Hilton Honors Offering Status Matches

Every so often Hilton offers status matches and challenges and right now Hilton is offering a new promotion where you can be matched to Hilton Honors Gold or Hilton Honors Diamond status for 90 days for free. What’s more, you can retain that Hilton elite status through March 31, 2019 by completing a specific number of stays.

  • If you’re matched to Gold status, you’ll just need to complete 4 stays.
  • If you’re matched to Diamond, you’ll need 8 stays.

*Keep in mind that this promotion is for stays and not nights.

How to enroll in the status match

In order to participate in the promotion you need to go to this link.

You’ll need to upload a screen shot or similar of your current elite status with another program. You could use your loyalty card or just log in to your account and pull up a page that displays your loyalty accounts info such as your status level, name, and account number.

Make sure that your name and your elite number are visible but do not include your personal data (this include your phone number, address, social security number, date of birth, user name, passwords, or credit card information).

You’ll also need to upload proof of a stay at that hotel program within the last 12 months. You’ll need to find a screen shot of your previous reservation or a screenshot of the receipt from your stay. Also, the images need to uploaded as .JPGs.

Is the promotion worth it?

This is a perfect promotion if you have a highly anticipated stay at a Hilton hotel coming up in the next 90 days, since you’ll be able to get a taste of elite status with Hilton. For others who already have Gold or Diamond status with Hilton, it’s a slight bummer since it means others might be able to dilute the elite crowd (though that could be said of other programs, too) Also, unlike some prior promotions this one requires additional stays with Hilton so it’s not quite as easy to accomplish as some in the past.

Most of my hotel stays have been with Marriott and SPG over the past couple of years so although we have Hilton Honors Diamond status, I have not been able to put it to much use. However, we have been given lounge access and some pretty decent complimentary breakfasts at a few Hilton hotels like the Hilton Chicago Magnificent Mile Suites and the Hilton Cabana in Miami. It’s also worth noting that Hilton does offer benefits such as complimentary breakfasts to elite members even at top properties like the Conrad Maldives.

Completing four stays isn’t that bad to obtain Gold Status but keep in mind that the Platinum Card from American Express offers complimentary Gold status so instead of paying for four Hilton stays, you could use those funds towards the annual fee of the Platinum Card and then also come away with Gold status with both SPG and Marriott.