The curve is flattening

One of the most important signs that we are currently waiting on is for the curve to “begin to flatten.”

This means that the rate of infections has slowed and plateaued which means that there is no longer an acceleration of disease in the country. When the curve flattens it will soon drop and we will be on the “other side of the mountain” as some have put it.

Well according to the leading infectious disease specialist in this country, it looks like we are starting to see the curve flatten.

“What we’re seeing right now are some favorable signs as I’ve discussed with you a few times on this show […] It’s looking like that in many cases, particularly in New York. We’re starting to see a flattening and a turning around.” 

Over the past couple of weeks, I have been following the main model used to project the number of deaths and hospitalization needs for coronavirus cases. It has shown a decrease in the total number of expected deaths and also earlier peaks as well as flattened curves. Basically, each time that it is updated it is virtually all good news.

Based on the facts that I have seen and what experts are telling us, it really looks like we are starting to get this disease under control. There is even talk about people being able to take summer vacations this year, which I think is something a lot of people did not expect.

There are still a lot of cases and deaths are happening and we still have a ways to go. We definitely still need people to stay at home Easter weekend and to not congregate in large groups.

But at this point it is undeniable that the country is making progress in curtailing the virus. So far, our healthcare systems have been forced to go beyond capacity in some cases and there have been serious issues with protective equipment.

But they have have not been overwhelmed like we saw in places like Italy and that is probably the most important and encouraging fact.

I know there are going to be a lot more issues that we face in terms of things like unemployment and getting the economy back up to speed. However, I think we are starting to see some light at the end of the tunnel and strong indicators that we will be able to get past this without incomprehensible levels of casualties.

And not only that, but travel may not be so far off in the future like many of us have thought.