benefits. I’ll also compare it to a couple of the other popular programs out there that offer similar perks.

If you’re more of a visual learner check out the YouTube video at the bottom of the article!

What is the Luxury Hotel and Resort Collection?

The Luxury Hotel and Resort Collection (LHRC) is a program consisting of over 900 luxury properties around the world that offers you elite-like benefits, such as free breakfasts and upgrades.

The Luxury Hotel and Resort Collection is a separate program from the Visa Signature Luxury Hotel Collection and the American Express Fine Hotels and Resort Program (more on those programs below).

Who gets access to the Luxury Hotel and Resort Collection?

Only certain Chase cards get access to the Luxury Hotel and Resort Collection. Chase doesn’t publish an official list of cards that are eligible but we know from prior attempts that the following cards have worked:

To see if your credit card is eligible you can search for hotels here and attempt to navigate through the booking process. After you input your travel dates, you’ll be prompted to enter in the first six digits of your credit card.

Once you input those details, you’ll be able to see the availability and prices for the hotel if your card eligible.

If you don’t have access, you’ll get the following message:

Error: What you entered is not an eligible Chase card number. Please enter the first 6 digits of your eligible Chase card number.

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What are the Luxury Hotel and Resort Collection benefits?

  • Daily breakfast for two
  • Complimentary Wifi
  • Room upgrade (based on availability)
  • Early check-in and late check-out (based on availability)
  • Special benefit at each property


You will be granted breakfast for two people. The quality of the breakfast will depend on the type of property that you are staying at but because these are higher end luxury properties you can generally expect breakfast to be very solid.

Some hotels will offer breakfast buffets while others may offer a continental breakfast. Also, you might find that some properties place limits on your breakfast credit.

For example, they might state that you have a maximum credit of $60 per day for two people per room, essentially offering you a $30 breakfast credit per person. They also might allow you to choose the restaurant within the hotel that you’d like to enjoy your breakfast at.

Also some properties, like those in Las Vegas, may give you a breakfast credit and allow you to use that breakfast credit throughout the day. If you’re also given a dining and beverage credit along with that, it can be a great way to cover a large chunk of dining costs during your stay.


Wi-Fi will be provided for free with the exception of DumaTau and Little Makalolo where Wi-Fi is not available.

Room upgrade

Typically, the room upgrades are going to be to the next best type of available room. A typical example would be an upgrade from a standard room to a room that has a better view or on a higher floor. Sometimes there may even be specific upgrades designated for this program.

Early check-in and late checkout

With this program you can get early check-in and late checkout, both of which can make your travel experience much more convenient.

However this is one of the big differences between the American Express Fine Hotels and Resorts program because that offers guaranteed late checkout.

Special benefit

The special benefit will vary depending on the property but you can expect things like the following: lunch or dinner for two, a spa treatment, golf green fee waivers, welcome gift, or airport transfers. The value of this perk is usually at $100 but sometimes lower at around $50. 

However, sometimes the value can be much higher if you make a premium booking such as booking a suite.

For example, the Island Shangri-La, Hong Kong offers a complimentary round trip private transfer for Hong Kong International Airport or Kai Tak Cruise Terminal or $200 Food and Beverage credit per room, per stay for Suite bookings while normal booking just get a one-way transfer or a $100 credit.

So here’s a rundown of the “heavier” benefits.

  • Dining and spa credits
  • Airport transportations
  • Couple’s massage
  • Afternoon tea
  • Executive Lounge access 

And then here are some of the “lighter” benefits, often offered in conjunction with the above.

  • Welcome chocolates 
  • Daily Fruits and Newspapers
  • Chinese silk scarf 
  • Bottle of wine
  • Complimentary canape service
  • Welcome Drink
Free breakfasts at luxury properties is usually a solid (and valuable) perk.

How does it work?

To receive the Guest Privileges, reservations must be made through an LHRC Travel Specialist or on Simply go the LHRC wesbite, input your eligible credit card number, find the property and room, and then proceed through the checkout phase.

Note that you cannot use your Chase Ultimate Rewards to make these bookings.

Tip: Looking for the best hotel credit cards? Check out the full list here.

Are the rates cheaper?

Sometimes you can find the rates to be the same price as what is publicly available and other times the rates might be more expensive.

If the rates are more expensive then you need to factor in the savings that you’ll get out of the perks since those could easily outweigh the higher price you’re having to pay.

Also, keep in mind that the taxes are included with the LHRC prices and some other OTAs and websites out there may not include those taxes in their listed price.

Can you still earn elite credits and points?

One of the great things about these type of programs is that you can still earn your elite credits and elite points whenever you make a booking. So if you are chasing status then you won’t lose out on those precious stay credits when you book through this program.

Because you are not booking directly with the hotel there’s always the chance that your credits and points don’t show up so you might need to follow up with the hotel after your stay when booking with the LHRC.

You also should still be eligible to receive your own elite benefits. Those benefits should supplement the benefits that you will get from this program. In some cases, your perks might be stronger (e.g., lounge access) but in other cases you may have a bottom-tier or lower-tier status that doesn’t offer perks like breakfast.

I would always mention your elite status and given them your elite number at check-in just to make sure that you get those benefits since your elite status could get lost in the shuffle when making your booking. 

Can you cancel or modify your booking?

Yes, but unless things change in the future, you’ll need to call in to do so.

What hotels can you find in LHRC?

Generally, you’re going to be able to find some of the top brands in this program at many locations. I’m not aware of a published directory of these properties so you’ll just need to search for your specific city/location and see which properties show up.

Here is a non-exhaustive list I found of properties in the following cities earlier this year:

Las Vegas

New York

San Francisco


InterContinental New York Times Square.

Can you use additional promos?

The terms states that “Amenities may not be combined with other offers, including tour operator or wholesaler rates and package.”

I take this to mean that you can’t take advantage of things like special promotional rates but it would seem like you could still earn points for promotions like when Hilton offers promotional rates for stays. If you have any experience let me in the comments below!

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How does this compare to Amex FHR?

LHRC is very similar to Amex FHR in many ways. The benefits like free breakfast, upgrades, wifi, and special amenity credits overlap but as pointed out the FHR program also offers guaranteed late check-out.


The FHR program is only available to Platinum/Centurion cardmembers and those with the Amex Business Platinum. Meanwhile, the FHRC is available to a lot of different Chase cardholders.

Special offers

The biggest difference between these two programs is that the FHR offers special offers. These special offers can include things like $200 property credits or even the third night, fourth night, fifth night, or sixth night free. Capitalizing on those free nights, especially when the third night is free offers the potential for huge savings in the realm of several hundred dollars.

For that reason, the FHR program has the potential to be more lucrative. However, those free nights are only offered at select properties and perhaps even select rooms so it’s not like it’s a guaranteed savings at all resorts.

Price differences

I’ve found that the prices between these programs to be pretty similar but there is a big difference between how they are listed. FHR does not include the taxes whenever they show the list price but the LHRC does. So don’t get tricked into thinking FHR is cheaper.

Also, it appears that both programs do not report the resort fees so sometimes you have to attack on additional fees for your state. Resort fees should be visible on the hotel’s website like those that show up in Las Vegas.


The Amex FHR program is now allowing Platinum cardholders to earn 5X with some of their stays as well which is very impressive. The terms and conditions for the LHRC don’t specify which type of payment you must use so it might be possible to switch your credit card at check-out in order to use a card that will earn you more points or to take advantage of special credits.


Another difference I found is with inventory.

For example, when I searched for Hong Kong, a city full of top-tier luxury brands, I only found three properties with the LHRC.

  • Island Shangri-La, Hong Kong
  • Mandarin Oriental, Hong Kong
  • The Landmark Mandarin Oriental, Hong Kong

But when I searched with the Amex FHR I found nine properties.

  • Conrad Hong Kong 
  • Four Seasons
  • Island Shangri-La
  • Mandarin Oriental 
  • The Landmark Mandarin Oriental
  • The Langham
  • The Peninsula 
  • The Ritz-Carlton 
  • The Upper House

Interestingly, some of those hotels populated in the search field for the LHRC but when clicked on they brought up no results. So I’m not sure if those properties will be added or if it is just a quirk of the system. I also found more properties when I searched for the Maldives as well.

Ritz-Carlton, Hong Kong OZONE bar.

Visa Signature Luxury Hotel Collection?

So you might also be wondering about the Visa Signature Luxury Hotel Collection and how that stacks up.

The answer is that it is a step below both the FHR and LHRC.

Here are the benefits for the Visa Signature Luxury Hotel Collection:

  • Best available rate guarantee
  • Automatic room upgrade when available
  • Complementary in room Wi-Fi when available
  • Complementary breakfast for two
  • $25 food and beverage credit
  • VIP guest status
  • Late checkout upon request when available

As you can see, the food and beverage credit is usually at $25 which is significantly lower than the value offered by the special amenities that both the FHR and LHRC offer. In addition, late checkout is only available based on availability and there is no mention of early check-in.

That program does offer VIP guest status but a lot of times that just means something like a box of chocolates sent to your room so I’m not sure that I would place a ton of value on that perk.

The Visa Signature Luxury Hotel Collection is still a solid program if you do not have access to FHR and LHRC though so I wouldn’t completely dismiss it just because there are better options. You can read more about this program here.

YouTube Video

Final word

Overall, the Luxury Hotels and Resort Collection (LHRC) is a valuable program that adds value to the cards that allow access. If you’re unable to earn elite status with a program or even if you have elite status, you can take advantage of some valuable perks that can save you money on your stay.

I do think that I would take a look at the FHR program first due to the special offers and guaranteed late check-out but I certainly wouldn’t be opposed to booking through the LHRC.

American Express Return Protection Guide: (Exclusions, Claims) [2021]

Offers contained within this article maybe expired.

One of the great perks about using a credit card to make a purchase is that you’ll usually receive built-in protections for that purchase. This is especially the case with Amex cards which offer great return protection.

In this article, I’ll explain what Amex return protection is and how it works. I’ll also show you how to file a claim if you need to and talk about some of the limitations and excluded items, some of which you might not have expected to be excluded.

What is American Express return protection?

Return protection is a special perk that allows you to receive a refund from American Express when the store you made the purchase from has refused to allow you to return the product.

If you try to return an eligible item within 90 days from the date of purchase and the merchant won’t take it back, American Express may refund the full purchase price, up to $300 per item (excluding shipping and handling charges).

Amex will reimburse you up to a maximum of $1,000 per card member account per calendar year based on the date of purchase. So the key limitations are that the return attempt must be made within 90 days of purchase and that you can reimbursed up to a maximum of $300.

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What Amex cards offer return protection?

Not every every Amex card will offer return protection. Here are some of the different Amex cards that you might look to for this coverage:

  • Amex EveryDay Preferred Credit Card
  • Amex Gold Card (Senior Version)
  • Business Gold Rewards Card
  • Business Platinum Card
  • Blue Cash Preferred from American Express
  • Delta Reserve Credit Card
  • Delta Reserve for Business Credit Card
  • Hilton Honors American Express Aspire Card
  • Platinum Card from American Express (different versions)
  • Plum Card
  • Platinum Delta SkyMiles Credit Card
  • Marriott Bonvoy Brilliant American Express Card
  • Amazon Business American Express Card
  • Amazon Business Prime American Express Card
  • Centurion Card from American Express
  • Business Centurion Card from American Express

You do not have to enroll your Amex card into any special kind of program as the protection is built in to your card’s benefits.

You can search for the terms for your specific card here

Amex return protection limitations

As you would expect with a benefit like this, there are going to be quite a few restrictions on the benefit.


The first restriction is related to the location of the purchase. The terms and conditions state that the purchases must be made in:

  • 50 United States of America,
  • District of Columbia,
  • Puerto Rico,
  • U.S. Virgin Islands,
  • American Samoa,
  • Federated States of Micronesia,
  • Marshall Islands,
  • Palau,
  • Guam and
  • Northern Mariana Islands

Must use your card

You must also charge the full amount on your eligible Amex card to get a full refund.

Refund limits

As stated, refunds are limited to $300 per eligible item, and $1,000 per Card Member account per calendar year based on the date of purchase, not during the year the claim was filed.

Condition of the product

The item that you purchased must be in the original purchase condition (not visibly used, defective, or damaged in any way) and must be in working order.

Denied attempt for the return

To get coverage, the merchant from which the item was originally purchased must also have denied an attempted return of the item.

Any item purchased from a merchant that has an established return/satisfaction guarantee program which is greater than or equal to the terms of Return Protection, and provides coverage for your claim, will not be eligible for a refund.

Product rebates, discounts or money received from lowest price comparison programs will be deducted from the original cost of the item. The maximum you will be compensated will not exceed the amount charged to the eligible Card Account.

Amex return protection exclusions

There are quite a few items that are excluded from the Amex return protection program. Some of these items are items that you would expect to be excluded like living animals. However, there are a number of items that you might think would otherwise be returnable.

I’ve bolded some of the items that I didn’t expect to be excluded by this program and/or items that you should be aware of.

  • Animals and living plants
  • One-of-a-kind items (including, but not limited to, antiques, artwork, and furs)
  • Limited edition items
  • Going-out-of-business sale items
  • Consumable or perishable items with limited life spans (including, but not limited to, food, perfume, light bulbs, and batteries)
  • Jewelry (including, but not limited to, loose gems, precious stones, metals, and pearls)
  • Watches
  • Services and additional costs (including, but not limited to, installation charges, warranties, shipping, handling or memberships)
  • Rare and precious coins
  • Purchased used and/or altered items (including, but not limited to, purchases at auction sites and second- hand stores)
  • Custom-built items
  • Compact discs, digital video discs, mini discs, audiotapes, videotapes
  • Computer software
  • Firmware (including, but not limited to, console games, etc.)
  • Maps
  • Books, magazines or periodicals of any kind
  • Health care items and /or medical equipment (including, but not limited to, blood pressure machines and diabetes equipment, items or supplies used for maternity care)
  • Personal hygiene items (including, but not limited to, all electrical or non-electrical toothbrushes, razors, or any devices (medical or non-medical) that have been personally used and could be considered a health risk to others);
  • Formal wear (including, but not limited to, bridal wear, gowns, prom dresses, and tuxedos)
  • Tickets of any kind (including, but not limited to, transportation passes or tickets and event tickets)
  • Motorized vehicles (including, but not limited to, cars, trucks, motorcycles, boats, and airplanes), their parts and accessories (e.g. car battery) as well as those parts and accessories intended for use with the motorized vehicles (e.g. a trailer or audio or visual components)
  • Land, buildings and fixtures (including but not limited to, central air conditioner, built-in kitchen appliance and water heater)
  • Firearms
  • Ammunition
  • Negotiable instruments (including, but not limited to, promissory notes, stamps, and travelers checks)
  • Cash and its equivalent (including, but not limited to, gift cards and gift certificates)
  • Items permanently affixed to home, office, vehicles, etc. (including, but not limited to, garage door openers and car alarms)
  • Seasonal items (including but not limited to holiday decorations and costumes)

“Final sale”

It’s pretty common to purchase items that are “final sale” meaning that the merchant won’t allow you to return these items. When this happens, you should still be covered Amex return protection.

How to file a return protection claim

Once you have verified that the merchant will not accept the eligible item, you can file your claim over the phone.

To file a claim, call 1-800-228-6855 within 90 days of the purchase date to notify Amex of your request.

Within 30 days of that phone call, Amex will need you to send in the following:

  • A copy of the original store receipt
  • A copy of the American Express Card record of charge
  • Any other items deemed reasonable by us to process your request

Be sure to keep the item in an easily retrievable place because once your request has been reviewed and deemed eligible, you may be asked to send the item to Amex within 30 days for further evaluation.

You will also need to keep a record of your shipping receipt, as you will need to provide proof of shipping in the event that your eligible item is not received. Amex will reimburse you for all shipping costs.

In reality, you’re not always asked to send in your receipts or even the item you couldn’t return. This is true for cheaper items but if you’re dealing with more expensive items (i.e., those close to $300), Amex might require you to send them in.

If you don’t have to send any additional items to Amex, you might get reimbursed for your item very quickly — sometimes within just a couple of days.

Return protection phone number

If you have any questions you can call the return protection phone number at 1-800-228-6855.

Final word

American Express return protection is a solid benefit that you should definitely consider taking advantage of. The key with perks like this is to act promptly and to keep track of your documentation.

Chase Sapphire Preferred $50 Hotel Credit Guide [2021]

The Chase Sapphire Preferred is once again one of the hottest travel rewards credit cards. This is due in large part to the industry-leading welcome bonus that was recently increased to 100,000 points but it also is due to the additional enhancements to the card. One of these enhancements was a new $50 hotel credit.

But how exactly do you use this credit and is it actually a good deal?

In this article, I will break down how you can use this credit and some pros and cons that might make you think twice about the value of the credit.

What is the $50 annual Ultimate Rewards hotel credit?

The $50 hotel credit is a credit issued every year that can go towards a hotel booking made via the Chase Travel Portal.

If you were approved for the Chase Sapphire Preferred on or after August 16, 2021 you will instantly be able to use the credit once your account is open. However, if you had the card opened before that date you will have to wait until your account anniversary to use the credit. After that, you will receive the $50 credit every account anniversary.

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How to use the $50 hotel credit

To use the credit, you need to log into the Chase Travel Portal at

If you have multiple Chase cards you will be asked to select your card and make sure that you select your Chase Sapphire Preferred card.

Once you are logged in, navigate to the travel screen. On desktop, you simply click on the three bars in the left hand corner and then scroll down to “Travel” and click on that.

Next, navigate to “Hotels” and then simply go through your search and booking process as you normally would. You should be able to use your credit on any of the hotels you find in the search results so feel free to book any property you’d like.

After you make your hotel booking, the statement credit should automatically post to your account within two days of your purchase posting to your account. It should then appear on your monthly billing statement within 1 to 2 billing cycles.

In my experience, Chase has been pretty solid with posting credits quickly. But in the event you do not see your credit after a week or two, you can always call the number on the back of your card and inquire about it.

Is it worth it?

So now that you know how the credit works, a big question is whether or not the credit is worth it?

In other words, in light of the $95 annual fee that the Chase Sapphire Preferred has, does this credit provide sufficient value to make the card a keeper?

The answer to that question is that it depends.

The biggest knock against the $50 hotel credit is that you have to use it on a hotel booked through the Chase Travel Portal, which is powered by none other than Expedia.

This means that you will miss out on hotel elite perks for your stay. For example, you will almost assuredly not get any type of elite night credits for your stay or earn loyalty points for the respective elite program.

There is still hope for your elite status benefits such as upgrades, free breakfast, late check-out, etc. In order to maximize your odds of receiving those benefits, you should call or email the hotel ahead of time and ask them to add your loyalty number to your reservation.

You can also do this when you arrive at the property but I find it better to do it ahead of time before you actually arrive at the property/check-in desk.

I have booked a number of hotel stays through online travel agencies over the past few years and have had a tremendous amount of success with receiving elite status benefits with Hilton, Marriott, and Hyatt.

Because you can still receive some of your elite status perks (albeit with a little bit of extra work and luck), I think the $50 hotel credit still holds a lot of value for many travelers.

Tip: Because you lose out on other elite benefits, credits like this are often good for non-chain hotel bookings. So if you can find a cozy cabin located off the grid in the Chase Travel Portal, you might get more value on a stay like that.

It’s worth pointing out that the Chase Sapphire Preferred offers some other solid perks.

There is the $60 Peloton credit that is good for digital memberships and all access memberships. Together with the $50 hotel credit, you could actually turn a small profit with this card!

Other major benefits include:

  • 25% bonus when using points in the Chase Travel Portal
  • 12 months of DashPass
  • Primary rental car coverage
  • 10% anniversary points

And then you have the solid bonus categories like 3X on dining, streaming, and online groceries. So just make sure you’re aware that there are major value opportunities beyond the $50 hotel credit, since some of these perks could offset the $95 annual fee by themselves.


Does the $50 hotel credit rollover?

No, if you do not use the $50 credit, you will not be able to utilize it in the next year.

How do you get the $50 hotel credit?

The credit is automatically applied to your card when you make a hotel booking through the Chase Travel Portal. It does not require activation.

Is the credit issued every calendar year or anniversary year?

The $50 hotel credit is issued every anniversary year.

Do you earn bonus points on the $50 purchase?

No, you do not earn additional bonus points on the $50 portion of your hotel purchase.

Final word

The Chase Sapphire Preferred is no doubt one of the most popular credit cards for travelers right now. The $50 hotel credit makes it a lot easier to offset the already relatively low annual fee of $95. However, you do lose out on some potentially valuable perks when utilizing this credit and that is something that everyone should be aware of.

American Express Uber Eats Pass Guide [2021]

Offers contained within this article maybe expired.

Food delivery services such as Uber Eats and GrubHub have exploded in popularity over the last few years. They make finding and ordering food much more convenient in many areas of the country.

The drawback is that they come with a lot of fees including delivery fees which can be quite pricey.

Luckily, there are ways to avoid these delivery fees with memberships like Uber Eats Pass.

And now it’s possible to get a free Uber Eats Pass membership with certain American Express cards.

In this article, I’ll tell you everything you need to know about Amex Uber Eats Pass including how to enroll and what to expect.

What is Uber Eats?

Uber Eats is a food delivery service app that allows users to order meals from various restaurants and have the meals delivered directly to their home or another desired location.

What is the Eats Pass Membership? 

The Eats Pass Membership is a monthly subscription through Uber Eats that offers various benefits including $0 delivery fees, 5% off restaurant orders over $15, and $0 delivery fees on grocery deliveries over $30 in select markets.

Typically, this membership would cost $9.99 per month or $119 per year.

For a regular Uber Eats user, this perk can result in some pretty massive savings.

The delivery fees will change based on when and where you order your food from but it’s not uncommon to have to pay a few bucks per order.

If you order Uber eats once a week, it’s very possible that the waived delivery fees could save you over $200 in a year alone.

And when you also factor in the savings on restaurant orders over $15 and grocery delivery orders over $30, those savings can add up even higher.

So for people who are already using Uber Eats, this is really a fantastic saving opportunity.

Tip: Use WalletFlo for all your credit card needs. It’s free and will help you optimize your rewards and savings!

What is the American Express Eats Pass membership? 

If you have an eligible American Express card, you can get the Uber Eats Pass for free for up to 12 months!

The stipulation is that you must enroll by December 31, 2021.

Tip: Since this benefit is offered in a 12 month timeframe, you don’t want to activate the subscription until you are confident that you will actually be using it.

What American Express cards get the Eats Pass membership benefit?

You can receive the Uber Eats Pass if you have one of the following consumer American Express cards:

How to enroll in the benefit

To enroll in the Uber Eats Pass offer, first make sure that you have downloaded or updated to the latest version of the Uber Eats app.

Once you are in the app, add your eligible American Express card to your wallet.

After you have added your card, you should be able to see a prompt to enroll in Uber Eats Pass.

If you have already added your eligible card, then all you have to do is claim your complimentary Uber Eats Pass within the app and confirm your enrollment.

You will see a tab for Eats Pass in the bottom right corner of the app and once you click on that you will see a call to action button that says “Start Eats Pass.” Simply tap on that to enroll.

If your card has been added you should see a slide up window that indicates when your billing will begin and that you qualify for 12 months free. Remember that this will auto renew when your 12 months are up.

You can find out more about how to enroll here.

Note: Some people including myself have experienced a glitch where the membership was only activated for six months. If this happens to you, you can try re-adding your eligible American Express card and if that does not work contact Uber Eats.

New change

In order to receive your Uber Eats Pass benefits you must use an eligible Amex card for payment. In some cases, this may mean you’ll have to miss out on bonus points (e.g., using the Platinum instead of the Chase Sapphire Reserve).

Monthly discount

A new discount will be applied to Uber Eats Pass members for Uber rides. You’ll be able to save 10% on your first 3 eligible rides of every month. Only UberX, UberXL, Uber Green, and Uber Comfort rides are eligible for the 10% rides discount. Only Uber Black rides are eligible for the 15% rides discount.

Other Uber benefits

You can save on Uber if you have an American Express Platinum Card or Gold Card with special monthly credits that are issued.

The Platinum Card receives a $15 monthly credit on Uber that comes in the form of Uber Cash ($30 for the month of December). This means that you can use this credit on Uber rides or on Uber Eats.

And starting early next year, the American Express Gold Card will provide card members with $10 monthly credits in Uber Cash which can also be used on Uber rides or Uber Eats.

Tip: If this is a lot for you to keep track of, I would recommend you use the free app WalletFlo to help you keep track of all of your credits.

American Express Uber Eats Pass FAQ

What happens when my Uber Eats Pass membership expires?

After you have used your membership for 12 months, you will be automatically charged $9.99 or the current pass rate.

This means that you need to remember to cancel your Eats Pass in order to avoid the fees.

If you would like to know the exact day that your pass ends, simply click on the Eats Pass tab and scroll down under “learn more” and you will see the exact date the offer ends.

When is the enrollment deadline?

You must enroll in this benefit before December 31, 2021. You will have the benefit for 12 consecutive months from the date that you enroll.

Do I need to tip when ordering from Uber Eats?

Generally, yes it is a good idea to tip your Uber eats delivery driver. You can read more about the tip or not to tip a debate here.

What if I am already enrolled in Uber Eats Pass?

If you are already enrolled, simply select the Eats Pass icon to enroll in a complimentary membership through American Express.

Once you enroll, your membership will become complimentary at the start of your next billing cycle.

Will my membership auto renew?

Yes, Uber will auto-bill you for Uber Eats Pass starting 12 months from the initial enrollment in the benefit.

Final word

This is a fantastic way to save for someone already using Uber Eats.

If you are new to Uber Eats then it can also be a great way to save but you need to factor in that sometimes you have to pay other fees such as service fees or sometimes even deal with marked up prices.

$75 Southwest Priority Credit Guide [2021]

Travel credits are an easy and efficient way to cut down the annual fee of a credit card. The Southwest Priority Card offers a special $75 travel credit that can help accomplish the task of offsetting your fee to basically nothing.

But there are some rules and limitations that you need to know about with this credit, and in this article I will tell you everything you need to know.

What is the $75 Southwest Priority credit?

The $75 Southwest Priority credit is a special perk offered by the Southwest Priority Credit Card that you can use to cover the cost of Southwest tickets and fees but there are some exceptions.

Keep reading below to find out more!

Tip: Use WalletFlo for all your credit card needs. It’s free and will help you optimize your rewards and savings!

Southwest Priority Credit Card

First, here’s the entire rundown of highlights for the Southwest Priority Credit Card.

  • Bonus spending:
    • 2X Rapid Rewards on Southwest purchases
    • 2X Rapid Rewards on hotel and car rental partner purchases.
    • 1X Rapid Rewards on all other purchases
  • $75 Southwest annual travel credit
  • 7,500 anniversary points each year
  • Four Upgraded Boardings per year when available.
  • 20% back on in-flight drinks, WiFi, messaging, and movies
  • No foreign transaction fees
  • Earn tier qualifying points towards A-list Status
  • $149 annual fee applied to your first billing statement

The great thing about the $75 credit is that it is such an easy way to come out on top in value with his card.

The $149 annual fee can be offset a few different ways. Based on a Rapid Rewards valuation of 1.46 cents per point, the 7,500 anniversary points are worth ~$110.

When you add on the $75 travel credit, all of a sudden you’ve got $185 worth of value coming your way each year which is over $30 more than the annual fee!

And that is without factoring in other benefits like the upgraded boarding, savings on in-flight drinks, etc.

So for somebody who is truly interested in flying with Southwest Airlines, this card has an amazing long-term value proposition.

How to use the credit

The $75 travel credit will be automatically applied to your account after you use it. There is no need to register or to enroll.

The credit should appear on your statement as soon as you purchase posts according to the terms and conditions:

“Statement credit(s) will post to your account the same day your Southwest Airlines purchase posts to your account and will appear on your monthly credit card billing statement within 1-2 billing cycles.”

Be careful about cutting it close when it comes to using your credit at the end of the anniversary year.

That is because the credit will be issued for the year in which the transaction posts to your account.

So if you make a purchase on the last day of the anniversary year and that purchase does not post until a couple of days later, the purchase would be allocated towards the following year’s $75 credit.

Anniversary year 

According to Chase, “Anniversary year means the year beginning with your account open date through the first statement date after your account open date anniversary, and the 12 monthly billing cycles after that each year.”

This means that if you opened up the card on June 1, 2021 and your 12th statement closed on June 20, 2022, your next credit should reset June 20, 2023.

If you have switched to the card then the account open date is going to be the date that the switch is official within the Chase system.

So let’s say you had the Southwest Plus card originally opened on June 1, 2019. But let’s say that you switched from the Southwest Plus card to the Priority Card on July 15, 2021.

That would mean that the renewal date for the credit is going to be July 15, 2022

If you are unclear on what your anniversary date is, my recommendation would be to call Chase.

Uses for the credits?

Below are different ways that you might think about using your credit. Some of these are permitted while others are not.


Upgraded boardings to Business Select are excluded in the terms and conditions. If you’re not familiar, Southwest does not have a true business class cabin. Instead, they have a type of “business” ticket that offers following perks:

  • Guaranteed A1-A15 boarding
  • Fly By lane access
  • Free premium drink
  • 12 Rapid Rewards per dollar spent
  • Fully refundable fare
  • Standby

While you cannot use your credit for upgraded boarding, the card does come with four upgraded boardings per year.

In-flight purchases

In-flight purchases are purchases like alcoholic beverages and Wi-Fi.

Keep in mind that Southwest will give you free snacks and drinks on many flights so there would be no need to use your credit in some cases.

Related: How to get a free drink coupon on Southwest


When you use Rapid Rewards to book a Southwest flight, you will always be subject to fees. These fees can range from $5.60 all the way up to $100 or more if you are flying to certain international destinations.

There are multiple reports of people using their credit to cover these fees so it seems like a commonly accepted way to cash out on your credit.

Gift cards

Many people have had success using the credit on gift card purchases. Personally, I would recommend going with an e-gift card.

Using travel credits on gift cards is not always a guaranteed successful outcome so always be prepared for the possibility that your credit may not trigger after a gift card purchase.

Southwest EarlyBird

Southwest EarlyBird automatically checks you in 36 hours prior to your departure.

It is a great way to ensure that you will get a good seat, such as a window or aisle seat. However, it will not guarantee you a boarding position in the group a boarding.

According to multiple reports online, the credit can successfully be used for Southwest EarlyBird.


Is the $75 credit issued on the calendar year or anniversary year?

The $75 credit is issued on an anniversary year basis.

Can you use the $75 credit on upgrades?

According to the terms and conditions, purchases made for upgraded boardings are excluded.

Can you use the $75 credit for Southwest EarlyBird?

Yes, many people have reported success when using the credit to cover a Southwest EarlyBird purchase.

Can you use the $75 credit for gift cards?

Yes, many people have had success using the credit for gift cards.

Final word

The Southwest Priority $75 travel credit is a great perk because it is easy to use and can be used on a wide variety of expenses that go even beyond airfare. Together with the other perks like the anniversary points and upgraded boarding passes, you can quickly offset the annual fee for this credit card.

Chase Sapphire Purchase Protection Guide (Reserve and Preferred) [2021]

Purchase protection is rock solid for the Chase Sapphire Reserve. It’s one of the benefits that could end up saving you hundreds or even thousands of dollars in unexpected situations, so you definitely want to know how to utilize it.

In this article, I’ll explain the basics of the protection and how to file a claim. I’ll also give you some tips on how to deal with the claims process. 

What is Chase Sapphire Reserve purchase protection?

Chase Sapphire Reserve purchase protection covers your new purchases for 120 days against damage or theft up to $10,000 per claim and $50,000 per year. So if you purchase a new fancy electronically and it went to poop within 3 to 4 months of purchasing it, you could get coverage for that purchase.

Tip: Use WalletFlo for all your credit card needs. It’s free and will help you optimize your rewards and savings!

Is coverage different for the Reserve vs the Preferred?

The Chase Sapphire Reserve and the Chase Sapphire Preferred have very different purchase protection limits.

The Chase Sapphire Preferred (full review here) only gets coverage up to a maximum of $500 per claim and up to $50,000 per account while the Sapphire Reserve gets up to $10,000 per claim. The Chase Freedom and the Chase Freedom Unlimited also both have this $500 per claim limitation.

The $500 limit compared to the $10,000 limit is a very dramatic difference.

It is also the reason why I choose to put large purchases on my Sapphire Reserve and NOT my Freedom Unlimited even though the Freedom Unlimited would earn me more points since it earns 1.5% back on all purchases. 

If you are curious as to how this protection stacks up to some of the competition, take a look at the chart below which breaks down the purchase protection for several different cards:

CardClaim limitAnnual limitTime covered from purchase
Amex Gold Card$10,000$50,000120 Days
Amex Platinum Card$10,000$50,000120 Days
Citi Prestige$10,000$50,00090 Days
Chase Sapphire Preferred$500$50,000120 Days
Chase Sapphire Reserve$10,000$50,000120 Days
United Explorer Card$10,000$50,000120 Days
Bank of America Premium Rewards Credit Card $10,000?90 Days
Chase Sapphire Purchase Protection
Chase Sapphire Preferred Purchase Protection.

I thought Chase did away with this benefit?

Effective 08/26/18, Price Protection and Return Protection were discontinued. Price protection kicked in when a price dropped shortly after you purchased it and return protection would help if you out in some scenarios if the store would not allow you to return your item.

Both of these protections are different from purchase protection, which focuses on the purchase being damaged or stolen.

What loss is covered by the purchase protection?

The purchase protection will cover theft, damage, or involuntary and accidental parting with property within 120  days from the date of your purchase.

According to Chase, “[i]nvoluntary and accidental parting with property” means the “unintended separation from an item of personal property in which the item’s location is known but recovery is impractical to complete.”

This phrasing is a bit vague but it can be interpreted to mean that items that are truly lost are not covered since you wouldn’t know the location of a lost item.

However, sometimes lost items do get covered at times.

In some situations, it might be the case that you could describe an item as both lost and stolen.

For example, if you left a phone on a plane and it never turned up you might say it was lost. But if someone deliberately saw it under your seat, grabbed it, and didn’t turn it in, that could be considered theft.

So the distinction between lost and stolen isn’t always crystal clear. It will be up to you to decide how to represent the facts of your situation but anytime that true theft is involved, generally there needs to be some sort of police report filed so keep that in mind.

What is the limit for purchase protection?

Purchase protection will replace, repair, or reimburse you up to a maximum of $10,000 for each claim and up to $50,000 for each year. However, you should note that the limit for coverage will be the amount showing on the receipt of your purchase if that number is below $10,000.

$10,000 is one of the higher limits for purchase protection so this is definitely a solid perk.

Do I get a repair or replacement?

The decision to replace, repair, or reimburse you will be made at the Benefit Administrator’s discretion.

You will only be reimbursed up to the dollar amount to replace or repair the item or the program limit, whichever is less.

Note to be eligible for coverage, you must charge some portion of the price of the purchased item to your Account.

Who is eligible?

You as the cardholder will be covered and also whoever receives gifts purchased with your Chase credit card account.

A lot of people don’t realize that gift recipients receive coverage as well.

What is not covered?

Credit card companies like to exclude certain types of purchases from protections like this. There are a lot of different types of exclusions but typically they involve items that you don’t purchase from a retail store.

Here is a list of what’s not covered:

  • Animals and living plants
  • Antiques and collectible items
  • Boats, aircraft, automobiles, and any other motorized vehicles and their motors, equipment or accessories, including trailers and other items that can be towed by or attached to any motorized vehicle
  • Computer software
  • Items purchased for resale, professional, or commercial use
  • Items that mysteriously disappear. “Mysterious disappearance” means the vanishing of an item in an unexplained manner when there is an absence of evidence of a wrongful act by a person or persons.
  • Items under the care and control of a common carrier (including U.S. Postal Service, airplanes, or delivery service)
  • Items including but not limited to, jewelry and watches from your baggage unless it is hand-carried and under your personal supervision, or under the supervision of your traveling companion who is previously known to you.
  • Losses resulting from:
    • abuse
    • fraud
    • hostilities of any kind (including, but not limited to, war, invasion, rebellion, insurrection, or terrorist activities)
    • confiscation by the authorities
    • risks of contraband
    • illegal activities
    • normal wear and tear
    • flood
    • earthquake
    • radioactive contamination
    • or damage from inherent product defects
  • Losses resulting from mis-delivery or voluntary parting with property
  • Medical equipment
  • Perishables, consumables, including but not limited to perfumes, cosmetics, and limited-life items such as rechargeable batteries
  • Traveler’s checks, cash, tickets, credit or debit cards, and any other negotiable instruments • Used or pre-owned items

How do I file a purchase protection claim?

Call the Benefit Administrator within 90 days after the loss, damage, or theft.

You can file a claim by calling1-800-874-7702 or you can do it online at

I would advise to initially call the Benefit Administrator to clear up any questions you might have and then to just file your claim online, since it’s much easier to track the process that way.

Also there are two important deadlines you don’t want to forget about:

If you do not contact the Benefit Administrator within 90 days of the loss, your claim may be denied.

Also, be sure to provide all of the information requested and return the information within 120 days from the date of loss, theft, or damage.

What documents do I need to submit with my claim?

Do your best to keep records of all receipts and any claim or incident reports. These are vital if you need to prove the loss of an item and without them all you have is your word that your item disappeared, which will probably not be enough.

These are all of the documents that Chase lists that you might have to submit with your claim.

  • Your completed and signed claim form
  • A copy of your card receipt
  • A copy of the itemized store receipt
  • if more than one method of payment was used, documentation linking the purchase back to the Account must be included
  • A copy of the police report (made within 48 hours of the occurrence in the case of theft), fire report, insurance claim, loss report or other report sufficient to determine your eligibility for Purchase Protection
  • A copy of your insurance declaration page, when applicable
  • Documentation (if available) of any other settlement of the loss
  • Any other documentation deemed necessary, in the Benefit Administrator’s sole discretion, to substantiate the claim

If the claim is for a damaged item:

To substantiate your claim, you may be asked to send the damaged item to the Benefit Administrator (at your expense). Therefore, it is always a good idea to hold on to the damaged item just in case you need to send it in.

Do I have to file a claim with my insurance company?


If you have personal insurance, like homeowner’s, renter’s, or automobile insurance, you are required to file a claim with your insurance company and to submit a copy of any claims settlement from your insurance company along with your claim form.

At the discretion of the Benefit Administrator, a copy of your personal declaration page may be sufficient when the claim amount is within your personal insurance deductible.

Coverage is excess

Purchase Protection provides coverage on an “excess” coverage basis.

That means it does not duplicate, but pays in excess of, valid and collectible insurance or indemnity (including, but not limited to, homeowner, renter, automobile, or employer insurance policies).

After all insurance or indemnity has been exhausted, Purchase Protection will cover the loss up to the amount charged to your Account, and subject to the terms, exclusions, and limits of liability of the benefit.

This is why it’s not always a good idea to split large purchases because it can make utilizing benefits like this a headache and complicate the process.

Purchase Protection will also pay for the outstanding deductible portion of your insurance or indemnity for eligible claims.

Damages to part of a set of goods

Chase states:

Where a protected item is part of a pair or set, you will receive no more than the value (as described herein) of the particular part or parts, stolen or damaged, regardless of any special value that the item may have as part of such a pair or set, nor more than the proportionate part of an aggregate purchase price of such pair or set.

This sounds like it means that if you lose one item of a three part set (say some sort of fancy cookware), then you may be limited to 1/3 the price of the set.

That could pose a problem if you lost the most valuable part of a set so that might be something you can work out with them.

Purchase Protection is not “contributing” insurance, and this “non-contribution” provision shall take precedence over “non-contribution” provisions found in insurance or indemnity descriptions, policies, or contracts.

Tip: Use the free app WalletFlo to help you travel the world for free by finding the best travel credit cards and promotions!

Additional Provisions for Purchase Protection

There are a few additional provisions that you might want to be aware of.

Due diligence

You shall use due diligence and do all things reasonable to avoid or diminish any loss or damage to property protected by this benefit.

Fraudulent claims

If you make any claim knowing it to be false or fraudulent in any respect including, but not limited to, the cost of repair services, no coverage shall exist for such claim and your benefits may be canceled.

Any and all relevant provisions shall be void in any case of fraud, intentional concealment, or misrepresentation of material fact by the Cardholder.

Claim file will be open for 6 months

Once you report an occurrence, a claim file will be opened and shall remain open for six months from the date of the damage or theft.

Claims must be substantiated within 6 months

No payment will be made on a claim that is not completely substantiated in the manner required by the Benefit Administrator within six months of the date of damage or theft.

You must give the Benefit Administrator all assistance as may reasonably be required to secure all rights and remedies.

Legal action

If you plan on taking legal action against them for your claims, there are a few requirements for that:

  • No legal action for a claim may be brought against the Provider until sixty (60) days after the Provider receives proof of loss.
  • No legal action against the Provider may be brought more than two (2) years after the time for giving proof of loss.
  • Further, no legal action may be brought against the Provider unless all the terms of this Guide to Benefit have been complied with fully.

How will I be reimbursed?

At its discretion and depending on the nature and circumstances of the incident, the Benefit Administrator may choose to address your claim in one of two ways:

Repaired or replaced

A damaged item may be repaired, rebuilt, or replaced wholly or in part. A stolen item may be replaced.

You will be notified of the decision to repair, rebuild, or replace your item within fifteen (15) days following receipt of the required proof-of-theft/damage documentation.


You may be reimbursed for the covered item.

The reimbursement will be for no more than the original purchase price of the covered item as shown on your Account receipt, less shipping and handling charges, up to a maximum of $10,000 dollars per claim and $50,000 per year.

You will only be reimbursed up to the amount charged to your Account or the program limit whichever is less.

Under normal circumstances, reimbursement will take place within five business days of receipt and approval of all required documents.

You can read more from the official terms and conditions here.

4 tips for dealing with benefit claims

1. Prepare to be patient

If you’ve never dealt with a benefits administrator, you should know that things can move very slowly.

It’s not uncommon for these things to go on for several weeks or even months to get resolution. While patience will help you get through the process, don’t be afraid to call up and check on the status of your claim to make sure things are moving along.

2. Don’t be afraid to hound them

You will likely have to be the one to follow up on your claim because the agents will often not contact you to keep you in the loop.

3. It can be frustrating, stay calm

Sometimes they do things that are very annoying/frustrating like send requests for more information you’ve already sent to them. 

This happened to me a couple of times on one of my claims and it was driving me crazy. Do your best to stay calm. For the most part, the phone agents were pretty professional and usually sounded like they were interested in helping.

4. Stay organized

It’s very important to keep track of all of your documents and a record of everything you’ve sent them.

You should be able to view all of the documents you’ve submitted online, which is why I don’t recommend mailing in forms. But if you do, then you just need to keep even better records.

Final word

The Sapphire purchase protections for the Reserve are very strong. Make sure you get familiar with how these perks work so you don’t miss out on any value in the future. You might also be interested in learning more about the rental car insurance for the Reserve.

Barclays Aviator Companion Certificate Guide [2021]

A lot of credit cards offer a companion certificates or companion pass opportunities. Some of these are issued on an annual basis automatically but others require you to earn them with a bit of spend.

The Barclays Aviator companion certificate is one of those that you have to earn with your hard-earned spend. In this article, I will tell you everything you need to know about this companion certificate, including whether or not it is worth it.

What is the Barclays Aviator companion certificate?

The Barclays Aviator companion certificate is a special perk you can earn by putting enough spend on a Barclays aviator credit card. The certificates come in different forms depending on the type of card that you have:

Card Name# of certificatesPriceSpend Requirement
AAdvantage Aviator Silver2$99$20,000
AAdvantage Aviator Business1$99$30,000
AAdvantage Aviator Red1$99$20,000

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Is the Aviator companion certificate worth it?

$20,000 is a lot and spend for many people so you want to make sure that you are putting your spend to good use for this perk.

Since this is a companion certificate, you obviously net more value by purchasing a more expensive fare.

A good way to analyze your value proposition is to consider the $99 fee plus the taxes and fees which may average around $130.

So to break even you basically want to purchase a ticket that is more expensive than $130 which should not be very difficult to do since you can use this for roundtrips.

For many card members, it’s not very difficult to get a couple of hundred dollars in value from this perk by purchasing a ticket between $300 and $500. For many domestic roundtrips in economy, that is probably a nice sweet spot to shoot for.

Note: the terms do exclude the most expensive economy fare classes.

Remember that the annual fee for the Aviator Red is $99 so if you were trying to offset that annual fee, you would need to purchase a ticket for at least ~$230. Again, that is not a very challenging task which is why this benefit allows these cards to be “keeper cards” for people who fly American Airlines.

Aviator companion certificate rules

Spend requirement

The $20,000 (or $30,000) in spend needs to be met during your account anniversary year (not calendar year) and the terms state that your account must remain open for at least 45 days after the anniversary date. As long as you meet those two requirements, you will be good to go.

Receiving the companion certificate

The terms also state to allow 8 to 10 weeks for the delivery of the certificate. This is on top of the 45 days you will be waiting after your anniversary date, so it could take a little while for your certificate to arrive after your anniversary date.

Don’t be surprised if it takes about two months from your account anniversary date for the perk to appear.

Your companion certificate should arrive in an email and the snail mail and it will provide you with directions on how to book.

Domestic routes in economy class

The companion certificate must be used on domestic routes only. Also, it is only valid for economy class fares. So if you want to experience American Airlines first class, this certificate won’t help you out there.

If you happen to be a resident of Alaska or Hawaii, the eligible travel is defined as a round-trip originating in either Alaska or Hawaii and continuing to the lower 48.

$99 minimum payment

When you use the companion certificate, you will have to pay $99 for the companion ticket plus any taxes and fees. Typically, these fees will range between $21 and $43 so be prepared to shell out a bit more cash for the ticket.

This is very similar to the Alaska Airlines companion certificate which also requires a similar payment.

Eligible routes and airlines

Eligible travel is defined as travel within the lower 48 (contiguous United States) but see the Hawaii and Alaska exception above.

The flights will need to be marketed and operated by American Airlines or marked it by American Airlines and operated by one of the following:

  • Compass Airlines
  • Envoy Air
  • Republic Airline
  • SkyWest Airlines
  • Mesa Airlines
  • PSA Airlines
  • Piedmont Airlines, Inc.

Note: the certificate is not available for travel on codeshare flights booked with an American Airlines flight number but operated by another airline.

Blackout dates

One drawback to this perk is that you may have to contend with black out dates when booking. You can check out the prior blackout dates below that were found (among other helpful details) via middleagemiles.

  • 2019: Jan 1-3; Feb 15-19; Mar 8-11; Mar 15-18; Mar 22-25; May 24-28; Jun 28-30; Jul 1-7; Nov 27-30; Dec 1-2; Dec 14-23; Dec 27-31
  • 2020: Jan 1-3; Feb 14-18; Mar 6-9; Mar 13-16; Mar 20-23; May 22-26; Jun 30; Jul 1-6; Nov 25-30; Dec 12-23; Dec 27-31


Upgrades are not allowed per the terms of the certificate. However, some have had success getting upgraded with elite status. This may not be the norm but you can certainly give it a try with the gate agent and you might have some luck.

14 days in advance

You will have to book your flights using your companion certificate at least 14 days prior to your departure.

You will also have to mail in forms which will need to be received seven days before your departure so slackers be warned, this is not a perk that you want to wait until the last minute to use.


The companion certificate will be valid one year from the issue date. This means that you must make your booking and complete your travel by the expiration date. Once your companion certificate arrives, you should be able to view the travel expiration date.


One of the biggest drawbacks to this perk is that if you use the certificate and then cancel your flight, you will not be able to get your certificate replaced. So you need to be extremely careful when making a reservation.

How to book the companion certificate

When you receive your email, you will see the American Airlines meeting services phone number which is 800–433–1790.

You will need to have all of your reservation details on hand when you call this number including your flight details, AAdvantage number, and your companion certificate number.

As soon as you make a reservation, you need to mail in your companion certificate within the required time frame. American Airlines will need to receive this signed certificate within 14 days of your phone booking. If you fail to mail it in, your flight will not be ticketed.

(The agent on the phone should provide you with the address to send the certificate to.)

After you send off your certificate, be on the lookout in your email inbox for your eTicket.


Do I have to use my American Airlines credit card to book?

Yes, you must pay for your tickets with the credit card that you earned the companion certificate with.

Will companions earn miles or elite credits on the flight?

The terms state that you will not earn miles or elite credits on the flight but in practice some people have earned both redeemable miles and elite qualifying miles.

Can I upgrade my ticket when using the certificate?

The terms and conditions state upgrades are prohibited but in practice some people have had success with obtaining upgrades. Your mileage may vary in this area.

When does the Aviator companion certificate expire?

The companion certificate will expire one year from issuance and the date of issuance will often be around two months from your anniversary date.

Can I use the companion certificate for basic economy fares?

No, basic economy fares are excluded.

Final word

This perk is a great way to offset the annual fee and to come out on top in terms of value. If you can book tickets of $200 or more, you can completely offset the annual fee and make up for the fees associated with this perk.

The major drawback to this perk is that it does require you to jump through some hoops for the booking and is a bit old-fashioned with forcing you to mail in a physical signed certificate.

But if you can deal with a little bit of legwork, this can be an awesome benefit to use every year.

Delta Reserve Lounge Access Guide (Guests & Restrictions) [2021]

For those who frequently fly Delta Airlines and are interested in airport lounge access, the Delta SkyMiles Reserve is a great option. It comes with a number of different lounge access benefits but how exactly do these benefits work and what are the limitations?

In this article, I will break down all of the details related to Delta SkyMiles Reserve lounge access, including things like the guest policies.

Amex Delta SkyMiles Reserve overview

  • Solid welcome bonus available at times
  • 3X on Delta
  • 1X on all other purchases
  • Delta Sky Club access
  • Centurion Lounge access
  • Escape Lounge access
  • Companion certificate
  • Status boost
  • Global Entry or TSA Pre-Check credit
  • Upgrade priority
  • First checked bag free (learn more)
  • Priority boarding
  • 20% discount on in-flight purchases

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Delta SkyMiles Reserve Lounge access policy

Like many other credit cards with a high annual fee, one of the core benefits of this premium card is airport lounge access.

Over the past couple of years we have seen the lounge access for the Delta SkyMiles Reserve expand to include more options, thus bringing more value to cardmembers.

As a cardmember you are now given access to the following lounges:

  • Delta Sky Clubs
  • Centurion Lounges
  • Escape Lounges

However, there are a lot of terms that apply to your entry and to any guests you may want to bring along. So keep reading below for more details.

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JFK Sky Club counter seating

Delta Sky Club access

Delta Sky Clubs are the branded lounges for Delta Airlines that you can find in many locations. With the Delta SkyMiles Reserve, you will be granted two different types of Delta Sky Club access: 1) complimentary entry and 2) one-time guest passes.

Complimentary entry

Delta SkyMiles Reserve receive complimentary Delta Sky Club access when traveling on a same-day Delta-marketed or Delta-operated flight.

This access is only for the individual cardmember which includes the primary cardholder and also authorized users.

Card members traveling on a Delta partner flight that is not marketed or operated by Delta can still access the lounge but at an exclusive per visit rate of $39 per person, per location.

Delta SkyMiles Reserve members can also bring up to two guests or immediate family members at the exclusive per visit rate of $39 per person, per location. (Children under 2 years of age may accompany the card member for free.)

The Delta SkyMiles Reserve Card must be used as the payment method to receive the exclusive per-visit rate.

Also, guests must be flying on same day Delta or Delta partners.

In order to gain entry you must present your card, same day Delta or Delta partner boarding pass, and your government issued ID. The name on your boarding pass must match the name on the card.

Also, individuals must be at least 18 years of age to access the Delta sky club and 21 years of age to access locations with a self-service bar, unless they are accompanied by a supervising adult who has access to the club.

Guest passes

As a Delta SkyMiles Reserve cardmember, you will also receive two one-time guest passes when you open up your account and each account anniversary after that.

This means that you can bring a guest with you for free up to two times every year.

You will be able to find these guest passes in your Wallet in the Fly Delta app and in My Profile on under Certificates, eCredits, and Vouchers.

These guest passes will expire within one year from the date of issuance. If your account anniversary month changes your passes will be issued within your new renewal month.

In order to use this guest pass, you must present your card, same day Delta or Delta partner boarding pass, and your government issued ID.

Something super important to note is that the Basic Card Member must be present in order to use the one-time guest passes. Also, the guests must be traveling on a same-day Delta-marketed or Delta-operated flight.

You can only use two one-time guest passes per visit.

ATL F concourse Sky Club outdoor deck

Centurion Lounge access

Amex Centurion Lounges are some of the nicest lounges found in the US.

They are known for having some of the best food, service, and decor especially when compared to the lounges offered by the major domestic carriers. They are usually associated with Platinum Cards but access was opened up to certain Delta cards relatively recently.

When you book your Delta flight with the Reserve card, you can get complimentary access to Amex Centurion lounges. This applies to both the basic card member and the authorized users.

Note: the eligible flight must be booked on a U.S. issued American Express charge or credit card.

You can also bring up to two guests at a per-visit rate of $50 per person but guests must be traveling on a same-day Delta-marketed or Delta-operated flight.

To get access you will need to present your card, a boarding pass showing a reservation for Delta Airlines, and a government issued ID.

A card member must be at least 18 years of age to enter without a parent or legal guardian. If there is a self-service bar, the cardmember must be of the legal drinking age in the jurisdiction to enter without a parent or guardian.

Escape Lounge access

Escape Lounges offer complimentary food, drinks (including alcoholic beverages), high-speed Wi-Fi, charging stations, and areas to relax and enjoy some comfortable space away from the crowds. Many of these lounges are found at smaller airports but you can also find these at bigger airports like Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport (PHX).

They now go by the new name “Escape Lounges – The Centurion® Studio Partner.”

It sounds a lot fancier but as far as I know this was just a re-brand of the name and nothing substantive about the lounges has changed as of yet.

However, one thing that did change with the re-brand is that access was given to Delta SkyMiles Reserve cardholders.

The key thing to note here is that access was given to card members when flying on a same-day Delta-marketed or Delta-operated flight.

This is the big distinction between the Platinum Card which offers access regardless of which airline you’re flying on.

To access these lounges you will need to present your Delta SkyMiles Reserve card, a boarding pass showing your reservation for same-day travel on Delta, and also your government-issued ID.

If the cardmember is under 21 years old, they may need a parent or guardian to be with them for some lounges.

Something else to note is that the eligible flight must be booked on a US issued American Express credit card.

This means that you could still use the Platinum Card to purchase your airfare as long as you still had your Delta SkyMiles Reserve on hand.

As far as guests go, the terms state that card members may bring up to two guests at a per visit rate equal to the guest fee of the Escape Lounge location. You should also note that guests must be traveling on a same-day Delta-marketed or Delta-operated flight.

Final word

The Delta SkyMiles Reserve continues to receive more lounge benefits and it is quickly becoming one of the best cards for lounge access. I would still go with the Platinum Card above this card for lounge benefits not to mention all of the other perks but the value is definitely starting to rack up in the lounge department for the Delta SkyMiles Reserve.

Amex Platinum $179 CLEAR Credit: Discounts Explained [2021]

The Amex Platinum CLEAR credit is one of the easier credits to use available on the card. But there are some steps that you should take if you would like to maximize this credit, especially if you have a membership with United or Delta and are planning to add family members to your account. In this article, I’ll break down everything you need to know about the $179 Amex Platinum CLEAR credit.

What is the Amex Platinum CLEAR credit?

The Amex Platinum CLEAR credit is a perk offered by the Platinum Card and Business Platinum Card that allows you to offset the cost of a CLEAR membership by $179 every year.

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What exactly is CLEAR?

CLEAR is a special service available at 50+ airports nationwide that allows you to jump ahead of the line whether you are in the standard TSA security checkpoint line or if you have TSA Pre-Check.

It works by obtaining your biometric data such as scans of your fingerprint, eyes, or facial features and storing them in an encrypted manner. It then verifies your identity by matching your biometrics with its database every time you visit the airport.

It’s one of the best ways to save a lot of time when flying on busy days since even the TSA Pre-Check line can get long. CLEAR also offers expedited entry into select stadiums around the US. You can read more about CLEAR here.

LGA Terminal C CLEAR TSA Pre-Check

How to use the Amex Platinum credit

It’s very easy to utilize your Amex Platinum CLEAR credit. First, you will need to enroll in the CLEAR program. You can do that by using this link right here or one of the partner links below (which I recommend).

If you already have a membership all you need to do is log-in but if you have not created an account you will need to do that. If you are enrolling online, enrollment will be a two-step process.

First, you will fill out all of your basic information online. All you need to input is your contact information and date of birth and then provide the form of payment which in this case needs to be your American Express Platinum Card.

Both the primary cardmember and authorized users can trigger the credit but there is only one $179 credit available across all accounts. Also, keep in mind this credit is issued every calendar year.

Important: If you have a membership with United or Delta then make sure that you sign up through the partner pages (Link for Delta; Link for United) that allow you to input your frequent flyer number. Otherwise, you will not see the discount whenever you proceed to do the registration.

The Platinum clear credit will cover the cost of my membership plus my spouse’s.

After you submit your information you should receive an email asking you to set up your accounts which really just means set a password to your account.

The next major step of enrollment is to visit a CLEAR airport location in order to finalize your enrollment. CLEAR should provide you with the closest location after you submit your contact information. (You do NOT need to set up an appointment at the airport location.)

All you need is your government issued ID in order to complete the process. You can actually use CLEAR as soon as you enroll.

CLEAR memberships automatically renew each year unless canceled, so you want to keep track of your enrollment date. Also, American Express has no control over the application and/or approval process for CLEAR. (If your application is not approved, you will receive a refund for the charges.)

It could take up to 2 to 4 weeks after your CLEAR transaction for your statement credit to post. If you do not see a credit after 4 weeks, call the number on the back of your card.


The standard cost for an annual CLEAR membership is $179 per year. You can also add up to 3 adult family members for $60 each per year. (Children under 18 can simply tag along for free and there is no enrollment needed.)

If you plan on using the credit for more than one person you really need to make sure that you take advantage of any discounts available to you. Just by signing up for the frequent flyer programs of either Delta or United you can save yourself a good amount ($60) so I think everyone should at least look into that.

Below are some of the discounts you may be eligible for.

SkyMiles Members

  • Diamond Medallion® Members: Free
  • Platinum/Gold/Silver Medallion Members: $109
  • Delta SkyMiles American Express Card Members: $109
  • General Members: $119


  • Premier® 1K® members: Free
  • Premier Platinum/Gold/Silver members: $109
  • United U.S. Credit Cardmembers: $109
  • MileagePlus members: $119

Amex Green Card

It is also worth noting that the American Express Green Card comes with a $100 CLEAR credit.

If you have both the Platinum and the Green card, you could add your second and third family member separately after you sign up with the Platinum and change your payment method to the Green Card if you wanted to maximize the credits for both the Platinum and the Green Card. I have not personally tried this but I think it would work.


Once verified, students can get a membership for $50 per year.


Promotions for CLEAR memberships are always going out.

Sometimes they are giving away one month for free but other times I have seen free trials for up to six months. In addition, you can get discounts such as two months free for referring your friend. Other discounts may allow you to add family members for a small discount.

Unless you have multiple family members you probably don’t need to wait for a discount because your $179 credit can cover your membership as well as an additional one.

Which airports have CLEAR?

CLEAR is available at 50+ locations which include the following:

  • Hartsfield–Jackson Atlanta International Airport (ATL)
  • Austin–Bergstrom International Airport (AUS)
  • Baltimore/Washington International Thurgood Marshall Airport (BWI)
  • Birmingham-Shuttlesworth International Airport (BHM)
  • Chicago O’Hare Airport (ORD)
  • Cleveland Hopkins International Airport (CLE)
  • Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport (CVG)
  • Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport (DFW)
  • Dallas Love Field Airport (DAL)
  • Denver International Airport (DEN)
  • Detroit Metro Airport (DTW)
  • Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport (FLL)
  • William P. Hobby Airport (HOU)
  • George Bush Intercontinental Airport (IAH)
  • McCarran International Airport (LAS)
  • Los Angeles International Airport (LAX)
  • Miami International Airport (MIA)
  • Minneapolis−Saint Paul International Airport (MSP)
  • Louis Armstrong New Orleans International Airport (MSY)
  • LaGuardia Airport (LGA)
  • Nashville International Airport (BNA)
  • Westchester County Airport (HPN)
  • John F. Kennedy International Airport (JFK)
  • Orlando International Airport (MCO)
  • Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport (PHX)
  • Salt Lake City International Airport (SLC)
  • San Antonio International Airport (SAT)
  • San Francisco International Airport (SFO)
  • St. Louis Lambert International Airport (STL)
  • Norman Y. Mineta San Jose International Airport (SJC)
  • Seattle-Tacoma International Airport (SEA)
  • Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport (DCA)
  • Dulles International Airport (IAD)

Final word

The combination of CLEAR and TSA Pre-Check is one of the ultimate ways to breeze through an airport even during peak business hours. Now that the Platinum offers a credit that can cover the cost of not only a single membership but also an additional family member’s, it’s easier than ever to get on board with CLEAR.

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