New Disneyland Web Slingers: A Spider-Man Adventure

I think any kid that grew up watching Spider-Man or reading about him in comics has envisioned themselves slinging webs out of their wrists and weaving in and out of city skyscrapers. 

And now this dream might be a reality for many.

Disneyland in California will be opening up a new attraction this summer called Web Slingers: A Spider-Man Adventure, part of the new Avengers Campus.

And if you have always been a Spider-Man fan this is going to be an attraction designed just for you.

This new 3D attraction uses technology to allow visitors to sling animated webs by simply gesturing with their arms — just like the superhero himself would do.

Disney actually had to engineer some cutting edge tech to make this work and the new technology will scan a visitor’s head, shoulders, elbows, and wrists with precise calculations up to 60 times a second.

The new attraction is still under construction and it’s being built on the same place that was once occupied by A Bug’s Land.

The ride will be housed in open-pod vehicles that swing and swivel you through the action.

And the goal?

Help Spider-Man save the day from out-of-control, self-replicating Spider-Bots.

What’s the backstory to the attraction:

Tony Stark is using the location to house the Worldwide Engineering Brigade (WEB), led by Peter Parker and a group of tech-nerd superheroes who carelessly riff on daring new technologies like Spider-Bots. WEB’s planned open house turns Parker into Spider-Man and an instant recruitment session for visitors willing to help web up the dangerously self-replicating Spider-Bots.

Visitors will earn points for the different spider bots that they destroy depending on how difficult it was to annihilate them with your web. Points will be tabulated on an individual and team basis and new high scores will be displayed every day.

And it’s not just about killing the spider bots. Apparently, you can use your web slinging abilities to open doors and move things around so the level of control sounds very intriguing and innovative — a lot of Easter eggs will be discovered as well.

There’s also some merch that apparently is impressive like a remote control six legged spider bot with exoskeleton shells resembling Black Panther, Iron Man, Ant-Man, Wasp or Black Widow. 

Obviously with the coronavirus looming many people are not going to get to theme parks right now but by the time this opens in mid July I would envision that things will be starting to get back to normal so Marvel fans can have something to look forward to this summer.

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