How to Get the Amex Platinum Credit on Uber and Uber Eats

One of the new perks for the Platinum Card from American Express officially begins today: the $15 Uber credit. To the delight of many (including myself), this credit also applies to Uber Eats, a service that I use about 2 to three 3 times a month, making keeping the Platinum Card a no-brainer for me.

Update: Some offers are no longer available — click here for the latest deals!

But for some reason the Uber credit is not automatically populating if you already had your Platinum Card linked to your account. If that’s the case then you need to delete your card from Uber (either the Uber Eats App or the Uber App) and then add it once again. After you add it, select the “Payments” tab and you should see the following (screen shot taken from the Uber Eats app). The credit will show up under the Payments section for both Uber and Uber Eats.

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Here’s what it should look like in the Payments tab of the regular Uber App. Notice that it shows the expiration date of the credit unlike Uber Eats (I’m sure the Uber Eats credit expires in the same time period.) This expiration date also means you have until the end of tomorrow to use your first credit or you lose it! 

Remember, this a monthly credit and if you don’t use it within the month, it does not roll over. Also, the monthly credit will be $35 for the month of December, totaling $200 for the year. If you factor in these monthly credits along with the $200 annual travel credit, the effective annual fee of the Platinum Card is $150, making my decision on whether or not to hold on to this card very easy for me.

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