One way a HUGE stimulus package may still happen

If you were hoping for a massive stimulus package, there still might be a chance that it could happen.

Joe Biden, who is the projected president-elect pending resolution of several lawsuits, has talked about how he is interested in a huge stimulus deal which would be valued at around $3 trillion.

The issue is that as of right now it looks like the Senate is going to be controlled by Republicans and they don’t seem like they would ever be interested in passing such a large package, especially after a likely regime change in the White House.

Instead, Senate Republicans have been focused on passing “skinny” stimulus bills valued closer to $500 billion.

But Republicans are not necessarily guaranteed control of the Senate.

There is going to be a runoff in Georgia because the Senate races were so close and there are two seats up for grabs.

If Democrats were to win both of those seats then they would have a majority in the Senate assuming that Biden and Harris are sworn in on inauguration day.

With control over the Senate and House, and with the backing of a Biden administration, the sky would truly be the limit on the next stimulus relief package.

All of those wishful thinking items that have been tossed around since last spring all of a sudden could become realities.

The problem is that this would require Democrats to sweep the Senate runoff which is going to be exceedingly difficult to do.

Runoffs are especially difficult for parties when they were the victors in the election for presidency.

Basically, their victory sets off a fire for the opposing side to get out and vote in the runoff election.

The Biden campaign also apparently relied on a lot of ticket splitters which may not be likely to vote Democrat for both senators in a runoff election.

As some commenters have pointed out, the election is not officially over.

I personally do not think that the Trump lawsuits have much merit to them due to a lack of evidence.

I could always be proven wrong later but based on what I have seen so far it does not look like there is enough evidence to build a fraud case (this is coming from an attorney who used to focus on those type of cases).

Of course, I could be wrong so I am happy to let things play out.

With this runoff, there is potential for a huge game changing outcome that could make the world of a difference with the next stimulus package (and the next four years).

Many Republicans don’t feel like the elections were a total loss since they gained some seats in the House and appeared to retain control of the Senate.

But if Democrats gain control of the Senate, it’s a completely different ball game.

So stay tuned and keep tabs on this Georgia runoff if you are interested in the progress of the next big stimulus bill.

The runoff election is scheduled for January 5th.


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