Stimulus checks update: Clear opposition mounting from Republicans

Initially, it seemed like a second round of stimulus checks was virtually be inevitable.

With the historic levels of unemployment and decreased hours available for employees, many people have not been able to pay basic expenses and bills.

Multiple surveys now show that the stimulus checks that have been sent out simply will not be enough.

There is the SimplyWise survey I have written about which shows 63% of Americans will likely need an additional stimulus check within the next three months.

But there’s also an additional survey by BankRate that shows that 55% of respondents anticipated that economic impact payments would sustain them for less than three months. 

So clearly, the majority of the country does not feel like the current aid they have received will be enough for them in a matter of months.

There is growing support among Democrats for additional rounds of stimulus checks. 

Just in the last week, the bill has gained more cosponsors from lawmakers and 62 members of Congress also signed a letter in favor of recurring monthly payments. 

But that is only support within Democrats.

Unlike the first round of stimulus checks, Republicans are not getting on board with the idea of sending out more checks. 

And now we are starting to see more clear opposition to sending out more stimulus checks.

Below are some key quotes sample from Republicans via Forbes/The Hill:

Steve Scalise:

“[I]t’s incredibly tone-deaf of Speaker Pelosi to continue using this crisis to push these radical socialist ideas that have been consistently rejected […] what we should be focused on is responsibly implementing the relief packages we passed to get trillions of dollars directly into the hands of families and businesses so the American people have jobs and an economy to come back to when we finally reopen.”

Paul Mitchell: 

“We already have a universal basic income — it’s called work. We also have SSDI for people who are unable to work physically or due to disabilities. We have security if you’re older, they’ve earned it […] we have a variety of forms of support for people like unemployment compensation and public assistance for purely short-term assistance so I’m trying to understand exactly what [Nancy Pelosi] wants to do besides throw more money at people.”

Jim Banks: 

Rep. Jim Banks remarked Democrats were using the crisis “to turn America into a socialist country.”

Matt Gaetz: 

 “The Speaker’s comments reaffirm that Republicans are the party of working Americans while Democrats prefer diminished productivity.”

Lindsey Graham:

“The real stimulus that’s going to change the trajectory that we’re on is going to be the economy, not government checks. So I doubt there will be another payment.”

These quotes summarize how many Republicans feel about more payments going out to Americans during the pandemic. So as you can tell, Democrats are going to face a strong uphill battle to get any kind of proposed rounds of additional stimulus checks sent out. It’s not to say that it’s impossible, it’s just going to be quite the challenge.


  1. Can you find out if I am getting a stimulus check because I didn’t get my stimulus check direct deposit on my direct Express card yet please text me back to find out about it asap Mary mcelfresh

    1. I would like to no the answer that i didnt get my stimulu check on my direct express card

  2. Have not received my 1st check. Filed 2018 taxes and no response. Disabled son has not received anything. He is not a dependent. Sad situation in this country.

  3. Hi, Pam and Lee Lines. We are both on SSI. Are we both going to get stimulus payments? When can we expect them? Lee is also on disability does that make a difference when?

  4. Well hopefully the government won’t fight to long on this one. Meanwhile they still have things closed up and people hurting to even pay bills dispite the decrease in hours they are working and that’s if they were lucky enough to still be working! So yea I can see a revolt or revolution or rebellion coming somewhere down the road or a zombie apocalypse! Just putting this out there the government should be aware of what the people are doing that they are suppose to be representing and caring for, behind their backs. Just saying. People will only take so much and then all bets and kid gloves will be off! Have a sunshine day!

  5. All those senators trying to rally against any more stimulus money and making those comments have personal bank accounts that have 6 figure amounts and they don’t care about anyone but themselves !!

  6. How about all you ass holes go with out a pay check for 3 months and dicktake to us about recovery! Ass holes ! We need help.

  7. This Country still has many many people who has not received their stimulus payment yet. This Government of ours need to get off their behinds and stop talking about trying to decide whether there will be a second stimulus payment. There should not even be a discussion. Take care of your people. They have helped other Countries for years and now that we are in trouble. They can’t or won’t take care of us until the country gets back on its feet. That’s sorry. We the people make the country. Now you all do y’all jobs, if you have to PRINT more money. But take care of the people of USA.

  8. We all need help. This is 100% ridiculous. I’m on disability and SSDI and still haven’t received a check. I also think its b.s. that they don’t want to give dependents over the age of 17 when at some point most everyone has paid in taxes before. Everyone including dependents have bills to pay.

    1. Hi, Pam and Lee Lines. We are both on SSI. Are we both going to get stimulus payments? When can we expect them? Lee is also on disability does that make a difference when?

  9. First of all I haven’t received my Federal refund check every since February 26th.Finally got someone on the phone.They say I need to mail in a 1095 form.How can I mail it,when they’re leaving mail in a store room.Dont have a fax number either.So they want release my Federal refund,like I don’t need my money through this crisis.How can I send this form to the IRS,so they can release my Federal refund?

  10. People need to stop voting for all these so called politics. They don’t give a f**k about any of us. Why help them get into any types of offices when they ask all americans for their votes when in a pandemic you guys cant decide wether ya should help americans or not. This country is a joke. They are the first ones to put they nose in anything going on in other countries and quickly give the help or fund the they need. Now our own country needs the help and they ain’t budging. Politicans only care about themselves. They only care when is voting time all across the country. Once they are in they thank you and f**k you later. USA is a joke full of one man teams. You get used for what they need then your not important. Reason why i dont vote for anybody. Nothing ever really changes.

  11. I do think it right a set of different type of class peoples..The higher class..The middle..lowers class.All Americans should get a stimulus get check weither you’re working are not.Why do send money to higher..The deceased..An foreigners.We need the money more the lowers working class..Now you suddenly send foreigners stimulus checks..We been in USA..Born an raised here an we cant get a damn thing.But promises you cant keep.Like the peoples on SSI..The Veterans..Where are there checks at.Theres a loophole in the system.You all in the White House.Calls yourself damn smart..Why in the hell they sends stimulus to deceased peoples..Which those checks supposedly been sent to SSI..SSID..TO NAME A FEW.What about those disabled..vetetans..SSI..How can a dead person cash a damn check..Who does that..You all in that White House needs to gets this bullshit straightened out ASAP.

  12. The comments I have read about some people have not even recv’d the 1st stimulas chek is deplorable, sad & uncalled for. Isnt it strange if people are on SSI, widow benefits, or assistance of some kind, military retirement, they can receive their monthly deposits but now they cant be found? It had already been stated this pandemic would go longer than just 1 stimulas chek! For goodness sake people in control/power in Washington DC get your head out of your butt, think about someone else other than yourself. Many of us have jobs we can go to but until this crisis is over, many of our employers cant pay us at this time. Unemployment in many states wont\dont pay if you have employment thats on hiatus. You people were elected by your constituants but you dont seem to be working for us. Maybe you werent such a good choice for the state & people you are supposed to be representing? Do something for the people who put you where you are now! This should go directly to the person in the White House! The only people you all seem to be helping is yourselves & the moneybag people who you are representing! You are not representing ALL AMERICANS from every background, region, or ethnic background. SHAMEFUL!

  13. Hi my name is Melissa Campbell. i receive benefits on a direct express card received social security benefits but haven’t received my stimulus check and I get my benefits on a direct express card

  14. I’m disabled and my Social Security is direct deposit in my bank account. I never received no stimulus payment. I called and tried to filled out information on the IRS website no help at all!!!!

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