Track your stimulus payments and other packages

As millions of people still await to receive their first stimulus check and others anticipate receiving a second stimulus check (perhaps this summer), a lot of people will want to keep tabs on the delivery status of those checks.

There are two things you can do to keep tabs on your payment status, but one of these methods is widely unknown to a lot of people.

The first mostly known method is to check your payment status on the IRS website.

Simply enter your Social Security number, address, and ZIP Code and you should see confirmation of when your payment is scheduled and also the last four digits of the bank account number. 

So that will tell you when you should be expecting a payment.

But there’s also a way that you can track your payment if you are likely to receive a stimulus check in the mail or perhaps one of the new debit cards that they are sending out. 

This trick also works for all other types of mail that you receive from USPS and is a great way to check to see what mail is on its way to you.

The service is called “Informed Delivery” and it is provided by the USPS.

It allows you to see a digital preview of your mail and to also manage your packages that are scheduled to arrive soon. 

Basically, a grayscale image of the exterior of your package is shown to you so that you can identify where a package is coming from. You cannot see inside of the envelopes or packages but just seeing the contact information on the outside will usually be enough to let you know that a certain type of package is on its way. 

If you’d like to use this service, then click here to sign up for free.

Sign up is pretty easy.

First, you will need to enter in your address and make sure that you are eligible. Some types of multi-unit housing will not be available and business addresses may not be available.

After inputting your address, you should receive a message like this:

Your address is eligible to receive images of your mail scheduled to arrive soon. You may view these images and track incoming packages on the Informed Delivery dashboard or app.

Once you agree to the terms and conditions, you then need to set up a username and password and also some security questions. Finally, you’ll need to verify your identity. This can be done quickly with a verification code being sent to your mobile device.

You then have the choice to use the online dashboard or to download the app which you can fine for Apple, Google, or Microsoft devices. 

Ironically, the USPS is struggling to survive and there is currently a provision to allow aid to the USPS in the next stimulus package that was approved by the House. That provision is expected to be hotly contested by some members and the GOP as well as the White House.

We are still awaiting updates regarding a second round of payments but hopefully we will be hearing some interesting news as the Senate begins to return to Capitol Hill.



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