Alila Hotels Joining World of Hyatt (Finally)

Alila is one of my new favorite hotel brands as it ranges from boutique to full-on luxury at their properties around the globe. It’s truly different at each of their properties making it truly special experience when staying at an Alila.

As of June 25, Alila is now participating in World of Hyatt. Hyatt will have almost all Alila properties participating in World of Hyatt, but sadly two properties and one cruise won’t be participating.

Alila timeline for joining World of Hyatt

Back in October 2018, Two Road Hospitality got bought out by Hyatt adding 4 new brands into the World of Hyatt portfolio. Hyatt is one of the few programs that try to take things slow when they are adding brands and properties into their portfolio, unlike Marriott which throws all brands into one program wishing for them to understand the program.

Alila is the next brand being integrated into World of Hyatt and you can see the timeline for Alila properties joining World of Hyatt along with categories associated with them.

Alila properties joining June 25, 2019:

  • Studios at Alila Seminyak (Category 1)
  • Alila Solo (Category 1)
  • Alila Ubud (Category 3)
  • Alila Seminyak (Category 5)
  • Alila Villas Uluwatu (Category 7)
  • Ventana Big Sur (Category 7)

Alila properties joining June 26, 2019:

  • Alila Bangsar (Category 1)
  • Alila Manggis (Category 2)
  • Alila SCBD (Category 3)
  • Alila Koh Russey (Category 6)

Alila properties joining July 15, 2019:

  • Alila Diwa Goa (Category 2)
  • The Diwa Club by Alila (Category 3)
  • Alila Jabal Akhdar (Category 6)

Alila properties joining July 16, 2019:

  • Alila Fort Bishanarh (Category 4)
  • Alila Anji (Category 5)
  • Alila Wuzhen (Category 5)

Sadly, the two properties that aren’t joining World of Hyatt is Alila Jakarta and Alila Yangshuo. Also, Alila’s tiny sailboat sailing the Indonesian archipelago Alila Purnama won’t be joining as well.

Seeing Alila Yangshuo and Alila Purnama not join are two Alila’s that are truly special and considered to be very nice properties. On the other hand, I wouldn’t care less about Alila Jakarta joining World of Hyatt as it has aged rather poorly with some rooms not being remodeled with maintenance issues from my current stay as of writing this article. If you did stay at Alila Jakarta, ask for a remodeled room, they are far better.

I did ask the staff at Alila Jakarta, why aren’t they participating in the World of Hyatt program. Their response was “we are preparing to participate.” I asked again in a different way and they came back with the same response. So, I am guessing they cannot join at this time because they aren’t fully remodeled yet with maintenance issues. (That is just my speculation. I will update this article if I get a different answer.)

Alila properties giving a new feel for Hyatt

Alila is a fun brand, not because of partying, but each property is unique in its own right. They focus on hospitality, nature, and service very well as most of their properties are less than 100 rooms/villas. 

My first stay at Alila was at Alila Ubud. While the base rooms are just okay, the villas are truly an experience on its own. Plus, all the staff remembered my friend and I the next day, even if they never met us. During my stay at Alila Ubud back in March of this year, I did a bid to upgrade to the Valley Villa. It overlooked the valley right in the trees no one else in sight. Truly magical and private, even the monkeys visited us during our stay.

The Valley Villa had an outside bath, that was placed in the middle between the bathroom and the bedroom. Everything was placed with attention to details with complimentary snacks and fruit in the room along with reusable glass water bottles filled by their new filtered water system. It didn’t feel like a normal resort, it felt like we were at home in the forest.

Seeing Alila Ubud as a category 3 hotel makes it a sweet spot for World of Hyatt as the property averages $250+ a night.

Alila Ubud Valley Villa view from the bed.
Alila Ubud infinity pool (Image source Alila Ubud)

However, Alila Ubud is just one of the many beautiful Alila properties that are an experience by themselves.

Ventana Big Sur is yet another Alila property that is iconic, plus expensive. It’s going usually for $1000+ a night, but using points it’s now easier than ever to stay at this category 7 property. Plus, it’s the only Alila property located in the Americas.

I haven’t stayed at Ventana Big Sur, but when it comes to aspirational redemptions in the US, this would be my top place to use Hyatt points at.

Ventana Big Sur an Alila Resort (Image source: Ventana Big Sur)

Then there is Alila Jabal Akhdar. Located in the mountains of Oman for a retreat away from the dessert, Alila Jabal Akhdar is a unique property with its remoteness and connection to nature.

Alila Jabal Akhdar will enter Hyatt as a category 6 averaging $400+ a night making it an aspirational property for redemptions. I was planning to visit this property when I tour the middle east later this year. When I go, I hope to share the stay.

Alila Jabal Akhdar (Image source: Alila Jabal Akhdar)

Will Alila still participate in Global Hotel Alliance?

Update July 1, 2019: No Alila property will participate in Discovery Loyalty as of July 1st. Alila Jakarta is in transition with owners and will decide to stay Alila or transition to another brand in August 2019.

For anyone that doesn’t know, Alila is apart of Global Hotel Alliance, also known as Discovery Loyalty. 

Currently, Alila is staying in the Global Hotel Alliance. They have no plan to exit the program. All of their properties, besides Alila SCBD, participates in the Global Hotel Alliance and I think they could benefit from both programs.

Why could they benefit? Most people that fell in love with Alila was because of the experiences with Discovery Loyalty.

Discovery Loyalty works in similar ways as other hotel programs, but this program instead of giving points for free nights gives out experiences for experience awards. You could redeem for free airport transfers, private unique tours, cooking class, private dinner, boat excursions, etc.

I fell in love with Discovery Loyalty because of the hotel brands and possible experiences. In a few days, I am expected to achieve their Black status, their highest tier of status which offers 6pm check-out, 9am check-in, and 2 category room upgrade. The unique thing is, there is no suite or villa that blacklisted from upgrades. So, you could book 2 rooms below the best suite/villa that might not be upgradable in the Hyatt program, but with Discovery you could be upgraded to that suite/villa if it’s available and unoccupied. 

However, when I become a Hyatt Globalist in July, I should try to compare the loyalty recognition between Discovery Black and Hyatt Globalist at the same hotel just for fun.

Final word

With Alila joining Hyatt, I can finally say Hyatt has some unique properties that fully participate in the World of Hyatt program, unlike Small Luxury Hotels that don’t offer elite recognition. It’s going to be exciting to use Hyatt points at aspirational Alila properties across the globe.

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