Is This Singapore’s New First Class Cabin?

The anticipation continues to grow for the new Singapore Suites that will be announced November 2, 2017 (around the same time Emirates will reveal their new first class cabin). Given how high Singapore raised the bar back in 2007 when they revealed their new Singapore Suites, expectations are very high for this new cabin.

The Singapore Suites Cabin released in 2007.

However, Singapore has been very quiet about the new suites although we’ve seen small details leak here and there.

Here’s what we know (or at least suspect) to be true so far:

  • The first class suites will be moved from the lower deck to the upper deck of the A380 making the entire upper deck full of only business class and first class
  • There will only be six or eight suites in first class (down from 12) but the suites will be bigger
  • There’s a possibility of one oversized suite (like the Etihad Residence)
  • There will not be a shower
  • We’re not sure about a bar or lounge
  • The first flight is expected to be between Singapore and Sydney (possibly flight SQ 221)
  • The next route will likely be between Singapore and London
  • Some expect the flights to be in operation as early as the turn of the new year in 2018, though it could take longer.
  • There will also be a new business class, premium economy, and economy and those will eventually be retrofitted to other A380s.

User pulvardon on SQ Talk pointed out that when you go to the website for Pierre Jean Design Studio (designer of the original Singapore Suites and the presumed designer for the next suites), there are some interesting images found in the Singapore tab.

These images do not actually show any of the suites but they do show an extremely elegant bar and lounge area. Here are the photos.

The first photo shows a bar area with two trays of towels, a representation of the cabin pre-departure, I guess. Notice how wide open the spaces are and how elegant everything is from the ceiling to the storage compartments, along with the floral decor.

Next is an image of a table in the lounge area, which looks similar to Emirates’ new bar and lounge areas. I think it’s pretty cool what they’ve done with the window shades and the candle-like lamp on the table.

The next image shows another angle of the booth along with what looks like a self-serve counter complete with a small book collection. It also looks like you can sneak a peak at the doors of some suites through the entry way, though they don’t reveal much.

And then there’s another shot of the bar area but this time it’s loaded with some snack options and a couple of bottles of champagne.

There’s still no way of knowing if this represents the new Singapore first class cabin. In my opinion, the images look too “conceptual” to be the actual new cabin and Singapore would be too on top of things to allow their designer to leak their new cabin. Others have also pointed out that the windows don’t necessarily line up with how the new A380 upper decks will be designed. Still, if this conceptual rendering is any indication of the elegance that the new cabin will offer, I’m sure we will all be overly impressed.