Trump Burger Review: Oh. My. Goodness

Trump Burger has turned into a must-visit spot for fans of the former president.

Situated in Belleville, Texas, just an hour’s drive northwest of Houston, it sits right in the heart of Trump country, where around 80% of the locals threw their support behind the man himself.

Roland Beainy, the brains behind Trump Burger, is a second-generation Lebanese American with some serious love for Donald Trump.

Born in Boston, he shipped off to Lebanon at the tender age of six for his education, but in 2019, he and his family made their way back to the good ol’ U.S. of A. Fast forward to 2020, and Trump Burger was born.

The fact that this shrine to all things Trump in the Lone Star State is the brainchild of a Lebanese American adds an intriguing twist to the tale.

When Trump Burger kicked off in 2020, Roland Beainy weathered his fair share of storms.

Backlash and even some wild calls from folks threatening to torch the joint came in. It scared him initially, but as time rolled on, those fiery phone calls fizzled out. Now, Trump Burger boasts a diverse following that extends beyond just die-hard Trump supporters.

Important to note, though, the restaurant doesn’t sport an official Trump Organization logo. While it operates independently, a slice of its earnings finds its way into Trump’s campaign fundraising coffers.

Our visit to Trump Burger

We visited on a weekday morning, timing our arrival for the restaurant’s opening at around 11:00 a.m. to avoid potential crowds. Evidently, Trump Burger draws quite a crowd, and it’s known to attract visitors from out of town keen on experiencing the spot.

Upon pulling up, the undeniable reality hit us – Trump Burger was not some elaborate joke or a fleeting pop-up affair as I initially suspected.

When I first caught wind of Trump Burger, I half-expected it to be a prank or perhaps a short-lived pop-up joint or food truck gimmick. However, that notion was quickly dispelled as we were met with a bona fide restaurant adorned with American flags and Trump 2024 signs proudly displayed on the exterior.

Trump Burger

After the initial facade inspection, we ventured inside the restaurant.

While it leaned towards the smaller side, complete with a handful of tables, a few patrons were already settled in, casually hanging out, presumably gearing up for their eventual orders.

As for us, we claimed the day’s first customers.

When it came time to place our orders, a warmly welcoming figure, whom I believe to be the owner or perhaps a family member, stepped up to assist. His friendliness was unexpectedly pleasant; whatever preconceived notions I had about the atmosphere were quickly dispelled.

Throughout our entire visit, the service remained top-notch.

Brad and I both decided to go all-in with the Trump Burger, a hearty eight-ounce offering from the menu. We briefly considered the 16-ounce Trump Tower burger, but that seemed a tad too ambitious for my appetite.

Now, there’s also the 1-ounce Biden Burger listed at a hefty $50.99. Clearly a fictional creation, it boasts a 1-ounce beef patty adorned with an “old” tomato and their “oldest” buns. According to the menu, it’s unavailable, citing reasons of cheating and inflation – a playful dig, I suppose.

While awaiting our grub, I strolled over to the memorabilia section, a treasure trove of all things Trump. From koozies and cups to coffee mugs and an array of T-shirts, it’s a Trump enthusiast’s dream.

Trump Burger

The T-shirt collection spans from straightforward pro-Trump slogans like “Jesus is my savior, Trump is my President” to more direct anti-Biden sentiments, such as the one dubbing him the “Quicker F***er Upper.”

And, naturally, no Trump-themed establishment would be complete without the iconic “Keep America Great” red caps, a staple worn proudly by Trump and his supporters.

Trump Burger hats

As I continued my tour of the restaurant, my attention was drawn to some intriguing items on the walls.

One standout was the “Back to Back Impeachment Champion” plaque, proudly declaring Trump’s 2-0 record against Democrats and cheekily urging to “Make Democrats Cry Again.” It’s fascinating how people can interpret and spin events like the double impeachment, turning it into a sort of accolade. I couldn’t help but chuckle at the presentation.

Trump Burger plaques

However, there was a moment where I felt the restaurant might have crossed a line.

Placing Trump’s military high school photo beneath the United States Marine Corps veteran flag seems a bit excessive, given that Trump was not a Marine and was (medically?) discharged from the draft.

While I understand the establishment is all about going over the top for Trump, there comes a point where it’s essential to recognize the limits and avoid taking things to a level that is just excessive.

Trump Burger inside veteran

Once our order arrived, we eagerly dug into the much-anticipated Trump burgers. The buns themselves were adorned with the Trump stamp, making for a sight to remember.

The veggies on the burger appeared fresh, although the patty didn’t quite match my personal taste. It had a reminiscent quality of those cafeteria-style patties – not terrible, just not the kind that leaves you with amazement.

On the flip side, the fries were a highlight, boasting a nice and crispy texture. All in all, I’d categorize the food as decent, falling in line with your typical burger joint fare.

Trump Burger

With our stomachs filled from the meal and a thorough exploration of the intriguing memorabilia, it was time for us to hit the road again and resume our road trip.

A response to some criticism

I faced some criticism for featuring this place in my content.

However, I find that criticism to be unjustified.

In my view, we should have the freedom to explore and engage with various establishments, even if their ideologies don’t necessarily align with our own.

Travel is about coming into contact with different perspectives and delving into the world to gain a deeper understanding, both of the world around us and of ourselves.

Above all, my primary motivation was sheer curiosity. What was this place like? How was the ambiance inside, and who were the people drawn to it? Meeting the owner was another point of interest, along with the crucial question of just how good the food really was.

For me, it wasn’t about endorsing or opposing the owner’s political views or the extreme viewpoints expressed in the restaurant. Rather, it was a quest to explore and to learn.

Disagreements on politics didn’t deter me from acknowledging the potential quality of the burgers. If they truly served up exceptional food, I’d be inclined to recommend it to those on the lookout for great burgers in the area.

I believe we’ve fallen into a troubling habit of silencing or completely removing anything that doesn’t align with our own viewpoints. This approach, in my opinion, is not a healthy or productive way to navigate the world.

It’s limiting and hinders our intellectual development.

Growth often requires stepping into uncomfortable domains, challenging ourselves, and engaging with perspectives that may differ from our own. Only by doing so can we truly uncover more about the world and expand our understanding.

Final word

In summary, the visit proved quite interesting. The food, I’d rate as fairly average, with the burger patty not particularly standing out.

However, the person in charge that day, presumably the owner or a relative, was remarkably friendly and ensured a welcoming atmosphere.

The abundance of Trump-related items on the walls and the memorabilia, including the questionable inclusion of the Marine Corps veteran element, did strike me as a bit bizarre.

Nonetheless, for me, travel is all about immersing oneself in unfamiliar and uncomfortable places that provoke thought.

While the experience may have been peculiar, I don’t regret going or sharing the encounter. It’s crucial for others to be aware of the diverse experiences the world offers and draw their own conclusions. I’m not here to censor the world for you. I’m here to reveal it.


  1. Daniel, there should be more people like you! Unlike some travel/points and miles website (Cough* Johnny Jet) whos political agenda comes first before anything related to travel, yours actually features unique places that is worth visiting for some people. Not all people are a “beach person” or “outdoorsy”. Some people prefer high end restaurants, others “mom and pops” type, some unique/ecclectic. Travel is about exploring, imagine all these people that are so deranged that they would limit their travel just because they don’t want to support a “blue” or “red” city/state/restaurant? Well, they are missing a lot.

    1. Really appreciate it! I think way too many ppl want the world to be black and white (this or that), but ppl and places are more complex than that. So many folks are now straying away from uncomfortable experiences or ideas and trying to erase/censor/etc things that make them uncomfortable. Instead of that, I say meet those things head on and learn something from them.

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