New Citi AA Credit Card Rules Coming?

It looks like Citi might be in the process of making some big changes to some of its credit card application rules for its American Airlines cards. These new changes have some pros and cons but you definitely want to be up to date on these changes because they could alter your strategy for maximizing miles. 

The old (but still current) rules 

A while back, Citi changed their application rules for the American Airlines credit cards. They decided to limit you to one AA sign-up bonus per 24 months. The language reads: 

This would be another instance of banks changing up the rules to prevent rewards abuse but it’s not that 100% negative for folks who will be looking to hit up a couple of AA cards around the same time since it opens up more short-term opportunities. 

It’s important to note that we still don’t know if these rules will be implemented officially across all Citi AA credit card application pages. Right now they are not and they might not be adopted fully. But in the event that they are, you deserve a heads up about the changes.  



  1. I was approved for the AS Platinum earlier this year; are you saying that I could get a signup bonus now if I’m approved for the Executive AA? Also, could I get the bonus for the Business AA as well?



    1. When you say AS, do you mean AA Platinum Select? If so then it’s possible you could get the bonus for the Executive based on the language found on the application page linked in the article but we still don’t know 100% how that will play out. But when it comes to the business, yes you can get that in addition to the personal. 👍

      1. Thank you! Yes, I meant AA not AS; sorry for the typo. I am hoping to pull the trigger on the Business card in August; I guess the Executive is out of the picture for me at the moment as I’m working to get under Chase 5/24. Thanks again!

        1. No prob. And yeah I would def wait on the Exec if you’re trying to get down under 5/24!

          1. Hi Daniel,

            I’m trying to get under Chase 5/24; the only business card I currently have is the Amex Bonvoy Business card. In the meanwhile, what other business cards can I apply for?

            Thank you!

          2. You can apply for just about any of the major issuers except for Capital One and Discover. So I’d think about Amex, Bank of America, and Citi biz cards.

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