Possible national quarantine coming?

I want to make it 100% clear that the information in this article has not been confirmed, so it’s possible that everything mentioned below might not be happening.

This article is also about potential plans in the works so it’s possible that the powers at be could choose not to proceed with these plans.

So please keep that in mind when reacting.

I just heard from a source connected with the Department of Homeland Security that the government is considering a 7-day nationwide or near-nationwide quarantine.

This could be announced in the next few days after the infrastructure is put into place to enforce it.

From what I’ve heard the National Guard would be deployed and would work with local authorities and emergency responders to ensure compliance and to maintain law and order.

Reportedly, all businesses would be closed, so it sounds like this could be more than a partial lockdown like we’ve seen in some cities.

I can’t see them completely shutting down everything. For example, it seems like grocery stores and pharmacies would remain open (at least on some level) but I could see other establishments being forced to close.

It’s also possible that this could extend beyond 7 days if needed.

Just how long could that be? I’m not sure but I’m sure it would depend on the transmission rates going on.

None of this really sounds surprising to me to be honest. This has all escalated quickly and I feel like we had a slow start to get ahead of this, so now more extreme measures are being considered.

Once again I want to reiterate that this has not been confirmed and I don’t have details on how exactly it would be enforced.

I rarely (if ever) post content on rumors or unsubstantiated news and try to avoid anything that would put people in a state of panic or worry. It’s completely possible that this mandatory quarantine will not happen.

But I thought it was worth passing along to my readers out there who have chosen not to stock up on essential food items over the past couple of weeks.

Personally, I’m going to the store to stock up on certain items like meats, eggs, etc. just in case this is true. I’m not going crazy but I just want to have hearty items in case getting food deliveries is not an option.

I definitely don’t think that it’s worth panicking over but my concern is just with people who have chosen not to stock up at all.

So just make sure you’re prepared to hunker down just in case this is true and be ready for a potential military presence where you reside if things comes to that.


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  1. If it’s a federal imposed quarantine or lockdown, then the U.S. Military along with the national guard would be activated. If it’s state by state then the national guard. Also, the DHS has uniformed and non-uniformed police officers (Federal Protective Services), that would be deployed also along with ICE who can be used as backup. That’s what happened during the Katrina Hurricane in Louisiana and Mississippi. Also, the federal entities will be deputized under state law, to enforce state laws as necessary.

    So, that’s how it could go down. But, one week is nothing and won’t change the spread of this virus. The government of India is doing a one day lockdown this Sunday as a test. I think they want to test the waters first before officially imposing a country-wide lockdown.

    I ordered everything off Amazon so far, that doesn’t require cooking or additional water. I’m an ex-tent camper 😀

    1. Thanks for that explanation. I was wondering how it would work if they end up going through with the quarantine. We’re currently driving back from AZ to TX with a bunch of perishables in a cooler since I heard things are a little crazy at the stores back home. 😵

  2. I’m still in Mexico City. I’ll be down here for the duration, but I’m still preparing. I think Mexico is about 3 weeks behind the U.S. I’ve been stockpiling can goods, personal protective gear and booze for the last month. Especially, since Amazon in Mexico sells premium liquor, beer and other drinks like Bailey’s which I just ordered some a few days ago and numerous cases of beer on the cheap. I buy in Mexican pesos and use a U.S. credit card, so the exchange rate has bottomed out and everything is extremely cheap now.

    Good that you’re already doing shopping out of state 😁. The stores are going to be slammed by this weekend in Texas. But, down here in Mexico it’s business as usual. Nobody cares, yet. Lol

    Stay safe…..and by now you probably know that the office of the SOS has recommended a global do not travel advisory. Not sure if a mandatory order will ever be announced in the U.S., but many other countries have a do not travel order in effect for every citizen right now.

    Stay safe, and best wishes during these crazy times.

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