Frontier Airlines Lost & Found Guide [2022]

Losing an item while flying is one of the most frustrating things that can happen to a traveler. But lost and found has come a long way and if you were flying on Frontier Airlines, you still have hope of recovering your item.

Check out the steps below which will outline everything you need to know about handling a lost and found claim. I’ll show you whom to contact (and when) and also provide you with directions on filing a claim online in the event you need to.

The immediate step: get to the Frontier Airlines gate

If you ever lose something on a Frontier Airlines plane, try to remain on the aircraft as long as you can to look for your item.

Eventually, the plane will have to be cleaned and you will be asked to leave. But at that moment you can let the staff know what you are looking for and they might be able to help (although you will still likely be escorted off the plane).

If you have already exited the plane and realize you lost an item then you want to try to get back to the gate area (where are you arrived at the airport) as quickly as possible.

Once you arrive at the gate area your goal is to contact someone who can send someone back on the plane to look for your item.

(For security purposes, you will likely have to sit tight at the gate.)

If you speak with an agent working a desk at the gate they should be able to help you but you could also get a hold of any flight attendant or even a pilot from your flight if you see them exiting.

Unless they are in a major hurry, they will be willing and able to provide you with some assistance.

Provide this individual with a description of your item and your seat number and where you think the item may have fallen (behind or in front of the seat).

If the item has special meaning to you be sure to convey that because it could motivate the right person to do everything in their power to recover the item.

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Photo by Tomás Del Coro via Flickr.

Past the sterile area

If you have already exited the “sterile area,” meaning that you cannot access the gate area without going back through security, then you have a couple of options.

First, you can look for a Frontier Airlines information desk located anywhere in the airport.

However, chances are you’ll be close to baggage claim which means that your best bet might be to head to the Frontier Airlines baggage services counter (assuming there is one).

Baggage services usually deals with lost luggage but even if you have lost something besides luggage they may still be able to help you.

I’ve seen reports of agents at the counters being able to track down items and even get them delivered to the baggage claim area.

If they can’t assist you, they may refer you to the online form for filing a claim (which I will explain below).

You could also considering contacting the airline at the airport where your prior plane is headed.

You can use an app like FlightAware to see where your aircraft is heading and then try to get ahead of it by contacting someone there and asking if they can search the plane whatever it lands.

This approach may only work well with highly valuable items but it’s worth a shot.

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Items left at the TSA Security Checkpoint

If you think that you may have left your item at a TSA security checkpoint then the lost and found for Frontier Airlines probably will not be able to help you.

TSA has its own Lost and Found department at all US airports and you can find the contact details for the relevant one here.

Sometimes, TSA might refer your item to the main airport lost and found and in that case you want to go a different route which I talk about in the next section.

For items lost in and about the airport facility

If you suspect that you may have left your item in an airport facility then you want to check with the lost and found for the airport.

This would be the type of situation where you left something sitting in a chair at a terminal, in a bathroom, etc.

To find the airport desk, you can usually ask someone at an information desk which are typically very easy to find in the airport.

You can also look for the airport police because a lot of times they administer the lost and found.

If you left something at a specific restaurant, shop, or airport lounge, try to contact that specific location first.

Sometimes you might be able to find their phone number in the airport’s website but other times it may be located in a Google My Business profile (simply found with a normal Google search) as shown below.

Tip: If they don’t answer look up the phone number to a next-door business and try to get a hold of them to see if they can help.

If the item was just left there, there is a chance it could still be sitting exactly where you left it and someone could recover it for you.

Or, if the item was recently lost it may just be sitting behind a desk somewhere.

However, a lot of shops will eventually hand over the item to the lost and found at the airport.

If you end up getting in contact with someone who finds your item, plead with them to give you a non-generic email address.

It’s really easy for your item to get lost (again) in the recovery process and so it is vitally important to have a human point of contact versus a generic email for lost and found.

What if you have left the airport?

If you have already exited the airport and are on your way home or have already arrived home then you will probably have to process your lost and found claim online.

If you have your phone, you can file your claim online from your mobile device.

You can also try to contact the airline on social media. There is a good chance they will refer you to the online filing form but you never know what kind of help you might be able to get.

Shuttle buses & rental cars

If you think you lost something on a shuttle bus, a lot of airports will have specific phone numbers for their shuttle bus department or rental cars.

They will probably be working in tandem with airport lost and found so there is a chance they might refer your item to them.

How to file a claim online

Like other airlines such as JetBlue, Frontier Airlines utilizes nettracer to process lost and found claims.

To initiate a lost and found claim for Frontier Airlines click here.

It’s really important that you file your online claim as soon as possible. Claims that are filed after seven days have a decreased chance of recovery.

The online form is very easy to fill out but in order to increase your odds of recovering your item you don’t want to rush through it.

First, you will need to select a item category and subcategory.

Next, you need to input some basic information like the color, case color, item brand, item model, item size, and item serial number.

You’ll then input the date that you lost the item and select a unique identifier and unique ID number.

Then there is the final question which ask you what makes your item unique.

This is an extremely important answer because this is how you can distinguish your item while also proving your ownership.

For example, perhaps your MacBook has a scratch in the corner or perhaps your iPhone has a crack in the middle of the screen.

Those are super important details that will help distinguish your item.

After you have filed your claim you should eventually receive some sort of email verification.

If whatever reason you don’t see it, check your spam or junk folder because these emails often can land there.

After that, you just have to sit back and wait and hope that you receive an email letting you know that they found your item. They should search for it for about 30 days before giving up.

If your item is found and you receive a confirmation email they will send you instructions explaining how you can confirm your ownership.

The process for verifying your item can vary but it could consist of sending a phone call or text message to the device in question or something along those lines.

If you want your item back, you will have to pay for shipping which should be able to be processed online. The pricing will depend on the type of shipping and where you are getting the item shipped to.

Frontier Airlines lost and found FAQ

How long will Frontier Airlines search for lost and found items?

Frontier Airlines will search for approximately 30 days after they receive your report.

What if I lost my passport?

Passports and other official documents like military IDs are not destroyed. Instead, passports are sent to the U.S. Department of State.

Final word

While losing something when traveling can be very stressful, you still have help with Frontier. If you follow all of the advice above, you should be maximizing your chances of recovering your item.

Cover Photo by Tomás Del Coro via Flickr.