Emirates Skywards Silver Guide [2021]

Bottom level airline statuses are not always the most rewarding. Many times you can receive a lot of the same perks by simply getting a co-branded credit card or paying for some of them individually.

But Emirates Skywards Silver offers some pretty decent benefits including lounge access. Keep reading below to find out everything you need to know.

What is Emirates Skywards Silver?

Emirates Skywards Silver is the first true level of elite status with Emirates that requires a minimum amount of flying to achieve. (Blue status is earned from just signing up.)

For a bottom level elite level, Skywards Silver offers some solid airline perks especially if you will be flying in and out of Dubai. I’ll go into more detail below.

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Emirates Skywards Silver Qualifications

If you would like to earn Skywards Silver by flying it will take 25,000 Tier Miles or 25 flights to become a member.

These tier miles are only earned when you fly with Emirates and flydubai or on a codeshare flight that carries an Emirates flight number (EK). Unfortunately, you cannot earn them with partners.

To give you a sense of the type of Tier Miles you can earn on a route, I priced out a flight from Dubai (DXB) to New York (JFK). For an economy class special fare the earnings came out to 900 Tier Miles but for a flex plus fare the earnings came out to 6,000 Tier Miles.

So just like many other airlines, the type of fare you choose will have a profound impact on how quickly you earn those 25,000 Tier Miles.

One way to instantly receive the status is to get approved for the Emirates Skywards Rewards World Elite Mastercard.

You will receive the membership during your first year and you will be able to maintain that elite membership by spending $20,000 in your card membership year.

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Emirates Skywards Silver benefits

While you will receive a host of benefits as a Skywards Silver member, below are some of the main benefits Silver members enjoy:

  • Free seat selection
  • Excess baggage allowance
  • Bonus miles went flying Emirates
  • Priority check-in and boarding
  • Lounge access

Free seat selection

The fees for seat selection would depend on the seat type. There can be a pretty dramatic difference in these fees as they range from $15 to $205.

As a Silver member, you can get the fee waved for regular seats but not for preferred, twin, or extra legroom. So the real value for this benefit is somewhere between $15 and $35 — the price range for the regular seat type selection fees.

Note: If you have a guest with you, you cannot get the regular seat selection fee waived for them.

Excess baggage allowance

Whenever your normal baggage allowance is given in kilograms, you can take advantage of an extra 12 kg allowance. This gives you roughly an extra 26 pounds.

Note that you are not given an extra additional piece of checked baggage unless you are a Platinum or Gold member.

Bonus miles when flying Emirates

As a Skywards Silver remember, you will receive an extra 25% earning on your Skyward Miles when flying with Emirates. Compare this to the 50% bump for Gold and the 75% bump for Platinum.

If you want to figure out how many miles you will earn on a flight, you can simply use the calculator to find out. The calculator will show you both the amount of Skywards Miles you will earn and also Tier Miles for elite status.

Priority check-in and boarding

The type of priority check-in that you can receive depends on the airport that you are at.

If you are flying from Emirates terminal three at Dubai International Airport, you can check in at the business class counters located at the business class and first class check-in area even when flying economy.

At other airports you can check in at the business class counter regardless of your class in travel.

Also, all Silver members will be invited to board early on all Emirates flights.

Lounge access

Typically, a bottom level airline elite status does not provide much when it comes to airport lounge access. But that is not the case with Silver status.

You can receive free access to any Emirates business class lounge in Dubai.

In addition, when in Dubai you can pay to upgrade yourself to the first class lounge access and can also pay for guests.

You can also pay to access selected worldwide lounges in the Emirates network when traveling elsewhere.

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Additional benefits

Some of the additional benefits include things like:

  • Waitlist priority over nonmembers
  • Buy instant upgrades with miles at check-in and on board
  • Your World Rewards
  • Benefits with flydubai such as a bonus on miles, priority check-in, and additional checked baggage allowances

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Emirates Skywards Silver FAQ

What are the Emirates Skywards Silver benefits?

Free seat selection
Excess baggage allowance
Bonus miles when flying Emirates
Priority check-in and boarding
Lounge access

How many flights are needed to earn Emirates Skywards Silver?

You can earn Skywards Silver by earning 25,000 Tier Miles or by making 25 flights. You can also instantly receive the status by getting approved for the Emirates Skywards Rewards World Elite Mastercard.

Do you get lounge access with Emirates Skywards Silver?

Yes, you can enjoy free access to any Emirates business class lounge in Dubai.

Do you get priority boarding with Emirates Skywards Silver?

Yes, Skywards Silver members can always board early.

What is the bonus earning rate for Emirates Skywards Silver?

You will receive a 25% bonus on your mileage earnings when flying Emirates.

Final word

I think Emirates Silver status has some great benefits for a lower tier elite status. You don’t often see lounge access given to bottom level elites and the other perks like priority check-in and boarding are pretty solid as well.