Lovebox Review (Great Gift for Travelers) [2021]

Are you searching for Christmas or birthday gifts at this time? Are you looking for a great gift for a someone who does a lot of traveling or spends time away from home (or that someone’s spouse/family)? If that is the case, then consider a Lovebox. Keep reading below for my full review.

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What is a Lovebox?

The Lovebox is a little box that connects to your Wi-Fi and allows the special people in your life to send you messages in a unique and intimate way.

When you receive a message, the little heart on your wooden box spins and when you open the lid you will see their message waiting for you. 

It is sort of a modern take on classic love letters, which makes it a great gift for those people who are often away from each other.

Update: They now have boxes with color screens and they also have a lot of different colored hearts you can buy (pixelated, lilac, golden, USA etc.). The This review is focused on the black and white edition which is the classic model that has been sold over 85,000 times!

Who is the Lovebox for?

The Lovebox is obviously great for couples, especially those who are in a long distance relationship or who spend time away from each other. It could also be great for families or friends when they are separated by distance.

And even if you are not separated by a lot of geographical distance, it could still be a great gift for someone who just appreciates intimate gifts like this.

How do you set it up?

Your Lovebox will arrive in some quality packaging and will come with all of the necessary parts. This includes the box, the heart that attaches to the box, and also the power source.

This can be powered via a power outlet or a USB which is very nice. I do think the power cord could be a little bit longer though and it would be nice if it could hold a charge.

After you open it up, attach your heart, and power it up, you will connect your Lovebox to your Wi-Fi network. Once your box is configured then you will need to download the Lovebox app or have someone else download the app to send you messages.

The love box will then give you a secret code that allows you to add a Lovebox so that you can send messages from the app to that box. Each time you add a box you will also give it a name.

Anybody who downloads the app and gets your secret code can add your box to their app. This means that you could have as many people as you would like send you messages to your box. So if there is one family member who is away from everybody else this would be a great way for everyone to connect to that person.

You can send text messages, little stickers, and you can even draw out messages or pictures. Messages can be up to 147 characters and each time you send a message to someone they can see who it is from.

You will be able to see when your message has been received and when they have opened up the box to read it. After you receive a message, you can spin the heart and it will send a waterfall of hearts to the message sender.

Why I like it

I like the Lovebox for a few reasons.

Quality product

First, it is just a beautifully designed product and I like the quality beechwood it is made from. It is also made in France which I think is cool and obviously very fitting.

It’s different

Yes, you could easily just receive the same message via a text message. But there is something different about receiving a short message in a box like this.

For one, you don’t receive the same notification that you would for a text message. 

Instead, the heart silently spins and you simply notice it when you notice it, allowing the message to feel like more of a surprise waiting just for you. 

Slows down your day

It also helps to remove intimate messages from your usual workflow of text messages and emails and gives you a little break from your busy world that you will come to appreciate.

All about positivity 

I also like that unlike your phone, any time you receive a message in your Lovebox you know that it is a genuinely positive message.

You never know what kind of text messages you might be getting in your phone. But when it comes to the Lovebox, you know that there is something in there like a love note that will make you smile or maybe have a better day (unless your sender is being an a-hole, of course). 


You can personalize your love box for a little bit extra. You can get a personal message engraved on the lid and you also can choose from different types of hearts.


If you’d like to see the Lovebox in action, check out the review video below.

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Final word

Overall, I think this is a great gift for travelers and I would highly recommend it. The price is $99 for one box but you can buy two at once and save about $25.

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  1. Hi! I was given a Lovebox for Christmas and have given my secret code to three other individuals. My dilemma is that whenever I receive a message from any one of them, I will then rotate the wooden pixel heart to send that person a “waterfall of hearts”. But instead of only that one person receiving a “waterfall of hearts”, everyone who has my secret code receives a “waterfall of hearts”, including myself on my own cellphone!! Is there some way to change this, so that the only person receiving a “waterfall of hearts” is the current actual message sender? Thanking you in advance.

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