Kroger 4X Fuel Points + Gift Card Deals

If you shop at Kroger and regularly put miles on your vehicle then you have probably used their Fuel Points reward system before. And right now you can further maximize your fuel points by purchasing gift cards. There are a few promos you might be interested in right now and they expire pretty soon so you may need to act quickly.

4X on Visa/MasterCard gift cards

First, you can earn 4X Fuel Points on purchases of Visa/MasterCard gift cards. The 4X is only triggered when you purchase set value gift cards (and not the variable load kind). This offer expires April 20.

If you go this route, below are the activation fees you will encounter:

  • Visa $100 Gift Card ($5.95 activation fee)
  • Visa $50 Gift Card ($4.95 activation fee)

Based on the terms, this appears to be in-store only.

4X on select third-party gift cards

The second offer is that you can earn 4X on a variety of third-party gift cards.

Participating brands include:

  • Bed Bath & Beyond
  • Michael’s
  • JoAnn’s
  • Home Goods
  • Crate & Barrel
  • PotteryBarn
  • Home Improvement/Hobby & Happy Gift Cards.

This offer expires April 27. (Notice the different expiration date.)

Make sure that you go online and load these coupons to your store card and again I believe they are only valid in store.

$10 Off $150+ Visa & Mastercard Gift Cards

If you purchase $150 worth of Visa or MasterCard gift cards online you can get $10 off. Simply use code SPRING21 at checkout. This offer expires April 20.

Note that I had trouble adding gift cards for online shipping by going through the normal Kroger website shopping process. But when I used this link to add the gift cards, I did not have an issue.

Keep in mind that I do not believe online purchases will code as groceries for a lot of cards. It’s also not clear if the above 4X Fuel Points promo will stack with this promo since it mentions in-store only (I don’t think it will).

So you can make an online purchase and save a lot on gift card fees but still have to pay a little ($151.90 for $150 worth of gift cards). Or, you can go in store and earn 4X fuel points and also bonus points on your grocery spend category.


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