New Hyatt promo becomes active today! (2,000 points!)

Today is the first day that you can take advantage of the new Hyatt promotion: Bonus Journeys.

Promo details

  • Earn 2,000 bonus points every two qualify nights
  • World of Hyatt Credit Cardmembers earn 2,500 Bonus Points every two qualifying nights
  • All members earn a Free Night Award (Category 1-4) after your first ten qualifying nights
  • Registration open through May 15, 2021
  • Valid March 1 through June 15, 2021

Additional terms to note:

  • Your nights do not have to be consecutive.
  • The Category 1-4 Free Night Award is valid for 180 days from date of issuance. 


You need to register for this promotion and you can register here.

How much is the promo worth?

As many of you know, Hyatt points are some of the most valuable hotel points available. WalletFlo values them at 1.57 cents per point. This means that for every two qualifying nights, you will earn approximately $31.40 in value in bonus points.

If you have the World of Hyatt credit card, your 2,500 bonus points every two qualifying nights comes out to $39.25.

Since the bonus points are not tied to the amount you are spending, this promo is more rewarding for cheaper stays.

If you have the World of Hyatt credit card and were to make two stays at $150 each, then this promo would offer you a rebate of approximately 13% percent on a two night stay. That would be on top of the points you’d be earning with the credit card and your elite status which would be at least Discoverist.

In the case of having Discoverist and staying two nights at $150 each, your total earnings for this promotion could be:

  • 2,500 points (Promo)
  • 1,200 points (Credit card spend at 4X)
  • 1,650 points (base points + Discoverist)

That would be a total of 5,350 points. On $300 worth of spend, that comes out to $84 in points, which comes out to 28% back. That is a great return and obviously the return is even better if your nights are under $150 per night.

Remember that Hyatt also reduced elite status requirements by 50% for the 2021 qualification year.

Final word

If you are thinking about chasing elite status this year on cheaper stays, this promo could make things a lot more lucrative for you, especially if you have the World of Hyatt credit card.

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