New $2,000 Monthly Stimulus Checks Proposal

Despite ongoing opposition from the GOP, we’re starting to see action with a new stimulus bill proposal that would involve a second round of stimulus checks and potentially much more.

This new proposal is called the “Monthly Economic Crisis Support Act” and is reported to be introduced today by Senators Kamala Harris (D-CA), Bernie Sanders (I-VT), and Ed Markey (D-MA).

The Act would allow eligible individuals to receive $2,000 per month or $4,000 per month if filing jointly.

In addition, you could receive an extra $2,000 per month for each dependent but only up to a maximum of three total dependents.

So a family of five could potentially receive up to $10,000 in one month.

Payments would be reduced by 10% if an individual’s income is above certain thresholds like $200,000 in the case of a joint return, $150,000 in the case of a head of household, or $100,000 if you don’t fall into either group. 

The payments would continue until the third month after the date on which the Secretary of Health and Human Services determines that the public health emergency has ended. It would also retroactively pay recipients from March 2020. 

Every American would be eligible other than: 

  • Any nonresident alien individual
  • Any individual claimed as a dependent under section 151
  • Estates or trusts

This includes foster youth and the homeless.  The bill also prevents debt collectors from seizing rebate payments.

Payments would be distributed in the same fashion as they were in the first round although the bill also states payments could come “through such other means as are determined appropriate by the Secretary, including through the use of stored value cards and online payment systems.”

“The CARES Act gave Americans an important one-time payment, but it’s clear that wasn’t nearly enough to meet the needs of this historic crisis.” Senator Kamala Harris said.

“The Monthly Economic Crisis Support Act will ensure families have the resources they need to make ends meet. I am eager to continue working with Senators Sanders and Markey as we push to pass this bill immediately.”

Given all of the opposition from the GOP, I don’t see this bill going through as proposed. 

But in the next week or two we will see what type of compromises can be made between Democrats and Republicans with regards to a second round of stimulus checks. There are several surveys out there that show that Americans need more funds to survive over the summer so the facts show these funds are needed.

But it’s just a matter of whether or not lawmakers can come up with a way to provide much-needed relief to these people. 

Here’s the PDF to the proposal of the Act. 

I will be providing updates on the possible second round of stimulus checks so be sure to stay tuned in and if you were not subscribed to click the bell in the bottom right corner of the website so that you don’t miss out on updates.



  1. Yes it true that we are going to get another 2 stimulus check in May.

    1. So are we really getting another round of checks? That would be such a blessing…🥰

    2. No it’s not true. Don’t state it as fact and get people’s hopes up.
      Someone has to convince Republicans to help the poor. If it’s not a tax cut for the rich they refuse no reason to spend money on the poor

      1. What do they mean it won’t help dependents again as seen it said code 151 whatever that is. Dependents got screwed in the first check not being over 17. We all have bills and need this check. I’m still waiting on my first one if I get it.

      2. Took the words out of my mouth. If you don’t mind my adding please don’t count your chickens before they hatch. It’s not true until you see the money.

      1. Yeah that’s true. I understand people need to get their child support taken care of i agree with that whole heartily. I believe in this situation though it’s not the right time to take the money from people who really need it now themselves to take care of their house. A lot of people have lost their jobs and are in a terrible situation.

    1. Republicans and democrats have to agree first in the Senate then Congress and the President.
      I doubt it. I would they prove me wrong.

  2. I still havent even received a stimulus check yet. Didnt go to direct express card or by mail.

    1. If you would of had direct express you would of had it by now. That’s how my mom got hers.

      1. Thats not necessarily true. There’s approx 50 million people still waiting and some have that same card. Some family members got them and some didn’t that all live in the same home.

  3. I am a senior citizen you on ss i have not received a stimlus check thing are hard for me.

  4. I did not get stimulus check because I pay child support. We need to survive during this crisis also. Is there anyone working to get us a check also if there is a second round it’s not fair to us who have a history of making on time payments

  5. Shit i didn’t recieve the first stimulus check because they said that i had just started getting ssi in 2020/Shit crazy & plus i’m damnear homeless out here

  6. I know that they have no bank account or direct deposit or a home..but Its heartbreaking to me that the Homeless is left out..sad..The Lord wouldn’t have wanted it that way..but my religious.beliefs don’t matter to anyone but me..but some of them are Veterans that served this Country..just wrong..

  7. It would be nice to get the first stimulus check before everyone got a second roud.

  8. A second stimulus check? Well I didn’t even get the first one yet. I’m the only one in my family still waiting. And I’m head of house hold.

  9. I truly wish the Government would look a little more deeply into what we are going through on a more personal level, ie: having to pay for upgraded transportation bc of disease and having to order food, supplies not only for ourselves but our families, it has upped my expenses by almost 50%. That’s just the beginning. And, when you’re on SSI (disability) it deeply effects your bills and that tiny little bill called RENT.

  10. Im on ssi and im on childsupport and im working and im barely makein it because childsupport takein it all …i wish us that on childsupport that makein payment atleast get a check…its will help us alot


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