Universal Studios may reopen in just over one week!

Many people have been waiting with great anticipation for when some of the largest tourist attractions like Disney World and Universal Orlando Studios will reopen.

Just this week, Disney Springs opened back up and a couple of weeks ago Disneyland in Shanghai opened.

Well, now it looks like Universal Orlando is proposing June 1 as their reopening date.

Universal Orlando initially asked local officials heading the economic recovery task force in Orange County, Florida, to approve their plan and it was unanimously approved. But in order to open, they must also be approved by the Florida governor.

But just like other theme parks that are open, if and when Universal reopens it will be a pretty different experience for visitors.

The differences will start with parking.

Valet parking is not going to be available and cars will have to park one or two spaces apart.

Also, visitors will receive a temperature check and nobody will be allowed to enter with a temperature above 100.4° (this includes employees).

Both visitors and employees will be required to wear face coverings and Universal stated that they will provide disposable face masks for visitors who don’t bring their own.

Just like we saw with Shanghai Disneyland, the capacity will be limited but we don’t know exactly what that limitation will be just yet.

Certain elements within the park will be disabled temporarily. For example, the park is going to eliminate the water and mist elements (which are one of the best ways to cool down on a hot Orlando summer day).

The park is also going to use single use menus for the restaurants and food will be able to be ordered through mobile devices at all venues.

Employees will also undergo regular hand washing breaks and will be practicing social distancing by staying 6 feet apart. In addition, they will be asked to monitor their temperatures at home.

These seem like all the right precautions to take when trying to open up a theme park where thousands of people will congregate. 

There still is undoubtedly risk and visiting a place like this because all it takes is touching a surface that is contaminated and not sanitizing your hands before touching your face or something else.

But with people wearing face coverings and social distancing taking place, it’s just a matter of whether or not the risk level is acceptable.

I don’t think anybody can tell you that answer for sure until we see data roll in after several weeks of the theme parks opening up.

Based on some data that I have seen, I am optimistic that things will not be as bad as some imagine them to be so long as these precautions are actually enforced.


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