Hilton Rolls Out Amazon Redemptions

It seems like every rewards program wants to jump on the Amazon train these days and now a there’s yet another program on this train. Hilton is now offering the ability to use Hilton Honors points for Amazon. We’ve actually known about this for a long time as Hilton announced that this would be one of the features of their rebranded Honors program.

Their new program came with some solid new changes like points pooling but even when these new redemption possibilities for Amazon were announced back in February 2017, I stated:

Personally, I can’t imagine this type of redemption being worthwhile, as I think the cents per point value will likely be very low.

Many others were thinking the same and it turns out that we were all correct.

Amazon announced how the redemptions will work and it looks like redemptions will be worth .2 cents per point since 500 Hilton Honors Points equal one dollar on Amazon.com. This is actually worse than I thought it would be, so I don’t think I’ll be entertaining this option much.

As a point of comparison if you used 500 Hilton Honors Points towards a hotel redemption those points would be worth about $2, so you’re receiving half of what many consider to be the standard value of Honors points (which is already quite low).

If you are interested in this program though you’ll need to link your Hilton and Amazon account which you can do here. They do allow for partial payment so that’s pretty nice but aside from that fact there’s not a lot about this option that seems attractive. Then again if you had points just wasting away in your Hilton account then this might be a decent option for you.

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