$10,000 stimulus checks proposed by Republican

Over the past year, we’ve seen a lot of different proposals regarding stimulus checks.

There have been proposals for checks as low as a couple of hundred bucks all the way up to recurring $1200 stimulus checks that would go on for months and months.

But we just saw an amendment proposed by Arizona Republican Paul Gosar that surprised a lot of people.

He has proposed slashing non-relief spending and increasing stimulus checks by a dramatic amount — up to $10,000!

“I offered an amendment to prioritize $10,000 stimulus checks to Americans most affected by COVID-19 and lockdowns,” Gosar said to Fox News.

“Instead, Democrats chose foreign aid, Big Tech transit, and Pelosi’s political priorities over direct relief to American citizens.”

Is amendment would do away with several agenda items from the  American Rescue Plan. These include measures like support for the arts, federal and corporate transit projects, and what he calls “vaccine confidence activities.”

Some lawmakers and other members of the media are calling this a trolling attempt.

Essentially, the senator is trying to show that lawmakers could provide a lot more aid to the American people if they removed other measures that don’t seem directly related to helping Americans survive the pandemic.

“People need help with car payments, mortgage and rent, and everyday necessities,” Gosar said.

“The government broke it. Now government must fix it. The people, not corporations or billionaires, need this money to survive,” he added, saying a $10,000 stimulus check should considered “a down payment.”

As you would probably expect, the amendment was not very popular with us Democrats and did not go anywhere.

While this is a bit of a joke, it does point out that many Republicans are not happy with the distribution of funding for this stimulus proposal.

Even some Democrats like Jared Golden of Maine were not on board which is why they voted against the measure in the House.

“During challenging times, the country needs its elected leaders to work together to meet the most urgent needs in their communities. This bill addresses urgent needs, and then buries them under a mountain of unnecessary or untimely spending,” Golden said.

“In reviewing the bill in its full scope, less than 20 percent of the total spending addresses core COVID challenges that are immediately pressing: funding for vaccine distribution and testing, and emergency federal unemployment programs,” he added. 

The questionable distribution of stimulus funds could cause more division among lawmakers as we get further into Biden’s term.

This is especially true because these measures are getting pushed forward through budget reconciliation.

So it will be interesting to watch if in the future Republicans and Democrats can come together and “unify” despite the tactics. At this point, it’s looking more like the answer to that question is going to be no but we’ll see how things play out.


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