New 100K Capital One offer

Offer no longer available

We’re starting to see a lot of new great offers roll out which is really encouraging for a few reasons.

For one, it’s now becoming easier to rack up more miles and points than it has been over the past six months.

And more importantly, it’s an indicator that things are slowly trending back towards a state of normalcy.

We still have a ways to go but we’re getting there.

With that said, the latest offer is a pretty big one.

You can now earn up to 100,000 miles when you with the new Capital One Venture Rewards Credit Card.

This is a tiered offer.

If you spend $3,000 on purchases in the first three months, you will earn 50,000 miles.

And if you spend an additional $17,000 in the first 12 months of account opening, you will receive an additional 50,000 miles. Learn how to apply here.

Tip: Remember, from now until December 31, 2020, you can redeem your miles for eligible restaurant delivery, takeout and streaming service purchases.

The first half of the Capital One Venture Rewards Credit Card offer, 50,000 miles after spending $3,000, is a solid offer. It’s a pretty easy way to get $500 worth of travel expenses covered.

The second half of the offer obviously requires a significant amount of spend but you do get a full year to reach that goal so that is pretty doable for a lot of people.

Even if you’re not interested in spending $20,000 on this card in the first year, it could still be worth applying just for the 50,000 point bonus.

Tip: Don’t forget, that you can now also transfer your miles to various travel loyalty programs.

Finally, there is a message about eligibility that is new.

“Existing or previous Venture cardholders may not be eligible for this one-time offer.”

This new rule has not been programmed into WalletFlo yet and we also don’t have data points on if this will be enforced.

Notice that they use the word “may.”

So if you currently hold this card or if you had it in the past, be warned that you may not be eligible for this special offer. Learn how to apply here.