New Lyft and Hilton Promotion 2019

Ride share giants like Lyft and Uber have been busy partnering up with loyalty and rewards programs for a while now. And now there’s a new special offer you can take advantage of with Lyft and Hilton where you can earn extra Hilton points and save cash money on your Lyft rides. Keep reading below for details.  

The Lyft and Hilton Offer

Free 1,000 Hilton points 

  • From October 3, 2019 through November 15, 2019, members who link their Hilton Honors and Lyft accounts and complete an eligible Lyft ride will receive 1,000 Hilton Honors Points.

1,000 Hilton points is worth about $5, so it’s not a huge gain but it’s easy to earn, especially if you already use ride share services. And you’ll also be able to take advantage of more savings below. 

Bonus Hilton points on Lyft rides 

When your account is linked, you’ll be earning 3X Hilton points per $1 spent on Lyft rides and 2X Hilton points per $1 on Lyft shared rides. You can earn 3X on up to $10,000 USD of eligible Lyft spend per calendar year.

Save up to $15

You can also get $5 off for your first three Lyft rides if you’re a new user. Note: this only applies to rides taken within 30 days of signing up.

This promo will show up in the “Promos” section of their Lyft account profile and automatically be applied. 

(Base Ride fares for Lyft Shared, Lyft, Lyft Lux, Lyft Lux XL, Lyft Black, Lyft Black XL and Lyft Access are all applicable for earning Hilton Honors Points.)

How to link your account 

If you don’t have a Lyft account, you’ll have to set one up. It doesn’t take that long but you’ll need a credit card on hand to complete the process. 

To make sure your accounts are actively linked, visit the Connected Services page on You should see a “Hilton Honors & Lyft Partnership” in the Connected Apps section if your accounts are linked. Note, the accounts will still be linked even if you uninstall and reinstall the Lyft app.

Terms and Conditions to note

  • Eligible Lyft Ride” means any paid Lyft Ride requested and completed using the Lyft app within the United States or Canada after registering the Linked Account.
  • Hilton Honors members who have a Linked Account prior to the start of the Promotional Period are not eligible for this offer.
  • Members who de-link and re-link their Lyft accounts during the Promotional Period are not eligible for this offer. 
  • Hilton Honors members who Link Accounts and complete an Eligible Lyft Ride will be bonused 1,000 Hilton Honors Points within 4 weeks of the Promotional Period end date.

Final word 

Personally, I use Uber but this is an easy way to earn 1,000 Hilton points for a ride you were probably already going to book. The Hilton and Lyft partnership allowing 3X on rides is pretty nice, too — read more about the partnership here. 


    1. It’s just a product of their high redemption prices. You can get high value at the cheapest and most expensive properties, but for the properties in the middle, you’re usually looking at around 4.5 cents/point.

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