IRS stimulus checks update: software glitch sends payments to foreign workers

Distribution of the stimulus checks has been controversial.

First, there was the rocky roll out of the IRS website which put a lot of stress and worry on people who were not allowed to view payment status and set up direct deposit.

While millions of people have now been able to confirm payments and receive them, there still are millions of individuals (20 million+) out there who have not received payments and are not sure what to do.

There have been other controversies along the way like deceased individuals receiving payments and paper checks reportedly getting delayed for questionable reasons.

Well, one of the latest mistakes is that the IRS has sent thousands of foreign workers stimulus checks by mistake.

This reportedly happened due to a software glitch where college age workers were getting $1200 checks sent to their accounts. Many had been students who previously studied in the US.

Tax expert Donna Kepley stated the mistake “was likely caused by temporary workers filing taxes using E-File or other systems meant for US citizens instead of using other forms.”

These workers are apparently awaiting guidance from the IRS on what to do with the funds although reportedly some have already spent their checks. Others are worried about hurting their odds of getting a visa and so they are being more conservative.

In a way, I try to cut the IRS a lot of slack.

They were responsible for sending out millions of checks in a very short amount of time and they even admitted that they would be sacrificing accuracy in order to get things done quickly.

I do wish that their online system worked better because I have seen hundreds of reports of people having issues with the site such as when they enter in their personal information and are told that there is no match.

Hopefully, as we go into this next week, we will get more details about a possible second stimulus round of funding.

Personally, I am starting to believe that a second full-on round will not happen.

The President has hinted that he is not crazy about offering that and with quite a few states starting to open things up, I’m not super confident that it will be offered.

Or if it is offered, it may come in a different type of form or to a subset of people. 

Either way, I will be providing updates on the possible second round of stimulus checks so be sure to stay tuned in and if you were not subscribed to click the bell in the bottom right corner of the website so that you don’t miss out on updates.



  1. My boyfriend hasn’t received his stimulus check and gets ss and not able to work

  2. The IRS web site and phone unresponsive. At the same time so is the unemployment office. The buildings are closed to the public. I got nothing to go on but rumors. Only thing I know is true is that I got bills and I don’t know where or will my next dime ever come.

  3. Unfortunately we are 2 of the 20 mil that have not received payment we are entitled to. On the irs site we have been stuck in yes you qualify please check back for a payment date for 3 weeks now . How do we rent and no answers . We have direct deposit and my husband on ss and nothing ..

  4. Why have my stemlus check came I use direct deposit and it still have not been deposited. When will I get my check?

    1. Yeah i’ m on disability 2. Isn’t the fed govt supposed to be on top of things. I mean they are on top of it when it comes to people having to pay taxes every yeaar “RIGHT”? Now get this please people you got to agree w/ me….. What would happen if people didn’t file taxes on time? “THEY GO TO JAIL” right? Then how come the irs doesn’t get it right to pay people their stimulus? I’ve been on S.S.D.I. for 23 years and now that this corona virus has started some people aren’t getting their stimulus.on time or late. They should have started with the disabilities first. I mean i know that people lost thier jobs because of this pandemic but some of the elderly and disabled are having trouble going through this. Especially for us that we don’t work at all. At least before this pandemic you all had jobs. We only got paid once a month and the unemployed. Why are they getting a stimulus? They were out of work before this pandemic? I mean this should apply for the workers who were unemployed because of this coronavirus “right” not prior to this. Please correct me if i am wrong.

  5. I use direct express for my direct deposit and I have yet to get my 1200 dollars why have I hadn’t got my check

    1. I filed way back 5 months ago still haven’t received my first ,second,or third I followed an picture id. Notary of proof its me and my residence I’m back on my rent I got my car taken from me and ill be homeless soon please find why even now going o 4th check don’t have one yet

  6. I’m on SSI and disability and it totally sucks that we have to be last. The system keeps telling they can’t tell me if I’m eligible at this time when I enter my information. We all have bills to pay. I also think its not right for people claimed as a dependent not to get a check. I let my son claim me last year because I was unaware I could file taxes on my own and now I live alone. I’m praying we can get checks especially if their giving them to deceased people and foreigners. This is just not right. I’m a U.S. citizen and used to pay in just like everyone else before getting hurt.

    1. im in that same boat.. So now are we screwed for any other stimilus chks that supposedly are guna be coming out?

  7. I’m on disability and still have not received my stimulas payment. Can someone please tell me when they will come? I was told Friday but it never came and still hasn’t. I have direct deposit.and the IRS portal says payment status not available…

  8. God Bless everybody I am one of those who get disability and do not file taxes and never received a penny .I just did non filers info no matter what it said all they can do is delete it.It seems really unfair everybody around me got there’s they know my info they send a disability check monthly.Hope we all recieve it soon.God Bless Shelly

  9. Ssi disability with DP and with must have Patience I must remember that I am dealing with the Federal Government and when something is given you have to wait on their decision so people remember this is a gift really people DT GOVERNMENT.

  10. My stimulus check was offset due to child support for 1700 according to the calculation it said I will get 2200 will I get the remaining balance.

  11. I have not receive my stimulus check I get social security Retirement what taking so long I have try everything nothing work

  12. I haven’t gotten mine either…we make the least and will wait the longest

  13. Well I finally got to put my direct deposit in for my saving I did it friday and it went thou.but today I check my payment status and it says may 8 I will get it by mail.i dont live at the address on now what I’m supposed to do now .you can’t talk to anybody from the irs.i can’t change the information or my address right now.but if they pass the 2nd bill to get a another check I read today that you can go In person to get a prepaid card already loaded with 2000 plus 1000 each month.a family of 4 get 8000

    1. im in that same boat.. So now are we screwed for any other stimilus chks that supposedly are guna be coming out?

  14. If your claimed as a dependant and didnt qualify for the first stimulas can you get the next one coming?

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