Coronavirus is spiking big-time in some states like Arizona

Update: 6/18/20

We now have more data that clearly shows coronavirus cases spiking on a more worrying level.

In Texas, hospitalizations are now up more than 84% since Memorial Day. Just yesterday, the state saw an 11% increase in COVID-19 hospitalization cases.

Some worry that Houston could meet ICU capacity in two weeks.

In Arizona, they’re seeing some of the largest spikes in hospitalizations in the country. Nurses are reporting that this second wave is “far worse” than the first.

Remember, these numbers above are hospitalizations related to coronavirus. These aren’t merely people testing positive for the virus.

These figures have led to the governor to change his stance and allow Arizona cities and counties to require people to wear masks.

And in Florida, there are talks about the state being the next epicenter.

Other states with record-high increases include:

  • Alabama
  • California
  • Nevada
  • North Carolina
  • Oklahoma
  • Oregon
  • South Carolina.

So I’m not trying to scare anybody but I want to make sure to help get the word out that the threat of this virus is still something to take serious and to not let your guard down.

I’m not saying you should not live your life at all and that we need a complete shut down of everything but we just need to be smart and considerate of others when we do get out.

Keep your distance, wash your hands, wear a mask, etc.


The last month has been one huge experiment.

We’ve known that the economy would not be able to sustain itself with everything shut down and so states and cities moved to open things back up after extended periods of lock down.

These openings happened with precautions put in place such as requirements (or at least recommendations) to wear masks, reduced capacity at business establishments such as restaurants, and an emphasis on social distancing.

There’s been a lot of excitement as big-name destinations have started to re-open like Disney World and universal studios Orlando.

But it’s starting to look like the results from this experiment are not going so well for some states.

Arizona just saw coronavirus cases surge 54% in one week.

That is the largest week to week increase in cases since the pandemic began.

That’s a very troubling statistic and you might be tempted to say that those increased cases are just due to more testing being done.

But the statistics don’t align with that.

For one, the percentage of positive tests has been increasing from 5% in late April to now 13%.

So now more people are getting tested but the disease is also reaching more people going in for testing.

The percentages also don’t line up when you factor in the increase in testing.

Last week, diagnostic testing increased by about 18% while cases rose by 54%.

States like Arizona are moving into that dangerous territory where hospitals may be overwhelmed.

I think that even if you are of the position that we should just let the virus run its course and let people battle it out, you have to at least acknowledge that people who have a completely preventable cause of death could die due to hospitals being overwhelmed.

Things have been stable in hospitals in certain Arizona cities like Tucson but officials are already stating that they may have to exercise surge plans to increase ICU capacity.

By now, we know that hospitalizations tend to lag as do deaths when it comes to this virus so the worst may be still to come.

Hopefully these numbers wake up officials and citizens that it’s still too early to let our guard down.


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  1. I live in Phoenix Arizona; most are not wearing masks or adhering to social distancing. It’s ridiculous.

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