New Marriott Promotion (earn elite status quicker)

Marriott is offering a new promotion for 2022 which will allow you to not only earn points but also earn elite qualifying nights quicker.

Hopefully, you’ve downloaded WalletFlo so you already know about this promo but just in case here are the details.

The promo

You’ll be able to earn 1,000 Marriott Bonvoy bonus points and one additional Elite Night Credit each night but you’ll need to register first.


Key Terms

  • Earn points and night credit from February 8, 2022 through May 4, 2022.
  • Registration ends April 20, 2022
  • No earning limits

An extra 1,000 points per night will benefit cheaper stays since your bonus amount is not tied to your overall spend.

1,000 points comes out to a little under $8 with a WalletFlo valuation of .77 cents per point.

This means that for normal to expensive stays, the value of this promo is going to be limited in terms of points earned.

The real value will come with the elite nights.

We haven’t heard about lowered requirements for Marriott elite status so depending on how travel trends go, this might be the only fast track that is offered.

Earning double reward nights for a few months could be a great way to easily achieve a higher level of Marriott elite status like Platinum or Titanium.

If you already have a business and personal Marriott card then you may have up to 30 elite nights already in the Marriott bank. So with only 10 nights you could hit Platinum. That’s insanely easy which might end up being a bad thing as upgrades become harder to obtain in the future.

So from a points earning perspective, this promotion has limited value but from an elite status earning standpoint, it could actually be pretty lucrative.