Cheap British Airways First Class Fares Available

If you were planning on dropping some cash on a roundtrip ticket from Europe right now might be a good time to think about flying first class on British Airways. There are several fantastic cash prices for roundtrips from Europe to North America on British Airways first class that you can take advantage of right now. Google Flights is showing the prices going on throughout the beginning of 2018 for many of these destinations. These do not appear to be mistake fares as far as I can tell but you might want to proceed with a little bit of caution just to be on the safe side.

The routes are flying out of various European cities, so you can search around on Google Flights to find a route that works for you but here are some examples:

  • Oslo (OSL) to Los Angeles (LAX) $2,949
  • Oslo (OSL) to Dallas/Ft. Worth (DFW) $2,829
  • Oslo (OSL) to Miami (MIA) $2,801
  • Oslo (OSL) to Houston (IAH) $3,175
  • Copenhagen (CPH) to Miami (MIA) $2,561
  • Some flights directly from London under $4,000

The prices are at least $2,000-$4,000 more when departing from the US, so this deal will work best for those who are flying from Europe, especially Scandinavia. Unfortunately, one way awards from Europe are also very high, so again, you’ll only find these ultra-low prices when departing roundtrip from Europe. For many routes, business class fares are a couple of hundred dollars cheaper.

As a point of reference, a roundtrip first class award on British Airways to the US directly from London (LHR) could easily cost $12,000+ at peak pricing so some of these are exceptional bargains.

I really enjoyed flying British Airways first class on board the 747 (which services some of the above routes). While some don’t care too much for the cabin, I was surprised how comfortable the seats/bedding were and how pleasant the service was.

British Airways first class.

These flights could potentially earn you many miles with other programs. OMAAT writes about the implications of crediting miles from these flights:

“Do keep in mind that these flights are marketed by American and include travel on British Airways. This has a few implications:

  • If you’re crediting to American AAdvantage, you’ll still earn EQDs based on the actual spend, since the ticket will be on American ticket stock
  • If you want to credit to Alaska Mileage Plan, technically you can’t credit an American Airlines codeshare on British Airways to Mileage Plan, though in practice the miles will still typically post based on the airline operating the flight; this is extremely tempting, given that Mileage Plan offers 450% redeemable miles for such tickets, without factoring in elite bonuses”



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