Chase shutting down 20% of their branches temporarily

Based on a memo that was sent out to employees, Chase is closing 20% of their branches around the country due to ongoing threats of spreading the coronavirus. Chase is closing down these branches temporarily in order to protect both its employees and its customers that often come into close contact.

Other branches that are remaining open are now only open on reduced hours. Also, some other branches will only serve customers at windows where they are protected by screens or glass. (If your local Chase branch has drive-through windows then you may be able to still use those.)

Luckily, for Chase employees they are still getting paid even if their branch is closed and they are not able to go into work.

Also, many Chase employees will be working from home such as home-lending advisers, financial advisers and small-business bankers.

Other banks like Capital One, PNC, and Fifth Third also are closing down some branches and we are probably going to continue to see other banks shut down the branches temporarily over the next few days. It’s also worth noting that many banks are requiring you to schedule an appointment in order to come into the bank. 

You should be able to still use ATMs so if you need to withdraw from your Chase account or any other bank or even make deposits, those should still be possible. 

If you have any pressing banking needs, I would try to get those figured out sooner rather than later because branches near you might be closed down in the near future and it could be considerably difficult to get anything accomplished for a while.


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