16 Airport Hotels Located Inside or Adjacent to Airport Grounds

Airport hotels can be extremely convenient whether you are departing extra early or arriving extra late.

There are lots of airport hotels but some of them are special because they are located on the grounds of the airport or adjacent to the airport, making them basically attached to the terminals.

These type of properties offer unrivaled convenience for travelers and in this article we will take you through 16 different airport hotels located across the country.

Factors to look at when staying at an airport hotel

If you’re thinking about staying at an airport hotel located on the grounds of the airport, here are some of the different factors you want to look at.

Dedicated TSA security checkpoint

It’s not common to find but a small percentage of airport hotels will offer hotel guests a dedicated TSA security checkpoint.

You basically roll out of bed, take your luggage with you, and you’ll be able to get through what should be a much less hectic security checkpoint all thanks to your status as a hotel guest.

It’s a great VIP experience but as mentioned it’s not very common to find. It’s also not clear to me if you will be able to take advantage of things like TSA Pre-Check or CLEAR when these lines are available. My guess would be that the former would be available but maybe not the latter?

Runway views

Most hotels located on the grounds of an airport are designed to provide runway views and sometimes the views can be pretty stunning with things like panoramic windows from a presidential suite.

There are a few airport hotels that may only offer airport views (which essentially is just a few of the “tarmac”) but either way, be prepared to pay a premium for the better views.

Direct access to airport terminals

Some airport hotels will have access to all of the terminals but in other situations you may have to take a tram or a shuttle bus to get to some of the terminals.

(Access could mean taking a covered walkway directly to a terminal or having to walk through a couple of additional terminals to get to where you need to be.)

Obviously, the convenience factor goes down if you have to hop on a shuttle so make sure you have clarity on exactly what terminals you can get direct access to.


Some airport hotels will offer your standard parking options such as valet and self parking.

Other times, you may need to utilize the garage parking for the airport, though. Sometimes you can get a discount on the airport parking so be sure to look into that.

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List of airport hotels

Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport (DFW)

Grand Hyatt DFW


  • 2 Queen Beds
    • $355
    • 23,000
  • Executive Suite
    • $480
    • 35,000
  • Presidential Suite
    • $1,420

Let’s start off our list in Dallas, Texas with the Grand Hyatt DFW Hotel located inside DFW International Airport Terminal D. Owned by the airport, it’s only steps away from TSA checkpoints (no dedicated TSA line) and it’s super convenient with direct access to all terminals.

It’s also a great airport hotel because you can get runway views and they even have a presidential suite, although that might cost you a pretty penny.

Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport (DFW)

Denver International Airport (DEN)

The Westin Denver International Airport


  • 2 Queen Beds, Traditional Guest Room
    • $293
    • 52,000
  • 1 King Bed, Runway View, Corner, Junior Suite
    • $526
  • 2 King Beds, High Floor, Renewal Suite
    • $1,214

The Westin Denver International Airport is the only hotel connected to Denver International Airport’s Jeppesen Terminal. This is another hotel offering runway views from some rooms.

It should only take you a couple of minutes to get into the airport and there is no designated TSA line. You can take advantage of valet parking for $39 or go for self parking in the airport.

The Westin Denver International Airport

O’Hare International Airport (ORD)

Hilton Chicago O’Hare Airport


  • 2 Double Beds
    • $234
    • 50,000
  • Family Suite – One King Bed
    • $332
    • 84,000
  • One King Bed Room with Separate Parlor Room
    • $763
    • 191,000

You can get from your flight to your room in the Hilton Chicago O’Hare Airport in 10 minutes or less according to the hotel.

This property is located on the grounds of Chicago O’Hare International Airport and it has an underground tunnel that can take you to Terminals 1, 2, and 3. Need to get to terminal five? Just take the shuttle.

The hotel does not have a dedicated TSA line but some of the rooms should impress with runway views. Valet parking is available although it is expensive at $75 so you might want to just park in the airport garage.

Hilton Chicago O'Hare Airport

Orlando International Airport (MCO)

Hyatt Regency Orlando International Airport


  • 2 Queen Beds
    • $297
    • 18,000
  • 2 Queen Beds Studio Suite
    • $452
  • 1 Bedroom Suite
    • $702
    • 13,500 + $351

All you will need to do is take an escalator ride from the main terminal to get to the Hyatt Regency Orlando International Airport.

Located between terminal A and terminal B, this is one of the most convenient airport hotels you’ll find. That is, unless you need to get to terminal C which will require a tram ride.

Some rooms boast runway views as does the hotel restaurant, making this a great selection for plane spotters. Compared to other hotels, parking can be pretty affordable at $12 a night. There is no dedicated TSA line for this property.

Miami International Airport (MIA)

Miami International Airport Hotel


  • Twin Single Room
    • $129
  • Queen Room
    • $229
  • Jr. Suite
    • $369

From the Miami International Airport Hotel, you can get direct access to the airport as the hotel sits inside Miami International Airport Terminal E, 2nd Level.

There is no dedicated TSA line but you will be within walking distance to all of the terminals making this a convenient stay. Some of the rooms offer great runway views although the hotel does not have the best overall reviews.

There is also no dedicated parking, so you will have to utilize the airport parking garage and unfortunately they don’t offer a discount for hotel guests.

George Bush Intercontinental Airport (IAH)

Houston Airport Marriott at George Bush Intercontinental


  • 1 King Bed, Guest Room
    • $215
    • 29,000
  • 1 King Bed, Airport View, Guest Room
    • $239
  • 1 King Bed, 1-Bedroom Suite
    • $371

If you have an early flight or late flight at George Bush Intercontinental, consider staying at the ultra convenient Houston Airport Marriott at George Bush Intercontinental.

It’s directly connected to the airport via an underground tram which you will have to take to get to all of the terminals. You can get airport views but you won’t have the greatest (or any) runway views. Still, some of the rooms like the Bi-Level Loft are unique and reasonably priced.

Expect parking to run you about $20 a day and there is no dedicated TSA line.

John F. Kennedy International Airport (JFK)

TWA Hotel

Price for Overnight:

  • Standard King
    • $225
  • Executive King Suite
    • $342
  • Howard Hughes Presidential Suite With Runway View
    • $750

Price for Daytripper:

  • Standard Room
    • $149 (4 Hours)
    • $209 (8 Hours)
    • $269 (12 Hours)
  • Deluxe Room
    • $149 (4 Hours)
    • $209 (8 Hours)
    • $269 (12 Hours)

The TWA Hotel has become one of the most popular airport hotels in the country. You can find it at Terminal 5, and you will need to take an air train to all other terminals. Like most airport hotels, there is no dedicated TSA line.

Some rooms boast runway views including the Howard Hughes Presidential Suite.

What’s interesting about this property is that you can book hourly rates so that you can rest up on long layovers. They also have facilities like a rooftop pool which you can access even on day rates. Keep in mind that reservations may be required for some of these facilities.

Parking is a bit pricey at $50 per day plus an extra $10 if your vehicle is larger than something like a Honda CRV (smaller crossover).

Here are details for parking.

San Francisco International Airport (SFO)

Grand Hyatt at SFO


  • King Bed
    • $387
    • 23,000
  • Junior Suite | King Bed
    • $537
    • 17,500 + $269
  • Executive Suite | King Bed
    • $887

Directly connected to the AirTrain (which has access to all terminals), the Grand Hyatt at SFO is a great airport hotel when in the Bay Area.

You can get runway views as well as views of the Bay that you can take advantage of in beautiful corner rooms. Like other properties, it offers soundproof windows which should help you get some much-needed rest.

Expect to pay about $40 per day for valet parking or self parking.

Grand Hyatt at SFO

Minneapolis−Saint Paul International Airport (MSP)

InterContinental Minneapolis – St. Paul Airport


  • Classic Room
    • $180
    • 30,000
  • 1 King Bed 1 Bedroom Suite Sofa Bed
    • $270
  • 1 King Bed Junior Suite Sofa Bed
    • $279

InterContinental Minneapolis – St. Paul Airport is one of the stand out airport hotels because it offers a dedicated TSA line for hotel guests.

Unfortunately, probably due to shortage of staff, this line has not been opened for a little while but hopefully it will return to service soon.

Some rooms post runway views and the property has direct access to terminal one via a skybridge-connection. If you’re headed to terminal two, you will need to hop on the shuttle. There is on site parking for about $30 per day.

InterContinental Minneapolis - St. Paul Airport

Detroit Metropolitan Wayne County Airport (DTW)

The Westin Detroit Metropolitan Airport


  • 2 Double Beds, Traditional Guest Room
    • $278
    • 37,000
  • 1 King Bed, 1-Bedroom Junior Suite
    • $381
  • Bedroom 1: 2 Double Beds, Bedroom 2: 1 King/Murphy Bed, Runway View, 2 Bedroom Suite
    • $543

The Westin Detroit Metropolitan Airport is located within McNamara terminal of DTW Airport. If you want to enjoy runway views here you will need to book a premium room, which could include one of the different types of suites available.

This is also one of the airport hotels with a dedicated TSA line but it is only available in the mornings for Delta flights or for passengers with only carry-on items. Parking is available on site for guests at about $30 per day although the rates are much higher for non-guests.

The Westin Detroit Metropolitan Airport

Boston Logan International Airport (BOS)

Hilton Boston Logan Airport


  • 1 King Bed Room
    • $193
    • 53,000
  • 1 King Junior Suite
    • $452
    • 173,000
  • Executive Suite-top Floor Panoramic View
    • $888
    • 339,000

The Hilton Boston Logan Airport is connected via a covered walkway to Boston Logan Airport terminals A and E.

If you need to get to another terminal then you can simply hop on the free 24 hour shuttle. Some of the rooms have runway views, including the executive suite with panoramic views, although there is no dedicated TSA security checkpoint.

Self parking is available for around $50 in valet for close to $60.

Hilton Boston Logan Airport

Philadelphia International Airport (PHL)

Philadelphia Airport Marriott


  • 2 Double Beds, Guest Room
    • $215
    • 38,000
  • 2 Double Beds, Runway View, Guest Room
    • $224
  • 1 King Bed, Runway View, Guest Room
    • $234

The Philadelphia Airport Marriott is connected via a skywalk to Philadelphia International Airport (PHL) Terminal B & C. From there, you can get to the other terminals. At this property, you’ll find rooms with runway views including some that go for under $250 per night.

There is no dedicated TSA line and parking is just under $30 per day but if your car is over 6 feet it may have to be parked in another lot going for closer to $40 per night.

Philadelphia Airport Marriott

Tampa International Airport (TPA)

Tampa Airport Marriott


  • 1 King Bed, Guest Room
    • $283
    • 39,000
  • 1 King Murphy Bed, High Floor, Hospitality Suite
    • $538
  • 1 King Bed, High Floor, Presidential Suite
    • $680

Ultra convenient with access to all terminals, Tampa Airport Marriott is located inside Tampa International Airport (TPA).

There is no special security line for hotel guests but they do have cheaper parking at around $25 per day for self parking and $30 for valet. You can also find rooms with runway views, including the presidential suite on a high floor which you can get for under $700 per night.

Pittsburgh International Airport (PIT)

Hyatt Regency Pittsburgh International Airport


  • 1 King Bed
    • $190
    • 9,500
  • Executive Suite
    • $240
    • 7,250 + $62
  • Junior Suite
    • $240
    • 7,250 + $62

The Hyatt Regency Pittsburgh International Airport has rooms with runway views and direct access to all terminals with no shuttle required. There is no dedicated security checkpoint and all parking is in the airport garage.

If choosing to park here, you may want to park in the long-term parking as it is the closest to the property and will only run you about $16 per day.

Hyatt Regency Pittsburgh International Airport

Newark Liberty International Airport (EWR)

Newark Liberty International Airport Marriott


  • 2 Double Beds, Guest Room
    • $271
    • 37,000
  • 1 King Bed, Concierge Lounge Access, Suite
    • $507
  • 1 King Bed, Concierge Lounge Access, Corner, Suite
    • $516

Newark Liberty International Airport Marriott is located on the airport grounds at Newark Liberty International Airport (EWR). You can hop on the shuttle to all of the terminals and on site parking is $20-$30 depending on how long you will be there. You can get airport views from your room but they do not have runway views.

Portland International Airport (PDX)

Sheraton Portland Airport Hotel


  • 1 King Bed, Guest Room
    • $224
    • 23,000
  • 2 Queen Beds, Club Lounge Access, Guest Room
    • $254
  • 1 King Bed, 1-Bedroom Suite
    • $518

The Sheraton Portland Airport Hotel is located on the grounds of Portland International Airport.

In order to get two other terminals, you will need to take a shuttle which are available 24 hours a day and may be on demand.

The hotel has a lot of rooms with runway views although there is no dedicated TSA line. On site parking will run you about $15 per day.

Final word

It’s hard to beat the convenience of airport hotels and luckily they can offer you more than convenience. Some of them are actually quality properties with nice suites and great runway views that can be perfect for av-geeks.

Are Airport Hotels Good Options? (Pros & Cons)

When I first started traveling, I tried to avoid airport hotels for the most part. Why would I want to spend time near an airport when I could be in the middle of a bustling city or near some other worthy destination?

But then I started to try out airport hotels and I realized that they can add a significant amount of convenience to your travels and actually can be some of the most enjoyable hotel stays.

In this article I’ll take a look at the pros and cons of staying at an airport hotel, so that you will be able to easily choose if an airport hotel is a good fit for you.

Different types of airport hotels

Before getting in to the pros and cons, it will be helpful to briefly touch on the different types of airport hotels that you may encounter when traveling.

Hotels located inside terminals or attached to airports

Some hotels are located inside airport terminals making it about as easy as it could possibly be to get to and from the hotel.

Other times, they might be connected by a catwalk, tram, or tunnel which means that in regions with extreme weather, you don’t even have to go outside to get to the airport.

The convenience factor can be cranked up even higher when the hotel has its own dedicated TSA security checkpoint and when you can utilize luggage carts from the airport.

The drawback with these hotels is that if your airline does not serve that terminal the hotel is located in, you may still need to use a shuttle bus.

Hyatt Regency Orlando
Hyatt Regency Orlando is an airport hotel located inside the main terminal of MCO.

Hotels adjacent to the airport

Some airport hotels are located right next-door to the airport.

Sometimes at properties like the Crowne Plaza Seattle Airport you can just walk out of the airport to the hotel in just a few minutes.

Other times, due to the layout of the airport, you may still need to hop on a shuttle to get over there, especially if you have checked baggage.

Hotels in the airport’s vicinity

Finally, there are airport hotels located a few miles away from the airport but still sufficiently within the airport’s vicinity to earn the title of an airport hotel (indeed, “airport” is usually in the official name of the property).

It’s pretty common to find an entire cluster of these hotels along a single street or block, near an airport.

Walking to the airport from these properties is usually not an option but some of these hotels will still have a shuttle running.

DoubleTree Suites by Hilton Hotel Phoenix, near PHX.

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Pros of staying at an airport hotel

The unbeatable convenience

A lot of people choose airport hotels for the unrivaled convenience.

You cannot beat the convenience of an airport hotel whenever you are:

  • Staying in a room for only a few hours (day rate)
  • Staying one night because you have a long layover
  • Arriving on a late flight late
  • Departing very early

This is especially true for hotels that are actually located inside or attached to the airport where no shuttle bus may be needed.

Not having to worry about arranging transportation for a long drive to get settled into your hotel or to get back to the airport on the day of departure is a very underrated convenience.

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Marriott Phoenix Airport hotel.

Free transportation

Many (but not all) airport hotels offer a free shuttle bus that sometimes runs throughout the night which means you can get to and from your hotel without having to pay for an Uber, taxi, or going for a long walk with heavy luggage.

This can also help you reduce your car rental purchase length since you can pick up your car rental a day later or drop it off a day earlier.

Some of these airport hotel shuttles even make stops to tourist hotspots.

The downside is that sometimes these shuttles are not very dependable.

During peak hours of the morning, the line can get backed up pretty quickly if the hotel is not on point with the shuttles and your short journey to the airport can become more stressful than you would think.

Some people also get confused as to where to go in the airport in order to find the shuttle busses, although if you simply stop and ask an airport worker where to go they can usually point you in the right direction.

Nicer airport hotels like the Marriott Hong Kong SkyCity Hotel go above and beyond and offer to assist you with transferring your luggage to the hotel. Can’t beat that treatment.

Getting assistance with luggage when transferring to an airport hotel.

Plane spotting

Some airport hotels capitalize on their close proximity to runways and feature special rooftop terraces or viewing areas for plane spotting.

One of the best examples of this was the H Hotel at LAX. If you’re an aviation fan, this can be a great way to spend hours of your time.

Other times, you might be able to plane spot from your hotel room window, as some hotels offer premium views of runways.

Hilton H Hotel at LAX rooftop terrace.
Hilton H Hotel at LAX rooftop terrace.

Fully equipped

You may not expect airport hotels to be full service properties but many of them are.

In fact, I’ve been pleasantly surprised by some airport hotels.

I have found high-quality 24-hour gyms, nice pools, spas, and executive lounges at airport hotels. Some have even had pretty amazing breakfast spreads or restaurants and bars.

And typically you can find additional amenities like laundry rooms, dry cleaning, and wash and fold services.

So don’t think that just because you are staying at an airport hotel you are going to sacrifice amenities.

Decent prices

You can often find airport hotels with some great prices compared to expensive hotels found in the city. In fact, sometimes the price difference can be very dramatic.

However, I have seen some airport hotels that are not on the cheap side such as when I recently booked the Marriott Seattle Airport Hotel which was going for $400 a night.

I was able to use a Marriott free night certificate +5,000 points to cover this stay which gave me great value for the free night certificate.

And that is another pro — a lot of airport hotels are not super high category properties which means that you can use free night certificates for them.

Parking is manageable

Parking at airport hotels can be free although it depends on the city. But chances are you’ll find cheaper parking at an airport hotel than a popular hotel in the heart of a city.

Tip: Sometimes airport hotels may allow you to park there instead of parking at the expensive airport parking garage during your trip.

Force you to explore more

If you are staying at an airport hotel, and your goal is to explore a city, you might be incentivized to do more exploring than you would if your hotel was in the middle of the city.

Why is that?

That’s because it’s usually going to cost you a good amount of money and time to go back-and-forth from the airport hotel to the city center.

This is going to incentivize you to make the most of your time when you are in the city and you may be less inclined to head back to the hotel to rest which could eat up several hours of your exploring time.

Now, in some cases the airport is so far removed from the city that this just becomes an inconvenience if you have plans to visit the city every day during your stay.

But sometimes the distance from the city means that you might be closer to other non-city destinations and staying at the airport hotel could make those visits more doable.

For example, staying at LHR London Heathrow could make a trip to Stonehenge, Bath, or Oxford easier.

Good for international guests

Established and highly visited airport hotels are probably stocked with multilingual workers who can help international guests get around.

They are accustomed to dealing with people who speak different languages and are not familiar with the area which can make life easier for some people.

You may also have easy access to currency exchange and the hotel may be more likely to have dining options catering to international guests. For example, at an airport hotel in Hong Kong you might be able to easily find an American breakfast.

Aviation themed decor

If you are really into aviation a lot of airport hotels design the interior with people like you in mind. You’ll find artwork and aviation inspired accessories around the premises which can enhance your stay.


All right, now let’s break down the cons of staying at an airport hotel.

The noise levels

Depending on how close the hotel is to the runway, noise could be an issue at an airport hotel.

Luckily, some airport hotels install special windows that help cancel out some of the noise.

You can always contact the hotel ahead of time to check to see if they have special acoustic windows or perhaps curtains to drown out the noise.

You can also search reviews for the hotel for the word “noise” to see what guests are saying. And you can always bring a white noise machine….

The flipside to the noise issue is that you are less likely to run into people partying at an airport hotel, since you are dealing with a lot of business travelers and people arriving really late or departing early.

So, contrary to what you might think, sometimes noise is not really a negative factor at an airport hotel.

The distance to the city

Some large international airports are located very far away from major cities. This can make exploring the city very expensive and time consuming.

As mentioned above, this can work in your favor but for a lot of people the daily commute to the city is not something they’re interested in.

Lack of nearby dining options

Whenever you are far removed from the city, you may have very limited dining options near an airport hotel.

Assuming there are air side restaurants available to you, those might close in the early evening. And nearby you may only find fast food chain restaurants making your dining options a bit boring.

A good airport hotel will have a restaurant to help you deal with this but if they don’t, you might struggle to find anything appetizing to eat.

Lack of views

Unless an airport hotel goes out of his way to give you amazing views of the runaways or perhaps some natural scenery, a lot of times there just isn’t much to look at from the window of an airport hotel.

Highways, parking lots, suburban development — that’s often what you’ll be looking at.

Lack of local character or coziness

One of the perks of staying at a traditional hotel in an urban area is that it will probably have some type of character. Some airport hotels don’t offer much in this department and offer a sterile, corporate look and feel.

For the common business traveler this is probably not an issue but for a traveler looking to immerse themselves in local culture, an airport hotel is not typically a great choice.

Hilton Garden Inn Frankfurt Airport Hotel.
Hilton Garden Inn Frankfurt Airport Hotel.

Airport hotels may not be safe due to sketchy areas

It’s not uncommon to find airports located in somewhat sketchy areas in some cities, as airports lower property values due to noise and other issues.

For this reason, you may not want to go on an evening or night stroll around your hotel because it could put yourself in danger.

Sometimes there may be the added risk of a criminal trying to break into your vehicle if the parking lot is not secure or properly guarded.

While hotels in the city can certainly be in suspect areas at least when you are booking a hotel in the city you can choose safer areas to stay at which is not always the case when staying at an airport hotel.

Final word

As you can tell, staying at an airport hotel offers a lot of advantages that mostly center around convenience.

I typically only use them when arriving late or departing early but if they are close enough to a city they can be a good “home base” option.

DoubleTree Suites by Hilton Hotel Phoenix Review

If you’re looking for a decent airport hotel near Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport (PHX) you may want to consider the DoubleTree Suites by Hilton Hotel Phoenix.

And even if you are not needing to be close to the airport, this property just might be a great base location for visiting Phoenix and the surrounding area.

In this review, I’ll take a close look at the hotel and tell you everything you need to know to prepare for your stay.

Location: PHX

The DoubleTree Suites by Hilton Hotel Phoenix is located just outside of Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport (PHX).

If you have your own vehicle it should only take you about five minutes to get to one of the parking garages at the airport. Like you would expect at a good airport hotel, there is also a 24-hour PHX airport shuttle.

The other great thing about this hotel is it is like a 10 minute straight shot on E Van Buren St into Downtown Phoenix. It’s also really close to Tempe and Arizona State University and not far from Mesa or Scottsdale. So this is definitely an airport hotel that you can use to easily explore the surrounding Phoenix metro area.

But I would be careful in the immediate surrounding area. Like some other airport hotels, there may be some sketchy parts in the immediate vicinity around the airport.

DoubleTree Suites by Hilton Hotel Phoenix exterior

Check in

We arrived around sunset so we did not need to utilize early check in but the check in process went very smoothly.

hotel lobby

One thing I always look forward to at DoubleTrees is the famous chocolate chip cookie. It’s almost impossible to turn this thing down!

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Doubletree chocolate chip cookie

We were assigned a room on the sixth floor which is the top level of this hotel. These are known as “Business Class suite rooms” and I believe we were upgraded to one because of our Hilton Diamond status.

There are a couple of different elevators you can use to get up and because it was a little bit dark we struggled to find one of them.

But once we made our way up on the sixth floor it was a really beautiful sight.

Watching the glow from the sunset out over the city and the mountains is one of my favorite things about the desert and we caught it just in time.

I have not seen many DoubleTree hotels with exterior hallway layouts but in this case it was nice because of the cool breeze hitting in the evening. On a hot summer day though I’m not sure I would be so happy with it.

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View of the sunset from sixth floor
View of the sunset from sixth floor

From the top, we had a good look at the pool area, which for an airport hotel is actually a pretty big area complete with a hot tub. This airport hotel definitely has some resort vibes going on, which is why it is a good fit for people who don’t just need proximity to the airport.

DoubleTree Suites by Hilton Hotel Phoenix pool

Here’s a look at the pool area in the daytime to give you a different view.

DoubleTree Suites by Hilton Hotel Phoenix pool

The suite

The business class suite was pretty spacious and overall a pretty quality room. Remember, this is an all-suite hotel so everyone will be provided with a suite.

My only complaints were that there was a bad scent and some of the furniture was a little bit stained.

In terms of the scent there was a faint almost cigarette-type odor I picked up as soon as II entered.

And you’ll see what I’m talking about with the stains…. Those factors, combined with the dated appearance of the hotel, knocked it down a notch for me although it still was not that bad.

In one corner of the living area you have an L sofa with an oval coffee table.

And on the other side of the room you have a large flatscreen TV.

Near that you have a workstation with an ergonomic chair and phone.

Behind the workstation is the small kitchenette area with a small sink, microwave, coffee maker, and mini fridge. It’s kind of an odd layout to have a workstation so close to a kitchen area but I guess it works.

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The bed was pretty comfy and I did not have any complaints.

On each side of the bed there will be a nightstand with two power outlets and two USB ports.

The outlets don’t really blend in with the furniture piece at all but I don’t mind that since it makes it even easier to locate the outlets. You also have standard nightstand features like an alarm clock, phone, and lamp.

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There is another pretty good size TV in the bedroom.

Here is the stained cushion I was referring to earlier. It’s not that bad considering this cushion is meant to be utilized for luggage bags but it’s still nothing you ever want to see.

And again, combined with the unpleasant scent, this just knocked my enjoyment of the stay down a peg or two.

The bathroom was quite nice and featured a large and decorative mirror. Counter space for the sink was a bit limited but still doable. Also, the quarters for the toilet were a bit cramped.

They provided EST bathroom amenities, which is a collection “created with luxurious resorts, boutiques, and high-end hotel establishments (hence, EST!) in mind.” I found them to be pretty high-quality and it was kind of a surprise that they would be used at a three-star airport hotel. But again, it makes sense given the resort style approach of this hotel.

The hotel features a very nice fitness center with a beautiful blow up of Monument Valley on the wall. You’ll find a good number of cardio stations including treadmill’s, recumbent bike, etc.

They also have a nice set up for free weights.

We decided to try out the bar and restaurant “Brix” since we had some time to kill in the evening and had worked up a bit of an appetite.

We each ordered sandwiches which were actually not bad. The service was really good as well making this a worthwhile meal.

Final word

I enjoyed our short stay at the Hilton Doubletree.

It had a much different vibe from other Doubletree hotels (which was both good and bad) but I really appreciated the views from the sixth floor, especially around sunset.

The location made arriving at the airport for an early flight the next day very easy and I would say that this could be a good property even for people who don’t need to close proximity to the airport.

The only thing is they need to work on the condition of the rooms in order to deliver an experience more in line with what you would expect at a Doubletree.