Broadway is set to reopen next fall

If you are a fan of Broadway then you will be delighted to know that Broadway shows are set to resume September 14. Tickets for the re-opening are scheduled to go on sale beginning Thursday.

Broadway performances initially were suspended due to coronavirus back on March 12, 2020. So Broadway has been shut it for more than a year which is pretty incredible to think about.

“We are thrilled that Governor Cuomo clearly recognizes the impact of Broadway’s return on the city and state’s economy and the complexity of restarting an entire industry that has been dormant for over a year,” said Charlotte St. Martin, president of the Broadway League.

The specific shows and plays that will reopen will be announced in the coming weeks as tickets begin to go on sale.

Since so much time has lapsed since things were open there have been a lot of shake ups in casting and the like. This may complicate re-introducing some shows.

Pricing is expected to be similar to what it was before the pandemic but nobody really knows exactly how it is going to play out. It does seem like cancellation policies will be more liberal than before, however.

It’s not clear if masks will be required for visitors or if performers will do meet and greets. There has also apparently been discussion about allowing the theater industry to put a requirement on for vaccinations.

Regardless of how those things play out, it’s starting to look like September 2021 is going to be the “mostly back to normal” date for a lot of venues and locations.

We’ve already heard that TSA will be extending the mask mandate through September and it just seems like early fall is going to be the time when things start to get back to normal.

I imagine that it will really start to sink in that things are back once football stadiums fill up with crowds again and masks become a thing of the past.

Still, other attractions taking place during this time around the globe may not happen such as Oktoberfest which was recently announced to be canceled for 2021.