Lockdowns are coming, here is where they are happening

Coronavirus cases are spiking across the country at record rates and we are now starting to see more lockdowns happening.

If you were wondering where these lockdowns are happening and what type of restrictions are getting put into place, here’s a brief rundown.

The states taking the most aggressive approach to closing businesses are Michigan, Illinois, New Mexico, Oregon, and Washington.

In these states, it is common to see indoor dining banned along with bars. Many entertainment venues such as movie theaters are also shuttered.

Some states are taking it pretty far like New Mexico where they have even closed retail stores and shut down personal care venues like hair salons, barbershops, etc.

Even outdoor recreation such as state parks and golf courses are closed in New Mexico.

For the most part though, it seems like outdoor recreation is still remaining open and houses of worship are also remaining open.

In many cases, the restrictions are put into place at the city or county level so you can’t always know exactly what rules are in place by looking at state level policies.

For example, in California they have stay at home orders for certain counties that have high positive rates.

If you’d like to check out the latest restrictions for different states across the US, you can check out the map here.

There was a lot of talk about a possibility of a nationwide lockdown that could happen after Biden is presumably sworn in in January.

But according to recent reports, Joe Biden says that he will not pursue a national lockdown.

“I am not going to shut down the economy, period,” Biden said Thursday.

“I’m going to shut down the virus … no national shutdown.”

So it looks like lockdowns will continue to be a decision made by the states.