Free Spirit Travel More Companion Flight Voucher Guide [2021]

Many different credit cards offer special companion fares that allow a companion to fly for free or at a discount. Some of these are issued automatically and others require a certain amount of spend to earn.

The Free Spirit MasterCard is one of these that offers you a discounted companion fare every year so long as you meet the minimum spend requirement. In this article, I’ll tell you everything you need to know about the companion voucher.

What is the Free Spirit Travel More companion voucher?

The companion voucher is a recurring benefit offered to Free Spirit Travel More World Elite Mastercard holders who spend at least $5,000 in an anniversary year. This allows you to receive a $100 discount on a companion ticket every year.

Note that this works very different from the  Alaska Airlines Visa Credit Card — another type of companion fare issued by Bank of America.

That companion ticket will cover the cost of a companion ticket so long as you pay the $99 fee and cover the additional fees and taxes. (Sometimes the $99 fee requirement is waived.)

This is a major difference because with a companion fare like the one attached to the Alaska card, you can get several hundred dollars in value.

But this companion benefit is limited to a $100 discount. It almost works in the opposite fashion so don’t get confused by that.

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Is the companion voucher worth it?

In order to receive the benefit, you’ll have to spend $5,000 in your anniversary year.

$5,000 is a pretty low spend requirement for an annual bonus as they typically require much higher spend, often starting around $15,000 to $20,000 a year. Some even go as high as $75,000 plus!

So the spend requirement for this perk is very low.

The value of this benefit maxes out at $100 since it does not offer you a free fare, so it makes calculating your value proposition very easy.

The annual fee for the Free Spirit MasterCard is $79 so a single use of this discount allows you to come out on top in terms of value which can make this credit card a keeper.

And that is without factoring in the use of other card benefits like the priority boarding, 25% rebate on in-flight purchases, etc.

The big thing to keep in mind is the opportunity cost here, though.

You could always put $5,000 worth of spend to a welcome bonus requirement for a much more lucrative reward.

For example, if you were to spend $4,000 to earn something like a 60,000 point bonus of Chase Ultimate Rewards, that could easily net you over $700 in travel.

So you could spend less and receive much more in value (like 7X or more). However, that would require opening up a new credit card account and not everybody is always in the market for doing that.

So, if you regularly spend over $5,000 on this card then getting a $100 discount is a nice perk, especially if you have plans to regularly fly with Spirit every year.

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Arrival time

If your account is open with active charging privileges on your account anniversary date, you will receive the companion voucher code via email within the first billing cycle after the anniversary each year.

Because this is such a new benefit, we don’t have data on exactly how long this benefit takes to arrive.


Eligible credit card

In order to receive the benefit, your primary fare and the companion fare must be purchased with your Free Spirit MasterCard.

(You’ll also receive 3X the points on your airfare so there is an extra incentive to use your card for your ticket.)

The traveling guest must be on the same itinerary and the booking must take place at the same time directly on


You must use your companion flight voucher code within 12 months of the date of issue.

The great thing about this benefit is that the travel may be completed after the expiration date of the voucher code.

Unfortunately, your expiration date cannot be extended and once the voucher code has expired, it cannot be exchanged.

If for some reason your credit card is closed or you cancel your credit card, you will no longer be eligible to receive the benefit.

You also can not use this code on award to travel, vacation packages, or tours nor can you combine it with other airfare discounts.

Once you have met the minimum spend requirement for the benefit and after your anniversary date passes, you will receive your voucher code via email to the email address associated with the primary card holder’s account.

If for some reason you do not receive it, simply call the customer service number on the back of your credit card to get it re-sent.

It is possible that the terms may have more restrictions such as blackout dates or routing rules.

However, as I mentioned this is such a new benefit that we will have to wait until we get more data on the terms and how those terms are applied.

Final word

Overall, this is a somewhat mediocre benefit but it’s a great way to offset your entire annual fee if you hold his card. For someone who regularly flies with Spirit, I think it makes sense to take advantage of this benefit.

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