Delta Rolls Back Huge Surcharges on Virgin Atlantic Flights

Yesterday, I wrote about Delta imposing huge fuel surcharges on Virgin Atlantic flights. The fees for flight departing from the US were typically under $6 but the new changes skyrocketed fees for a one way award from the US to over $500 and caused the total price of some round trip award tickets to Europe to skyrocket to over $1,200 in fees along with a whopping 170,000 SkyMiles.

But now, via Rene’s Points, it looks like those changes were rolled back since awards on Virgin Atlantic from the US no longer require the high surcharges.

Many others, including myself, don’t believe this roll back to the old prices is a “total glitch” however. I think that this was new pricing that was probably leaked prematurely. This is very similar to what happened when variable pricing for Virgin Atlantic was introduced back in October of 2016 for a short while. That variable pricing on partners later became the norm with the recent devaluation and so that original change in pricing wasn’t actually a glitch — it was just a change that took place prematurely.

I don’t know what to make of these changes right now. But if I were looking to book Upper Class on Virgin Atlantic with Delta SkyMiles any time soon, I would be working on doing that as quickly as possible because I’m willing to bet that these changes will be the new norm sooner rather than later.

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