Breakdown of all states reopening

As the US begins to re-open it’s economy, every state will be doing things a little bit differently since it is up to the state to decide how to get things rolling again.

This could get really confusing and time-consuming for individuals who have needs to visit or travel to different states and it could just get confusing keeping up with your own state’s developments.

There is now a tool created by CNN that allows you to select your state and check what the latest is regarding re-opening up the state’s economy.

It’s pretty helpful and provides a brief synopsis on what to expect in that state along with a helpful link.

For example, here is the breakdown for Texas:

Gov. Greg Abbott, who had ordered all Texans to stay home through April 30, announced on April 27 the first phase of the state’s plan to safely reopen Texas.

All retail stores, restaurants, movie theaters, malls, museums, and libraries are permitted to reopen on Friday, May 1, but must limit their capacity to 25% of their listed occupancy.

“This strategic approach to opening the state of Texas prioritizes the health and safety of our communities and follows the guidelines laid out by our team of medical experts,” Abbott said. “Now more than ever, Texans must remain committed to safe distancing practices that reduce the spread of COVID-19, and we must continue to rely on doctors and data to provide us with the safest strategies to restore Texans’ livelihoods,” he said.

You can check out the tool here

These summaries may not provide all the details related to the reopening. For example, some states or counties might put more restrictive conditions on opening up restaurants so be sure to look further into your specific county or city. But these summaries could be a good starting point.

Keep in mind, a lot of people think states are opening up too soon. 

Just because your state is opening things up does not mean that you have to participate in that opening. Especially if you are at risk, you may want to consider waiting for the transmission rates to decline even more.

I know a lot of people who at this point do not feel comfortable visiting restaurants or public places like movie theaters.

I’m hoping that the size of people who feel this way combined with the restrictions put on opening up venues (such as reduced capacity), will reduce the odds of any major surge happening and ease us into a true re-opening. 


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