Police issue apology for using The Purge siren for curfew

In Crowley, Louisiana, the local police issued a curfew for the hours of 9 PM to 6 AM that required citizens to stay in their homes. The city has experienced one of the worst spreading rates of the coronavirus so implementing a curfew in that city came as no shock.

The curfew has some standard guidelines like issuing citations if citizens are outside and requiring them to have documentation if they are traveling in the prohibited hours for work.

But how that curfew was used recently was pretty shocking to some but also very funny.

Apparently, when it was time for the curfew to kick in at 9 PM a siren was played throughout the city to let citizens know it was time to go inside.

But this was not an ordinary siren.

This was the siren from the 2013 horror movie The Purge which is a movie that allows citizens to commit any crime, including murder, and get away with it. When the siren is signaled in the movie, a 12 hour period kicks off which is when the killing spree begins.

The siren signaled throughout Crowley and of course it startled a lot of people who were familiar with the eerie siren from the movies (there are several Purge movies).

If you’re wondering how the siren sounds you can check out the video below to hear it.

The police department has since apologized for the “Purge Siren.” 

For anybody who cannot get enough of these purge movies, there is one scheduled to be in theaters this summer but it will likely be delayed due to coronavirus.

Actual footage: