Hyatt Ziva Cabo Ocean Front One Bedroom Master Suite Review

The Hyatt Ziva Cabo is a prime destination for using miles and points. It’s a beautiful all-inclusive resort located right on the beach and has a lot to offer, including some great views. In this article, I’ll review the Ocean Front One Bedroom Master Suite and tell you everything you need to know about it.

Ocean Front One Bedroom Master Suite overview

The Hyatt Ziva Cabo Ocean Front One Bedroom Master Suite is a pretty special hotel room. It’s one of the best rooms at the Hyatt Ziva Cabo with exceptional ocean views and a huge living area and bedroom (1,164 total square foot). During our stay in July, we paid roughly $500 per night for the suite.

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Getting to the suite 

Our suite was up on the fifth floor (there are a total of seven floors) and the hotel had pretty reliable elevators that were reasonably fast (I’ve found many large resorts don’t always have the best elevators). 

The hallways are outdoors which is fantastic since Cabo has some seriously perfect weather. Unlike destinations like the Caribbean which get very hot and humid during the mornings and evenings, you won’t have to worry about stepping out into muggy weather. When the sea breezes blow through the hallways, it’s a pretty heavenly feeling. 

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Ocean Front One Bedroom Master Suite

The suite opens up to a dining and living room area. The dining area has a large table with six chairs — ideal for a family sized group and perfect for family activities like board games (the suite holds up to two adults and two children).  

Ocean Front One Bedroom Master Suite dining table.

Upon arriving, they had some sweets (cake balls) along with some Tequila and bubbly waiting for us on the table. 

The living room is on the other side of the room and is divided by a low partition, which creates a nice open feel to the suite.

The living room opens up directly to the balcony. 

It has a sofa with a couple of chairs and some small tables. 

I liked the unique accent furniture found in the suite — the drift wood and coral fans were a nice touch.  

There’s also a very large TV, coffee machine, and fridge with beverages in the living room. 

The fridge came stocked with two Tecate beers, a mini bottle of wine, four bottles of water and a handfull of sodas along with a juice box. I’ve seen other hotels stocked fuller with beer but I’m sure you could always ask for more beer since you’ll have room for it.   

There’s a small spirits collection with Absolute Vodka, Don Julio, Johnnie Walker, and others.  The hotel only supplied a couple of bags of chips which was on the lighter side compared to other resorts that offer a wider selection of snacks.

You also have a couple of closets with plenty of room. Inside these, you can find your robes and iron board. 


The bedroom is huge and has a sofa in it that I think might pull out to a bed.

Sliding doors separate the bedroom from the bathroom and there’s a counter area for your luggage in the corner. 

You can also close the sliding doors to the living room for maximum privacy in your bedroom. 

It really is a a pretty impressively spacious layout with some nice decorative accents and plenty of natural light that gets in. 

Here’s a shot with the ocean in view, which you can see from your bed. It’s extremely peaceful to slide open the balcony doors and just listen to the ocean. Because the waves are so powerful in Cabo, the crashing waves are extra loud which I loved. 

We decided to leave the sliding doors open overnight to enjoy the sounds but that wasn’t the best decision. Sea spray got into our room and covered just about everything so if you do that you might want to take all your clothes, bags, electronics, out of the room first.  

Again, just check out that view. Amazing. 

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Just like the rest of the suite, the bathroom is pretty huge. The bath tub is curiously a little small though — at least for two full-sized adults. It’s a little weird that there’s so much space between the tub and wall/water controls. The jets were nice and powerful, though. 

The shower is pretty spacious too. I prefer closed showers but this one was an open layout.

The shower came with multiple shower heads — a waterfall shower head and a traditional removable shower head. 

We used the conditioner and shampoo supplied by the hotel which I thought was of reasonable quality. 

The bathroom had two sinks in one counter area. 

There’s a separate bathroom for the toilet along with one sink. 


The balcony is connected to the living room and the bedroom and is very spacious. The view from the fifth floor was pretty amazing as you can tell below. Cabo doesn’t get turquoise water like Cancun, but that deep Pacific blue water is still a sight, and I loved the mountains/hills in the background. 

(The first two photos below have very minimal editing.)  

Although I loved the balcony I think it would be absolutely perfect with a hammock. 

There’s two chairs you can relax on. 

Final word

Overall, I was extremely pleased with the suite. There was more than enough room than the two of us needed and I really loved the sights and sounds from the extra long balcony as well. This was one of my favorite hotel rooms I’ve ever stayed in on the beach and I would recommended it for any beach lovers. 

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