What Does Do Not Disturb On Your Hotel Door Really Mean?

Have you ever wondered what that “do not disturb” or “room occupied” sign on your hotel room door actually means?

Do you have any legal protections when you place that sign on your door or is the hotel still free to enter as they please?

Below, we will take a look at what privacy rights you have as a hotel guest whenever you place a do not disturb sign on your hotel room door and look at the different ways hotels handle these privacy situations.

What does do not disturb really mean?

Placing a do not disturb sign on your hotel room door should prevent hotel staff from knocking on your door and entering your room in the majority of cases.

However, properties have different policies in how they go about acknowledging these signs and a do not disturb sign does not mean that a staff member cannot ever enter your room.

Keep reading below to learn more about when hotel staff might still enter your room!

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Do Not Disturb sign

Why hotel staff would enter your room

Most travelers are aware that hotel staff may enter your room to carry out some of their essential duties.

For example, housekeeping needs to get inside in order to clean rooms and maintenance needs to come in to fix things like the hot tub, air conditioning, etc.

Typically when staff members enter they do so after you have consented to their entry or agreed (implicitly or explicitly) to a time window for them to enter.

In some cases they will come in whenever you are gone as long as there is not a do not disturb sign on the door.

But is it possible for hotel staff members to enter your hotel room in other situations when you have not consented and placed a do not disturb sign on your door?

The answer is yes.

Typically, hotel staff would never enter your room unless there is a specific (and justified) reason for them to do so.

You could imagine the outcry and bad reputation a hotel would earn if their staff was known for randomly entering guests’ rooms for no reason.

I’m not entirely sure but it seems like there would be some type of legal ramifications for this as well.

Entering your hotel room without consent

But what reasons would a hotel have for entering your room without your consent?

Usually, this would occur if there was some type of urgent situation where an emergency or unlawful conduct was suspected.

For example, if the hotel suspects property damage, illegal activity, or a health emergency, there’s a good chance they would enter the room or contact their security to deal with it.

Here are a few different examples provided by a hotel manager:

Phone called 911

If the front desk picks up that your phone was used to call 911 that could be an immediate indicator that they need to check on your welfare.

Loud commotion coming from your room

If someone hears loud commotion coming from your room it could mean someone in the room is damaging property or perhaps throwing a huge party.

And if there are screams or sounds of fighting or intense arguing, there could even be a domestic abuse situation which could involve a call to police.

Consequently, these actions could get you kicked out of the hotel room and force you to lose out on your right to privacy (mentioned below).

Suspicious traffic in and out of your room

If there are a lot of people, especially suspicious looking people, going in and out of your room that could be a sign of illicit activity happening.

If that’s combined with loud noises or perhaps the smell of people smoking marijuana, that could also be a justified reason for a hotel staff member checking on your room or kicking you out.

Having a gun on you in a hotel that does not permit them could also get you the boot.

Water leaks

If water is dripping into the room below that could be a sign of property damage or even some type of medical emergency.

If any of the above situations apply and you have a do not disturb sign on your door, don’t expect that to keep hotel personnel from entering the room to investigate the situation.

Police entering your hotel room and your right to privacy

Be aware that when it comes to police entering your room it’s a very different equation.

As a hotel guest you have a reasonable expectation of privacy while staying in a hotel room.

This right to privacy, based on the Fourth Amendment, has more to do with the police than it does with hotel staff, though.

When it comes to police, they still have to abide by the law when entering your hotel room similar to what they would have to do when entering your home. For example, they would need a warrant to enter your hotel room unless some type of exception applies.

And while the hotel staff can enter your room, they generally cannot give consent for the police to search your room.

Be aware that after checkout, you lose out on your expectation of privacy and the police could enter your room. It gets a little bit murky with things like late check out so just be aware of that.

Also, if you get evicted from a hotel room, perhaps for one of the reasons mentioned above, you will lose your expectation of privacy.

How hotels handle the do not disturb sign on doors

Assuming that you don’t have one of the situations above applying, below are a few different ways that most hotels would handle a do not disturb sign on your door.

A strict no knock policy

Some hotels instruct their employees to abide by a strict no knock policy if a do not disturb sign is hanging on the door.

Aside from true emergencies like a fire raging in the hallway or some type of important billing issue, there are no exceptions to this type of policy.

So even if you called the front desk and requested towels or some other type of assistance (including room service), when a hotel staff member arrives at your door they will not knock.

They may or may not leave your items outside your door if they can.

(In some situations, they will leave you a note letting you know that they came by for your service but chose not to bother you because of your sign.)

This can be frustrating for some guests who forget that they have a do not disturb sign on the door but it probably is one of the best ways to for the hotel staff to avoid intruding on guests on any level.

Knock but no entry policy

Another policy for do not disturb signs is that hotel staff members can knock on the door but they cannot enter unless given permission.

This is a decent compromise but doesn’t actually keep with the spirit of do not disturb since knocking on the door is the definition of disturbing someone.

For that reason, a lot of people don’t care for this policy.

However, some people may prefer this policy because if they have made a request for a service but forgot about the do not disturb sign, it still allows them to receive the requested services.

Knock and entry policy

Some hotels will allow their employees to first knock and then enter if there is no response, even if there is a do not disturb sign posted on the door.

This most commonly happens close to check out if the hotel is trying to clear out rooms during a time of high occupancy. They may assume that you have already departed the hotel and that you simply left your do not disturb sign on the door.

It’s still a risky move on the hotel’s part because you may just not have heard them knocking and you could be in a compromised position inside your hotel room when someone comes in.

So if you have late check out putting the do not disturb sign on may not be enough and you should consider using the secondary slide lock/latch to secure your door.

I’ve definitely had housekeeping try to enter my room without even knocking during times of late check out. And for that reason I basically always latch the door when I’m inside.

Hotel guest welfare checks

At a certain point, a hotel will have to check on the condition of a room to make sure that everything is okay.

They also might want to just ensure that whoever is staying in that room is also doing all right.

These are often known as “welfare” checks.

If you keep your do not disturb sign on your door for multiple days in a row, there is a good chance that a hotel staff member will have to perform one of these checks at some point.

Some hotels set the threshold at 24 hours while others may be 48 or 72 hours.

Some hotels publish their policy such as Hilton which stated:

“We understand and respect your need for privacy. The hotel reserves the right to visually inspect all guest rooms every 24 hours to ensure the well-being of our guests and confirm the condition of the room. If service is refused for this length of time, a member of hotel management will check on the guest room.”

After the 2017 Las Vegas shooting it seems that the timeframe for checking hotel rooms was shortened to closer to 24 hours but since the pandemic it also seems like hotels are less aggressive with sending people into your room.

So this can be a very property specific thing but expect someone to come in to check on you and the room every 72 hours.

Do not disturb and the phone

Some hotels will not bother calling your room if you have a do not disturb sign on your door but chances are they will not know that unless they have already came by your room.

For that reason, if you don’t want to be bothered over the phone you can notify the front desk that you do not want to receive any phone calls.

If they need to get a hold of you, they will simply slip a note under your door or post it to your door depending on the type of room you have.

What to do if a hotel staff member enters your room

If you have a do not disturb sign posted on your door and a hotel room staff member enters your room you should first just politely ask them to get out.

There’s always the possibility that this was just a misunderstanding or accident so try not to get overly worked up.

Feel free to talk to hotel management about the situation, though.

You might be able to get some type of compensation out of the mishap but at the very least you can let them know that they need to do a better job.

If you were up to no good or causing a disturbance and someone enters the room, there is a good chance that they were justified and you basically were just asking for that to happen.

If nothing shady was going on then try to explain that but be prepared that the police may get involved.

Final word

Placing a do not disturb sign on your door should keep hotel staff from knocking on your door and definitely from entering your hotel room in most cases.

However, some hotels have a more lax policy that allows staff members to enter your room in order to do their jobs or to check up on the status of the room.

Also, in certain situations related to the welfare of the guests or protection of hotel property, the do not disturb sign will not keep hotel staff members from entering a room.

Tips for Staying at Lodges in National Parks and Other Rustic Areas

If you’re thinking about staying at a lodge in or around a national park or national forest, there are a few things you might want to consider beforehand.

These are things that can help make your trip a little bit smoother and help you to avoid disappointment.

Note that this article is focused on rustic lodges and not ski lodges, which are sort of a different breed.

Know what you’re getting into

Lodges can come in many different forms when it comes to amenities offered.

Also, sometimes a single lodge can offer a wide range of room types including some that are a bit primitive. For example, you could be sharing showers or you could have your own private bathroom.

So when booking a lodge make sure that you know what you’re getting yourself into especially if that lodge has a variety of cabins.

If the price seems too good to be true it probably is!

Make the right bed decision

Lodges may offer you familiar hotel room types like twin, double, queen, and king beds but the experience is not always what you might be used to.

For one, lodges don’t always have the most comfortable types of mattresses and bedding. You also might be dealing with bunkbeds, pull out mattresses, etc.

It’s also not uncommon for the sizes of these beds to be smaller than what you are used to. For example, I’ve seen queen beds at lodges that fell a few inches short of the standard bed dimensions.

So if you are someone who likes to have your space when sleeping, try to max out the size of your bed when choosing your room at a lodge. Err on the side of going too big.

Remind yourself what you’re paying for

Before you book a lodge, you should really take some time to think about what it is you’re paying for.

This will help set your expectations appropriately.

I’ve stayed at lodges going for twice the amount of nice four-star hotels in large cities despite those lodges offering amenities that are not even close to what I would find at those city hotels.

So what was I paying for?

Usually, it was all about the location.

Expect to pay a premium for lodges located inside national parks or other areas with limited lodging, such as in the mountains.

If you head to one of these lodges during peak season, you may experience some sticker shock which can be difficult to swallow once you arrive to your room and realize how basic your set up is.

But if you’ve already decided that paying a premium for the location is worth it, you can avoid this disappointment.

What’s more, try to plan something that utilizes the location so that you get your full money’s worth.

For example, if you’re staying inside of a national park make plans to head out extra early for a hike and take advantage of the solitude that comes from hiking on an empty trail that’s normally home to hundreds of tourists.

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Not the best places to work

Unlike traditional hotels, where you can take advantage of high-speed Wi-Fi throughout the entire property including your room, you won’t always get that at a lodge.

Sometimes the Wi-Fi is limited to the lobby area and other times it may even be borderline nonexistent.

And if you’re headed to somewhere remote like a small town in southeast Alaska, you may not even have cell phone service.

So if you plan on getting work done during your lodge stay you might want to adjust your expected production output.

Or better yet, consider changing your focus.

Perhaps it could be a good time to take a break from technology for a while and give yourself some rest from your work?

Be prepared for spotty customer service

Over the phone customer service can be very hit or miss for lodges.

For one, a lot of lodges are not associated with a nationwide program that offers 24-hour customer service.

Not only may the hours be limited, but the staff also could be limited so that it becomes difficult to get things done over the phone.

Wait times can be very long (assuming you even get someone to pick up the phone). Some lodges may not even have an official front desk.

And if you send an email, you may have to wait several business days to get a response.

With that said, I’ve found a lot of the staff that works at lodges to be very passionate about where they are.

For example, you might be dealing with summer interns who are enjoying their summers day and basically always in a good mood.

So while the customer service might be lacking when you are away from the property, once you get there it can actually be a great experience.

So try not to be turned off by sub-par customer service before you arrive. Chances are, the people you will be dealing with face-to-face will be great.

Plan out your dining

One thing that might surprise you about lodges is that they can really deliver the goods when it comes to the dining experience.

I’ve been pleasantly surprised on numerous occasions by the quality of food at the different lodges we’ve stayed at.

But note a couple of things.

Because of the limited dining options, reservations are often needed at lodges. Also, sometimes they don’t offer dining service for every meal.

For these reasons, you want to plan out your lodge dining ahead of time and plan your activities around those dining times.

It’s also really helpful to contact the lodge about what kind of food offerings they may have in their gift shop or “market” because you may need to rely on them to get by.

Think twice about pet rooms or come prepared

I’ve stayed in a lot of dog friendly hotels and on occasion you might deal with a slight odor but when it comes to lodges, that odor can be on another level.

That’s because a lot of people visiting lodges are also exploring the great outdoors with their pets.

That means dirtier animals going in and out of the room more often, jumping on the couches, rolling around on the bed, etc.

One of my last lodge visits was in a pet friendly room and I have to say that it was one of the worst smells I’ve had to deal with while lodging in a while.

So if you are somebody bothered by strong odors, consider bringing something that might be able to freshen up the room.

Final word

Staying in lodges is a lot of fun because they can offer you a rustic experience and amazing location that a standard hotel just can’t normally do.

But it’s best to be ready for a slightly different experience and to adjust your expectations accordingly.

Marriott Seattle Airport Review: Open and Accommodating

Over the past few years, airport hotels have started to really grow on me.

It’s hard to beat the convenience they offer when dealing with early or late flights and I’ve found them to be very accommodating properties as a whole.

In this review, I’ll cover the Marriott Seattle Airport and give you a sense of what you can expect if you choose to stay at this hotel.


The Marriott Seattle Airport is located about one long block away from Seattle-Tacoma International Airport and the SeaTac/Airport Station (for trams).

It’s close enough that you could walk from the airport terminal to the hotel but if you have a lot of luggage it’s probably a lot easier to just take the shuttle.

The hotel is only about 22 minutes away from attractions in Downtown Seattle so staying at this airport hotel is still relatively convenient if you want to get out and spend the day in Seattle.

In our case, we only had one night in Seattle so we decided to Uber to some of the tourist attractions like Pike Place Market since this was our first time in Seattle.

It was an abnormally warm day that normally would not stick out because of what we are used to in Arizona but coming from Alaska it felt pretty hot!

We grabbed some pizza from a local joint as soon as we arrived and it definitely hit the spot.

We would spend the next few hours wandering around Pike Place Market, trying out different foods, and just exploring the city a bit. Seattle made a pretty good first impression.

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Getting to the hotel

After arriving from Juneau, Alaska, on a super early flight we arrived at SEA and then we made our way over the cat walk to the parking garage where you also find the complimentary hotel shuttle busses.

Each hotel shuttle bus serves a different “island” (station) or multiple stations in this area so you want to make sure you’re standing in the right area.

A huge tip is to wait at the station where the bus will be first arriving because otherwise it might be filled up by the time it gets to you.

(Some of the hotels only have one bus running so don’t assume that a secondary bus will come and pick up the slack.)

The shuttle bus for this hotel is hard to miss so you don’t have to look very hard.

Marriott Seattle Airport shuttle

It didn’t take long for our shuttle bus to arrive and we had it completely to ourselves. It’s always nice when public transportation turns into private transportation.

Marriott Seattle Airport shuttle


We booked this hotel stay with one of our Marriott free night certificates, which came out to pretty awesome value. With taxes and fees, the total came out to around $400 per night which was excellent.

Prices aren’t normally that expensive though so I think we were just visiting during a peak time.

Marriott Seattle Airport cost


I was immediately impressed by the beautiful and cozy lobby at the hotel. Since we were arriving so early at around 9 AM, it was very quiet.

Marriott Seattle Airport lobby

Check in went about as smooth as you could ask for.

We arrived around 9 AM fully expecting to not have a room ready for us but we were delighted to find out early check-in would be available.

The downside was that we were going to be put in the section of the hotel that is not connected to the lounge.

This meant that for every lounge visit we would have to go down to the lobby, walk to a different set of elevators, and then head up those.

Considering we would only be making two lounge visits on a one night stay, that was a small inconvenience to pay for such a massively convenient early check-in.

However, if I had multiple nights to spend here I would get a little annoyed with the up and down.

Marriott Seattle Airport lobby

The room

Our king room was spacious and modern with a beautiful oversized headboard.

Marriott Seattle Airport king room

We found the bed to be comfortable and got some good rest after we finished up at the the lounge

Marriott Seattle Airport king room

The room came with a large flatscreen TV which was mounted above a dresser and large counter.

Marriott Seattle Airport king room

We also had two water bottles waiting for us.

Marriott Seattle Airport king room

There was a box with all of the coffee cups, coffee packs, and some tea near the workstation.

Marriott Seattle Airport coffee tea

This is also where the coffee maker is although we always use our own tea kettle.

Marriott Seattle Airport coffee maker

The workstation came equipped with stationary, a phone, and lamp. Outlets were built into the side of the frame holding the TV.

Marriott Seattle Airport desk
Marriott Seattle Airport desk

There’s also a mini fridge underneath the TV.

Marriott Seattle Airport mini fridge

One thing I really liked about the room is that we actually had a pretty decent window view from up on the fifth floor.

Marriott Seattle Airport room

It doesn’t get much better than an amazing mountain view of Mount Rainier — such an impressive mountain.

Marriott Seattle Airport view mount rainier

The bathroom is really nice in these rooms, too. You’ll find a single sink with plenty of counter space under a brightly lit mirror.

Marriott Seattle Airport bathroom

The bathroom came stashed with thisworks amenities.

Marriott Seattle Airport bathroom
Marriott Seattle Airport bathroom

It’s a nice shower too.

Privacy glass makes up one wall although it is partially translucent (just in case you are sharing a room with someone you’re not that close to).

Marriott Seattle Airport bathroom

The toilet is also right next to the shower and the sink which is a little bit of a tight fit.

Marriott Seattle Airport bathroom


Because we were able to check in so early, we had enough time to grab breakfast in the lounge.

I was pretty satisfied with all of the offerings which included: muffins, fresh fruit, eggs, protein, toppings such as cheese and salsa, oatmeal, cereals, and water bottles and soft drinks.

Marriott Seattle Airport lounge breakfast items
Marriott Seattle Airport lounge breakfast items
Marriott Seattle Airport lounge breakfast items
Marriott Seattle Airport lounge breakfast items
Marriott Seattle Airport lounge breakfast items

We had just flown without really having an opportunity for any type of real breakfast so being able to enjoy a full breakfast spread in this lounge was pretty amazing. It’s amazing how good basic food can be whenever you are starving and exhausted.

Also, while we were trying to rush before breakfast ended, the staff up there was really friendly and was not rushing us at all. Kudos to them.

Marriott Seattle Airport lounge breakfast items

We would head back up to the lounge in the evening for snacks. At that time they had salad, meats, cheeses, and a platter of vegetables. Can’t forget about the cookies, either.

Marriott Seattle Airport lounge snacks
Marriott Seattle Airport lounge snacks
Marriott Seattle Airport lounge snacks
Marriott Seattle Airport lounge snacks
Marriott Seattle Airport lounge snacks

The hotel also has its own restaurant, Aqua Terra, a farm-to-table restaurant serving seafood and American fare although we did not get the chance to try it due to taking advantage of the lounge.

I thought the bar area looked pretty nice so it’s probably worth checking out.

Marriott Seattle Airport bar

Here’s another look at the lobby which once again I really liked.

Marriott Seattle Airport lobby

During our stay, we explored some of the hotel facilities which I thought were really interesting because they were so different.

First, they have this large atrium with 45 ft skylights that houses a few things.

One part of it is a wide open lounge area with a large multi-panel TV along with some comfy seating. Would be a cool place to catch a ball game during your travels.

Marriott Seattle Airport lobby
Marriott Seattle Airport lounge

The other part is event space where they put on special events out in the open (suitable for up to 800 people).

It’s a little strange to me to be putting on events like weddings or receptions while nosy hotel guests are watching from their rooms but I guess it works?

Marriott Seattle Airport atrium

Then, there is the 24-hour fitness center which is right in the middle of all of this. It’s interesting because it has this fish bowl feel with its glass walls.

For those who like to work out out in the open, you’ll really love this gym. For those who like to sweat it up in privacy, this may not be your cup of tea.

Marriott Seattle Airport gym
Marriott Seattle Airport gym

With that said, it’s a very equipped gym with plenty of cardio equipment.

Marriott Seattle Airport gym
Marriott Seattle Airport gym
Marriott Seattle Airport gym
Marriott Seattle Airport gym

Final word

This was a very solid airport hotel stay.

Getting handed early check in at around 9 AM was a major win and it was nice being only about 20 minutes outside of Seattle so that we could do a little bit of exploring.

While the lounge is pretty small, I enjoyed the breakfast up there and considering how much value I got for the free night certificate, it was hard to complain about anything for this stay.

How Much Do Hotels Charge to Add Additional Guests?

If you need to add an additional guest or multiple guests to your hotel reservation, you might be wondering how much extra you will have to pay (if anything).

We decided to break down the costs for the major hotel chains: Hilton, Hyatt, IHG, and Marriott. For our analysis, we analyzed over 1,000 points and below you’ll see all of the data broken down along with the original data points.

How much do hotels charge to add additional guests?

After reviewing thousands of data points for the major US hotel chains, we found that hotels did not charge extra for a second guest but approximately 50% charged for third and fourth guests.

Specifically, the average cost of the third guest was $7.75 and the average cost for a fourth guest was $15.

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Breakdown of the findings


Out of all of the Hilton properties we analyzed, approximately 80% of them charged for a third and fourth guest. The average cost for a third guest was $10 and the average cost for a fourth guest was $21.

If you are adding a third or fourth guest at a luxury property such as the Waldorf sometimes the additional fee for a guest can jump up by quite a bit. For example, the Waldorf Astoria Beverly Hills charged $188 for a fourth guest!



Out of all of the Hyatt properties we analyzed, approximately 90% of them charged for a third and fourth guest. The average cost for a third guest was $16 and the average cost for a fourth guest was $31.

This made Hyatt the most expensive hotel chain for adding additional guests.

The pricing can be pretty consistent within Hyatt brands but sometimes you can find a property that is an anomaly and does not charge. For example, most Hyatt Place properties charge for additional guests but Hyatt Place New York/Yonkers did not.


Out of all of the IHG properties we analyzed, approximately 25% of them charged for a third and fourth guest. The average cost for a third guest was $5 and the average cost for a fourth guest was $8.

Like some other chains, you don’t always know what to expect because pricing could be inconsistent within brands. For example, InterContinental may you may not charge you extra (but if they do it could be a lot).

However, some brands like Candlewood Suites very rarely charge extra for more guests.


Out of all of the Marriott properties we analyzed, approximately 1.6% of them charged for a third guest and 2.86% charged for a fourth guest. The average cost for a third guest was $4 and the average cost for a fourth guest was $7.

This means that Marriott was the cheapest chain when it came to adding additional guests. Based on our data points, it should be extremely rare for a Marriott property to charge you for your third or fourth guest.

Even at luxury brands like The Ritz-Carlton, it was rare to see a charge for a third and fourth hotel guest.

Adding a second guest

It will be extremely rare for you to be charged extra for adding only one more guest. Typically, you only run into this when booking at something like an all-inclusive resort.

Adding children (or guests under 18)

Most of the hotels did not charge for additional guests who were children (which are guests under 18). On occasion, a property might consider a child to be someone under 13 or 12 so look out for that.

Again, all-inclusive resorts will likely be different and you may expect to pay for the child guest.

Rollaway beds

In some cases, you might need to request a rollaway bed to accommodate an additional guest. Some hotels will offer rollaway beds for free while others will charge you for the bed. Typically, this charge will be from $10 to $20.

We have done a full breakdown on those and you can check it out here.

Why you should always report accurately

Accurately reporting your hotel guests will help the hotel comply with fire codes so it’s always a good idea to do that.

Plus, if there was an emergency the emergency crew would know how many guests to look for in each room, increasing your odds of survival.

If you have multiple guests, it’s also a good idea to report them because they can make sure you receive all the elite benefits you are entitled to and it could even decrease the odds of you getting walked from your hotel.

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Full list of data points

Below is the full list of data points based on prices found in the year 2023.

For these data points, we focused on standard rooms where the maximum number of guests was four. Sometimes, especially for larger suites you can add more guests than four.


BrandHotel Name1 Guest2 Guest3 Guest4 Guest
Canopy by Hilton Jersey City Arts District$198$0$0$0
Canopy by Hilton Chicago Central Loop$169$0$17$35
Canopy by Hilton Tempe Downtown$227$0$9$18
Canopy by Hilton Scottsdale Old Town$426$0$0$0
Canopy by Hilton Philadelphia Center City$216$0$0$0
Canopy by Hilton San Antonio Riverwalk$195$0$0$0
Canopy by Hilton Dallas Uptown$259$0$9$17
Canopy by Hilton Dallas Frisco Station$111$0$0$0
Canopy by Hilton Austin Downtown$187$0$9$17
Canopy By Hilton Columbus Downtown Short North$202$0$24$47
Canopy by Hilton Charlotte Southpark$163$0$4$9
Canopy by Hilton Washington DC Embassy Row$169$0$9$17
Canopy by Hilton Washington DC The Wharf$215$0$0$0
Canopy by Hilton Boston Downtown$198$0$9$18
Canopy by Hilton Portland Pearl District$190$0$17$34
Canopy by Hilton Memphis Downtown$181$0$8$17
Canopy by Hilton Baltimore Harbor Point$215$0$17$33
Canopy by Hilton Washington DC Bethesda North$159$0$19$38
Canopy by Hilton Ithaca Downtown$124$0$0$0
Canopy by Hilton Portland Waterfront$202$0$5$10
Canopy by Hilton Grand Rapids Downtown$190$0$0$0
Canopy by Hilton Atlanta Midtown$190$0$8$17
Canopy by Hilton West Palm Beach Downtown$493$0$9$18
Canopy by Hilton Minneapolis Mill District$139$0$8$17
Canopy by Hilton New Orleans Downtown$147$0$0$0
Conrad Los Angeles$649$0$22$43
Conrad Fort Lauderdale Beach$767$0$29$57
Conrad Nashville$345$0$22$44
Conrad Indianapolis$207$0$25$50
Conrad New York Downtown$397$0$14$28
Conrad New York Midtown$450$0$31$61
Conrad Las Vegas at Resorts World$107$0$40$80
Conrad Washington, DC$309$0$29$59
The Peregrine Omaha Downtown, Curio Collection by Hilton$125$0$13$27
Hotel Phillips Kansas City, Curio Collection by Hilton$163$0$9$17
Tulsa Club Hotel, Curio Collection by Hilton$139$0$8$17
Colcord Hotel Oklahoma City, Curio Collection by Hilton$181$0$9$18
Hotel Fort Des Moines, Curio Collection by Hilton$134$0$8$17
The Art Hotel Denver, Curio Collection by Hilton$257$0$20$39
Hotel Alex Johnson Rapid City, Curio Collection by Hilton$68$0$9$17
St. Louis Union Station Hotel, Curio Collection by Hilton$346$0$0$0
The Highland Dallas, Curio Collection by Hilton$196$0$18$36
The Marquette Hotel, Curio Collection by Hilton$175$0$17$35
HALL Arts Hotel Dallas, Curio Collection by Hilton$321$0$17$34
The Statler Dallas, Curio Collection by Hilton$265$0$9$17
Hotel Andaluz Albuquerque, Curio Collection by Hilton$166$0$17$33
Hoodoo Moab, Curio Collection by Hilton$163$0$9$17
The Central Station Memphis, Curio Collection by Hilton$173$0$9$18
LondonHouse Chicago, Curio Collection by Hilton$183$0$21$42
Sable at Navy Pier Chicago, Curio Collection by Hilton$173$0$9$17
The Woodlands Resort, Curio Collection by Hilton$327$0$22$43
C. Baldwin, Curio Collection by Hilton$207$0$9$18
The Sam Houston, Curio Collection by Hilton$159$0$9$18
The Peregrine Omaha Downtown, Curio Collection by Hilton$125$0$13$27
Hotel Phillips Kansas City, Curio Collection by Hilton$163$0$9$17
Tulsa Club Hotel, Curio Collection by Hilton$139$0$8$17
Colcord Hotel Oklahoma City, Curio Collection by Hilton$181$0$9$18
Hotel Fort Des Moines, Curio Collection by Hilton$134$0$8$17
DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel Wichita Airport$104$0$9$18
DoubleTree by Hilton Omaha Southwest$114$0$9$18
DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel Lawrence$86$0$8$17
DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel Oklahoma City Airport$147$0$8$17
DoubleTree by Hilton Denver International Airport$154$0$9$18
DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel Colorado Springs$154$0$9$18
Highline Vail – a DoubleTree by Hilton$379$0$17$35
DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel Cedar Rapids Convention Complex$159$0$9$17
DoubleTree by Hilton Lubbock University Area$123$0$9$18
DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel Santa Fe$111$0$5$9
DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel Dallas – DFW Airport North$129$0$8$17
DoubleTree by Hilton St. Louis Forest Park$174$0$8$17
DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel Minneapolis – Park Place$104$0$9$17
DoubleTree by Hilton Hot Springs$94$0$8$17
DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel Durango$154$0$9$18
DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel Albuquerque$154$0$0$0
DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel Memphis Downtown$152$0$9$17
DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel Chicago – Arlington Heights$134$0$9$18
DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel Jackson$168$0$9$17
DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel Park City – The Yarrow$363$0$0$0
DoubleTree Suites by Hilton Hotel Salt Lake City Downtown$182$0$14$28
DoubleTree by Hilton Sulphur Lake Charles$182$0$4$8
DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel Flagstaff$100$0$0$0
DoubleTree by Hilton Corpus Christi Beachfront$126$0$9$19
DoubleTree by Hilton Helena Downtown$156$0$9$18
Embassy Suites
Embassy Suites by Hilton Portland Maine$131$0$9$19
Embassy Suites by Hilton Boston Waltham$202$0$17$34
Embassy Suites by Hilton Miami International Airport$215$0$13$25
Embassy Suites by Hilton Orlando Downtown$246$0$9$18
Embassy Suites by Hilton Philadelphia Airport$147$0$9$17
Embassy Suites by Hilton San Francisco Airport Waterfront$221$0$17$33
Embassy Suites by Hilton Portland Airport$163$0$9$17
Embassy Suites by Hilton Seattle Bellevue$220$0$9$18
Embassy Suites by Hilton Syracuse Destiny USA$190$0$0$0
Embassy Suites by Hilton Williamsburg$123$0$0$0
Embassy Suites by Hilton Napa Valley$257$0$18$35
Embassy Suites by Hilton Lincoln$147$0$13$25
Embassy Suites by Hilton Kansas City Olathe$211$0$10$11
Embassy Suites by Hilton Oklahoma City Northwest$190$0$0$0
Embassy Suites by Hilton Denver International Airport$163$0$9$17
Embassy Suites by Hilton Des Moines Downtown$164$0$8$17
Embassy Suites by Hilton Chicago Downtown Magnificent Mile$184$0$22$44
Embassy Suites by Hilton Austin Arboretum$191$0$8$17
Embassy Suites by Hilton Plainfield Indianapolis Airport$166$0$8$17
Embassy Suites by Hilton El Paso$165$0$8$17
Embassy Suites by Hilton South Jordan Salt Lake City$154$0$9$18
Embassy Suites by Hilton Jackson North Ridgeland$168$0$0$0
Embassy Suites by Hilton Houston Near the Galleria$173$0$9$18
Embassy Suites by Hilton Phoenix Scottsdale$261$0$14$27
Embassy Suites by Hilton New Orleans$154$0$9$18
Hilton Omaha$166$0$9$19
Hilton President Kansas City$182$0$8$16
The Skirvin Hilton Oklahoma City$142$0$16$33
Hilton Denver City Center$155$0$13$26
Hilton Santa Fe Buffalo Thunder$157$0$18$34
Hilton Dallas/Plano Granite Park$241$0$8$16
Hilton Rochester Mayo Clinic Area$224$0$9$17
Hilton St. Louis Airport$174$0$0$0
Hilton Minneapolis-St. Paul Airport$133$0$8$16
Hilton Memphis$124$0$8$17
Hilton Chicago O’Hare Airport$184$0$19$38
Hilton Milwaukee City Center$119$0$17$33
Hilton Salt Lake City Center$191$0$16$33
Hilton Jackson$102$0$6$12
Hilton Americas-Houston$174$0$21$42
Hilton Nashville Downtown$215$0$25$50
Hilton Baton Rouge Capitol Center$124$0$9$18
Hilton Sedona Resort at Bell Rock$275$0$18$37
Hilton Birmingham Downtown at UAB$139$0$21$43
Hilton Columbus Downtown$170$0$22$43
Hilton Alpharetta Atlanta$188$0$8$17
Hilton Lake Las Vegas Resort & Spa$196$0$9$17
Hilton San Diego Gaslamp Quarter$241$0$18$37
Hilton Washington Dulles Airport$160$0$9$19
Hilton Naples$352$0$0$0
Home2 Suites
Home2 Suites by Hilton Austin Airport$155$0$9$18
Home2 Suites by Hilton Stillwater$147$0$17$34
Home2 Suites by Hilton Wichita Downtown Delano$134$0$8$17
Home2 Suites by Hilton Omaha I-80 at 72nd Street$140$0$0$0
Home2 Suites by Hilton Sioux Falls/ Sanford Medical Center, SD$172$0$9$9
Home2 Suites by Hilton Bismarck$151$0$0$0
Home2 Suites by Hilton Billings$172$0$0$0
Home2 Suites by Hilton Denver International Airport$138$0$0$0
Home2 Suites by Hilton Alamogordo$163$0$0$0
Home2 Suites by Hilton Mesa Longbow$242$0$9$18
Home2 Suites by Hilton Salt Lake City-East$193$0$9$18
Home2 Suites by Hilton Boise Downtown$140$0$9$18
Home2 Suites by Hilton Seattle Airport$129$0$9$17
Home2 Suites by Hilton Salem$185$0$8$17
Home2 Suites by Hilton Las Vegas Convention Center$269$0$9$18
Home2 Suites by Hilton Woodland Hills Los Angeles$211$0$9$18
Home2 Suites by Hilton Lake Charles$159$0$9$17
Home2 Suites by Hilton Little Rock West$127$0$9$18
Home2 Suites by Hilton Bangor$207$0$9$18
Home2 Suites by Hilton Richmond Short Pump$165$0$0$0
Home2 Suites by Hilton Raleigh Durham Airport RTP$129$0$0$0
Home2 Suites by Hilton Charleston Daniel Island$147$0$8$17
Home2 Suites by Hilton Atlanta Midtown$168$0$0$0
Home2 Suites by Hilton Tampa Downtown Channel District$274$0$0$0
Home2 Suites Birmingham Colonnade$215$0$10$19
Homewood Suites
Homewood Suites by Hilton Austin Cedar Park Lakeline$139$0$0$0
Homewood Suites by Hilton® Oklahoma City-Bricktown, OK$156$0$0$0
Homewood Suites by Hilton Topeka$129$0$0$0
Homewood Suites by Hilton Omaha-Downtown$162$0$9$18
Homewood Suites by Hilton Sioux Falls$133$0$0$0
Homewood Suites by Hilton West Fargo Sanford Medical Center Area$98$0$9$18
Homewood Suites by Hilton Bozeman$270$0$9$17
Homewood Suites by Hilton Dillon$339$0$0$0
Homewood Suites by Hilton Albuquerque Uptown$176$0$0$0
Homewood Suites by Hilton Tucson/St. Philip’s Plaza University$175$0$9$18
Homewood Suites by Hilton Las Vegas City Center$207$0$9$14
Homewood Suites by Hilton Eagle Boise$150$0$9$18
Homewood Suites by Hilton® Lynnwood Seattle Everett, WA$161$0$10$19
Homewood Suites by Hilton Medford$208$0$0$0
Homewood Suites by Hilton Baton Rouge$149$0$9$17
Homewood Suites by Hilton Wilmington Downtown$152$0$9$18
Homewood Suites by Hilton Louisville Airport$121$0$0$0
Homewood Suites by Hilton Nashville Franklin Cool Springs$163$0$9$17
Homewood Suites by Hilton Jackson Fondren Medical District$190$0$0$0
Homewood Suites by Hilton Tuscaloosa Downtown$146$0$9$17
Homewood Suites by Hilton Sarasota Lakewood Ranch$340$0$9$9
Homewood Suites by Hilton Atlanta-Galleria/Cumberland$156$0$9$18
Homewood Suites by Hilton Columbia$102$0$0$0
Homewood Suites by Hilton Raleigh Cary I-40$138$0$8$17
Homewood Suites by Hilton Columbus Easton$120$0$9$17
Tru by Hilton Corpus Christi South Padre Island Dr$80$0$9$17
Tru by Hilton Oklahoma City Airport$96$0$8$17
Tru by Hilton Lawrence$93$0$0$0
Tru by Hilton North Platte$96$0$4$8
Tru by Hilton Rapid City Rushmore$50$0$0$0
Tru by Hilton Denver Airport Tower Road$132$0$8$17
Tru by Hilton Albuquerque North I-25$92$0$0$0
Tru by Hilton Phoenix Glendale Westgate$224$0$8$17
Tru by Hilton Las Vegas Airport$131$0$9$18
Tru by Hilton Meridian Boise West$128$0$0$0
Tru by Hilton Spokane Valley$137$0$8$17
Tru by Hilton Eugene$117$0$9$18
Tru by Hilton Lafayette River Ranch$90$0$9$18
Tru by Hilton Georgetown$89$0$8$17
Tru by Hilton Richmond$147$0$8$17
Tru By Hilton Nashville Downtown Convention Center$216$0$10$19
Tru by Hilton Tupelo$106$0$10$19
Tru by Hilton Mobile$98$0$9$17
Tru by Hilton Orlando Convention Center Area$218$0$9$18
Tru by Hilton Atlanta Galleria Ballpark$103$0$5$9
Tru by Hilton Sumter$125$0$9$17
Tru by Hilton Chapel Hill$119$0$9$18
Tru by Hilton Columbus Airport$102$0$9$18
Tru by Hilton Beckley$134$0$0$0
Tru by Hilton Indianapolis Lawrence$98$0$9$18
Waldorf Astoria
Waldorf Astoria Chicago$429$0$21$41
Waldorf Astoria Park City$1,473$0$18$35
Arizona Biltmore, A Waldorf Astoria Resort$765$0$19$38
The Roosevelt New Orleans, A Waldorf Astoria Hotel$289$0$36$73
Waldorf Astoria Atlanta Buckhead$458$0$44$87
Waldorf Astoria Las Vegas$408$0$46$91
Waldorf Astoria Monarch Beach$558$0$45$90
Waldorf Astoria Beverly Hills$983$0$94$188
Waldorf Astoria Washington DC$749$0$42$84
Waldorf Astoria Orlando$679$0$16$33


BrandHotel Name1 Guest2 Guest3 Guest4 Guest
Andaz Scottsdale Resort & Bungalows$689$0$25$50
Andaz West Hollywood$329$0$30$60
Andaz Savannah$215$0$25$50
Andaz Napa$469$0$25$25
Grand Hyatt
Grand Hyatt at SFO$379$0$25$50
Grand Hyatt San Francisco$202$0$25$50
Grand Hyatt San Antonio River Walk$199$0$25$50
Grand Hyatt Washington$180$0$25$50
Manchester Grand Hyatt San Diego$249$0$25$50
Grand Hyatt DFW$355$0$25$25
Grand Hyatt Nashville$309$0$25$50
Grand Hyatt Seattle$299$0$25$50
Grand Hyatt Vail$1,009$0$25$50
Grand Hyatt Atlanta in Buckhead$209$0$25$50
Grand Hyatt Tampa Bay$352$0$25$50
Grand Hyatt Denver$222$0$15$30
Hyatt Centric
Hyatt Centric The Woodlands$273$0$0$0
Hyatt Centric Old Town Alexandria$179$0$25$50
Hyatt Centric The Pike Long Beach$254$0$25$50
Hyatt Centric Midtown Atlanta$249$0$25$50
Hyatt Centric Mountain View$140$0$10$20
Hyatt Centric Charlotte SouthPark$214$0$10$15
Hyatt Centric Faneuil Hall Boston$190$0$25$50
Hyatt Centric Midtown 5th Avenue New York$245$0$25$50
Hyatt Centric The Loop Chicago$182$0$25$50
Hyatt Centric Beale Street Memphis$189$0$25$50
Hyatt Centric Downtown Portland$189$0$25$50
Hyatt Centric Santa Clara Silicon Valley$354$0$10$10
Hyatt Centric Wall Street New York$274$0$20$40
Hyatt Centric Downtown Denver$159$0$20$40
Hyatt Centric South Beach Miami$432$0$0$0
Hyatt Centric Downtown Minneapolis$194$0$10$20
Hyatt Centric French Quarter New Orleans$219$0$25$30
Hyatt Centric Downtown Sacramento$238$0$25$50
Hyatt Centric Buckhead Atlanta$223$0$25$50
Hyatt Centric Times Square New York$348$0$25$25
Hyatt Centric Chicago Magnificent Mile$194$0$25$50
Hyatt Centric Arlington$149$0$15$30
Hyatt Centric Las Olas Fort Lauderdale$289$0$10$20
Hyatt Centric Fisherman’s Wharf San Francisco$173$0$10$20
Hyatt Centric Downtown Nashville$259$0$25$50
Hyatt Centric Center City Philadelphia$222$0$25$50
Hyatt Regency
Hyatt Regency Orlando International Airport$297$0$25$50
Hyatt Regency St. Louis at The Arch$129$0$25$50
Hyatt Regency Phoenix$229$0$25$50
Hyatt Regency Houston$219$0$25$50
Hyatt Regency Tulsa Downtown$125$0$10$20
Hyatt Regency Atlanta Perimeter at Villa Christina$141$0$5$5
Hyatt Regency Crystal City at Reagan National Airport$119$0$25$50
Hyatt Regency New Brunswick$169$0$25$50
Hyatt Regency Green Bay$109$0$20$40
Hyatt Regency Santa Clara$459$0$0$0
Hyatt Regency McCormick Place$179$0$25$50
Hyatt Regency Seattle$171$0$25$50
Hyatt Regency Portland at the Oregon Convention Center$184$0$25$50
Hyatt Regency Bethesda$183$0$25$50
Hyatt Regency San Francisco$245$0$25$50
Hyatt Regency Boston/Cambridge$219$0$30$60
Hyatt Regency Baltimore Inner Harbor$151$0$25$50
Hyatt Regency Orlando$298$0$25$50
Hyatt Regency Aurora-Denver Conference Center$189$0$25$50
Hyatt Regency Sonoma Wine Country$227$0$25$50
Hyatt Regency Columbus$214$0$25$50
Hyatt Regency Milwaukee$133$0$25$50
Hyatt Regency Jersey City on the Hudson$204$0$25$50
Hyatt Regency New Orleans$174$0$25$50
Hyatt Regency Los Angeles International Airport$171$0$25$50
Hyatt Regency Princeton$154$0$25$50
Hyatt Regency Miami$359$0$25$50
Hyatt Regency Lisle near Naperville$135$0$10$20
Hyatt Regency Savannah$199$0$25$50
Hyatt Regency Coralville Hotel & Conference Center$119$0$10$20
Hyatt Regency O’Hare Chicago$149$0$25$50
Hyatt Regency Long Island$189$0$25$50
Hyatt Regency Louisville$169$0$25$50
Hyatt Regency Chicago$175$0$25$50
Hyatt Regency Atlanta$259$0$25$50
Hyatt Regency San Antonio Riverwalk$229$0$25$50
Hyatt Regency Wichita$149$0$25$50
Hyatt Regency Buffalo/Hotel and Conference Center$100$0$10$20
Hyatt Regency Lexington$229$0$25$50
Hyatt Regency Birmingham – The Wynfrey Hotel$141$0$25$50
Hyatt Regency Denver Tech Center$125$0$25$50
Hyatt Regency Boston Harbor$206$0$25$50
Hyatt Regency Orange County$183$0$25$50
Hyatt Regency DFW International Airpor$229$0$25$25
Hyatt Regency Rochester$139$0$10$20
Hyatt Regency Austin$199$0$25$25
Hyatt Regency Dallas$219$0$25$50
Hyatt Regency Cleveland at The Arcade$158$0$25$50
Hyatt Regency Greenville$173$0$10$20
Hyatt Regency La Jolla at Aventine$259$0$10$20
Hyatt House
Hyatt House Austin/Downtown$189$0$5$10
Hyatt House Dallas/Uptown$179$0$15$20
Hyatt House Houston/Galleria$114$0$10$10
Hyatt House New Orleans/Downtown$167$0$25$50
Hyatt House Nashville Downtown/Convention Center$199$0$20$20
Hyatt House Atlanta/Downtown$304$0$15$30
Hyatt House Tampa Downtown$314$0$10$15
Hyatt House Naples/5th Avenue$442$0$10$20
Hyatt House Miami Airport$298$0$10$20
Hyatt House Los Angeles/LAX/Manhattan Beach$264$0$10$10
Hyatt House San Jose/Silicon Valley$249$0$0$0
Hyatt House San Diego/Sorrento Mesa$219$0$10$20
Hyatt House Portland/Downtown$209$0$10$20
Hyatt House Charleston/Historic District$199$0$20$30
Hyatt House Charlotte/Center City$194$0$0$0
Hyatt House Raleigh North Hills$229$0$0$0
Hyatt House Virginia Beach/Oceanfront$169$0$10$20
Hyatt House Herndon/Reston$254$0$10$10
Hyatt House New York/Chelsea$239$0$10$20
Hyatt House Parsippany/Whippany$189$0$10$20
Hyatt House Louisville – East$114$0$0$20
Hyatt House Chicago – Medical/University District$179$0$20$25
Hyatt House Columbus OSU/Short – North$139$0$0$0
Hyatt House Indianapolis/Downtown$136$0$10$20
Hyatt House Denver/Aurora$201$0$10$20
Hyatt House Carlsbad$169$0$10$20
Hyatt House North Scottsdale$221$0$20$40
Hyatt House Salt Lake City/Downtown$233$0$10$20
Hyatt House Provo/Pleasant Grove$124$0$10$20
Hyatt House Minot$153$0$10$20
Hyatt House Rochester/Mayo Clinic Area$144$0$10$20
Hyatt House Pittsburgh/Bloomfield/Shadyside$179$0$0$0
Hyatt House Philadelphia/Plymouth Meeting$139$0$10$20
Hyatt House Philadelphia/King of Prussia$209$0$0$0
Hyatt House The Woodlands/Shenandoah$129$0$10$20
Hyatt House Bryan/College Station$122$0$10$20
Hyatt House Lewes/Rehoboth Beach$109$0$10$20
Hyatt House Morristown$189$0$10$20
Hyatt House Bridgewater$190$0$0$0
Hyatt House Mt. Laurel$147$0$10$10
Hyatt House Branchburg$154$0$10$20
Hyatt House Boston/Burlington$159$0$10$20
Hyatt House Indianapolis/Fishers$159$0$0$20
Hyatt House Chicago/Evanston$169$0$0$0
Hyatt House Chicago/West Loop-Fulton Market$129$0$10$20
Hyatt House Augusta/Downtown$138$0$25$30
Hyatt House Atlanta/Cobb Galleria$174$0$0$0
Hyatt House Davis$168$0$15$30
Hyatt House Irvine/John Wayne Airport$229$0$0$0
Hyatt House Sacramento/Midtown$199$0$10$20
Hyatt Place
Hyatt Place Austin/Lake Travis/Four Points$159$0$10$20
Hyatt Place Houston/Galleria$129$0$10$20
Hyatt Place San Antonio/Riverwalk$153$0$10$15
Hyatt Place Dallas/Arlington$164$0$10$20
Hyatt Place Corpus Christi$119$0$10$20
Hyatt Place Oklahoma City Airport$149$0$10$20
Hyatt Place Tulsa/Downtown$138$0$10$20
Hyatt Place at Wichita State University$124$0$10$20
Hyatt Place Topeka$104$0$10$20
Hyatt Place Kansas City/Overland Park/Convention Center$129$0$10$20
Hyatt Place Lincoln/Downtown-Haymarket$149$0$10$20
Hyatt Place Omaha/Downtown-Old Market$129$0$10$20
Hyatt Place New Orleans/Convention Center$138$0$20$20
Hyatt Place Biloxi$119$0$10$20
Hyatt Place Nashville Downtown$242$0$10$20
Hyatt Place Atlanta/Downtown$198$0$10$20
Hyatt Place Orlando/Lake Buena Vista$167$0$10$20
Hyatt Place Tampa Downtown$304$0$10$15
Hyatt Place Boca Raton/Downtown$329$0$5$10
Hyatt Place San Carlos$159$0$25$50
Hyatt Place Glendale/Los Angeles$234$0$10$20
Hyatt Place San Diego/Vista-Carlsbad$139$0$10$20
Hyatt Place Eugene/Oakway Center$170$0$10$20
Hyatt Place Greenville Downtown$239$0$10$20
Hyatt Place Charlotte Downtown$205$0$10$20
Hyatt Place Chapel Hill/Southern Village$159$0$10$10
Hyatt Place Arlington/Courthouse Plaza$179$0$0$0
Hyatt Place New York/Midtown-South$307$0$20$40
Hyatt Place New York/Yonkers$189$0$0$0
Hyatt Place Portland-Old Port$177$0$20$60
Hyatt Place Cincinnati Airport/Florence$139$0$10$20
Hyatt Place Chicago/Downtown-The Loop$189$0$20$40
Hyatt Place Columbus/Polaris$149$0$10$20
Hyatt Place Indianapolis Airport$199$0$10$20
Hyatt Place Milwaukee Downtown$139$0$10$20
Hyatt Place West Des Moines/Jordan Creek$174$0$0$0
Hyatt Place Detroit/Royal Oak$193$0$5$10
Hyatt Place Boulder/Pearl Street$174$0$10$20
Hyatt Place Santa Fe$159$0$10$20
Hyatt Place Tucson-Central$109$0$10$20
Hyatt Place Phoenix/Gilbert$179$0$0$0
Hyatt Place Salt Lake City/Cottonwood$219$0$10$20
Hyatt Place Moab$154$0$10$20
Hyatt Place Las Vegas$173$0$10$20
Hyatt Place Boise/Downtown$164$0$10$20
Hyatt Place Sioux Falls – South$100$0$25$50
Hyatt Place St. Paul/Downtown$139$0$0$0
Hyatt Place St. Louis/Chesterfield$159$0$10$20
Hyatt Place Bethlehem$189$0$10$20
Hyatt Place at The Hollywood Casino/Pittsburgh – South$129$0$10$20
Park Hyatt
Park Hyatt Chicago$545$0$25$50
Park Hyatt New York$1,645$0$0$0
Park Hyatt Beaver Creek Resort and Spa$1,349$0$25$50
Park Hyatt Washington D.C.$383$0$25$50
Park Hyatt Aviara Resort, Golf Club & Spa$827$0$25$50
Thompson Hollywood$299$0$25$25
The Beekman, a Thompson Hotel$519$0$0$0
Thompson Central Park New York$499$0$0$0
Thompson Austin$470$0$30$60
Thompson Chicago$239$0$25$50
Thompson Seattle$326$0$30$60
Thompson Dallas$341$0$30$60
Thompson San Antonio – Riverwalk$389$0$25$50
Gild Hall, a Thompson Hotel$217$0$20$40
Thompson Denver$344$0$25$50
Thompson Savannah$199$0$25$50
Thompson Nashville$307$0$25$50
Thompson Buckhead$380$0$25$50
Thompson Washington D.C.$332$0$25$50


BrandHotel Name1 Guest2 Guest3 Guest4 Guest
Candlewood Suites
Candlewood Suites New York City – Times Square$246$0$0$0
Candlewood Suites Secaucus – Meadowlands$165$0$0$0
Candlewood Suites LAX Hawthorne$153$0$0$0
Candlewood Suites Anaheim – Resort Area$157$0$0$0
Candlewood Suites Houston Medical Center$88$0$0$0
Candlewood Suites Pearland$104$0$0$0
Candlewood Suites Chester – Philadelphia$107$0$0$0
Candlewood Suites San Antonio Downtown$105$0$0$0
Candlewood Suites San Diego$189$0$0$0
Candlewood Suites DFW South$125$0$0$0
Candlewood Suites Austin Airport$171$0$10$20
Candlewood Suites Jacksonville East Merril Road$146$0$0$0
Candlewood Suites Columbus – Grove City$111$0$0$0
Candlewood Suites Houston – Pasadena$91$0$0$0
Candlewood Suites Bensalem – Philadelphia Area$128$0$0$0
Candlewood Suites San Antonio Lackland AFB Area$117$0$0$0
Candlewood Suites Grand Prairie – Arlington$180$0$10$20
Candlewood Suites Buda – Austin SW$126$0$0$0
Candlewood Suites Jacksonville – Mayport$121$0$0$0
Candlewood Suites Columbus North – Polaris$89$0$0$0
Candlewood Suites Birmingham/Homewood$106$0$10$18
Candlewood Suites Tucson$198$0$0$0
Candlewood Suites North Little Rock$106$0$0$0
Candlewood Suites Houston I-10 East$74$0$0$0
Candlewood Suites Bordentown-Trenton$132$0$0$0
Candlewood Suites San Antonio Airport$99$0$0$0
Candlewood Suites Dallas Market Cntr-Love Field$125$0$0$0
Candlewood Suites Austin-Round Rock$116$0$0$0
Candlewood Suites Grand Junction Nw$118$0$0$0
Candlewood Suites West Springfield$142$0$0$0
Candlewood Suites Hartford Downtown$129$0$0$0
Candlewood Suites Ft. Lauderdale Airport/Cruise$180$0$0$0
Candlewood Suites Boise-Meridian$145$0$0$0
Candlewood Suites Indianapolis Dwtn Medical Dist$184$0$0$0
Candlewood Suites Sioux City – Southern Hills$122$0$0$0
Candlewood Suites Wichita East$127$0$0$0
Candlewood Suites Houston Westchase – Westheimer$77$0$0$0
Candlewood Suites San Antonio NW near SeaWorld$104$0$0$0
Candlewood Suites Fort Worth/West$86$0$0$0
Candlewood Suites Georgetown$120$0$0$0
Candlewood Suites Topeka West$98$0$0$0
Candlewood Suites Kansas City Northeast$126$0$0$0
Candlewood Suites Louisville – NE Downtown Area$133$0$0$0
Candlewood Suites Lafayette$98$0$0$0
Candlewood Suites San Antonio – Schertz$116$0$0$0
Candlewood Suites Dallas Plano East Richardson$121$0$0$0
Candlewood Suites Austin North 290 & I-35$128$0$0$0
Candlewood Suites Gonzales – Baton Rouge Area$119$0$0$0
Candlewood Suites Carlsbad South$198$0$0$0
Candlewood Suites Portland-Airport$170$0$0$0
Crowne Plaza
Crowne Plaza Times Square Manhattan$903$0$0$0
Crowne Plaza Englewood$117$0$0$0
Crowne Plaza Saddle Brook$126$0$0$0
Crowne Plaza Los Angeles Harbor Hotel$136$0$10$20
Crowne Plaza Chicago West Loop$125$0$0$0
Crowne Plaza Lombard Downers Grove$116$0$0$0
Crowne Plaza Houston Med Ctr-Galleria Area$144$0$10$20
Crowne Plaza Phoenix Airport – PHX$171$0$0$0
Crowne Plaza Philadelphia – King of Prussia$110$0$0$0
Crowne Plaza San Antonio Airport$93$0$0$0
Crowne Plaza Suites Arlington – Ballpark – Stadium$166$0$10$20
Crowne Plaza Jacksonville Airport/I-95N$181$0$0$0
Crowne Plaza Columbus North- Worthington$116$0$0$0
Crowne Plaza San Francisco Airport$145$0$10$20
Crowne Plaza Foster City-San Mateo$165$0$0$0
Crowne Plaza Palo Alto$197$0$10$20
Crowne Plaza Atlanta – Midtown$162$0$0$0
Crowne Plaza JFK Airport New York City$180$0$0$0
Crowne Plaza Chicago Ohare Hotel & Conf Ctr$119$0$0$0
Crowne Plaza Houston Galleria Area$108$0$0$0
Crowne Plaza Hotels & Resorts Phoenix – Chandler Golf Resort$207$0$0$0
Crowne Plaza Dallas-Market Center$134$0$0$0
Crowne Plaza Atlanta Perimeter at Ravinia$171$0$10$20
Crowne Plaza Indianapolis-Airport$134$0$0$0
Crowne Plaza Louisville Airport Expo Ctr$102$0$0$0
Crowne Plaza New Orleans French Quarter$132$0$0$0
Crowne Plaza Executive Center Baton Rouge$128$0$10$20
Crowne Plaza College Park – Washington DC$133$0$10$20
Crowne Plaza Boston – Woburn$128$0$0$0
Crowne Plaza Milwaukee South$88$0$0$0
Crowne Plaza Seattle Airport$157$0$0$0
Crowne Plaza Memphis Downtown$128$0$0$0
Crowne Plaza Knoxville Downtown University$149$0$0$0
Crowne Plaza Portland-Lake Oswego$135$0$0$0
Crowne Plaza Cleveland Airport$107$0$0$0
Crowne Plaza Albuquerque$144$0
Crowne Plaza Newark Airport$125$0$0$0
Crowne Plaza Chicago SW – Burr Ridge$136$0$0$0
Crowne Plaza Dallas Downtown$98$0$0$0
Crowne Plaza Silicon Valley N – Union City$134$0$10$20
Crowne Plaza Indianapolis-Dwtn-Union Stn$144$0$0$0
Crowne Plaza Chicago-Northbrook$103$0$0$0
Crowne Plaza Annapolis$119$0$0$0
Crowne Plaza Dulles Airport$154$0$0$0
Crowne Plaza Portland-Downtown Conv Ctr$105$0$0$0
Crowne Plaza Cleveland at Playhouse Square$126$0$10$20
Crowne Plaza Hickory$94$0$0$0
Crowne Plaza Hotels & Resorts Asheville$123$0$0$0
Crowne Plaza Charleston Airport – Conv Ctr$110$0$10$19
Holiday Inn Express
Holiday Inn Express New York City Times Square$189$0$0$0
Holiday Inn Express & Suites Jersey City – Holland Tunnel$162$0$10$14
Holiday Inn Express & Suites Los Angeles Downtown West$187$0$15$30
Holiday Inn Express & Suites Chicago-Midway Airport$145$0$0$0
Holiday Inn Express & Suites Houston – N Downtown$118$0$0$0
Holiday Inn Express & Suites Phoenix Dwtn – State Capitol$139$0$0$0
Holiday Inn Express & Suites Surprise$144$0$10$20
Holiday Inn Express Philadelphia-Midtown$139$0$10$20
Holiday Inn Express & Suites Williamstown – Glassboro$126$0$0$0
Holiday Inn Express San Antonio N-Riverwalk Area$108$0$0$0
Holiday Inn Express New York City – Chelsea$162$0$0$0
Holiday Inn Express & Suites Hollywood Walk of Fame$222$0$20$40
Holiday Inn Express & Suites Chicago North Shore – Niles$107$0$0$0
Holiday Inn Express Houston – Galleria Area$124$0$0$0
Holiday Inn Express & Suites Tempe$136$0$0$0
Holiday Inn Express & Suites Philadelphia – Mt. Laurel$115$0$0$0
Holiday Inn Express & Suites San Antonio-Dtwn Market Area$103$0$10$15
Holiday Inn Express & Suites Selma$110$0$0$0
Holiday Inn Express San Diego Downtown$154$0$0$0
Holiday Inn Express & Suites San Diego Otay Mesa$136$0$0$0
Holiday Inn Express & Suites: Arlington North – Stadium Area$111$0$0$0
Holiday Inn Express & Suites Jersey City North – Hoboken$153$0$20$40
Holiday Inn Express & Suites Los Angeles Airport Hawthorne$145$0$0$0
Holiday Inn Express & Suites Chicago West-O’Hare Arpt Area$110$0$0$0
Holiday Inn Express & Suites Houston – Memorial Park Area$97$0$10$20
Holiday Inn Express & Suites Scottsdale – Old Town$158$0$5$10
Holiday Inn Express & Suites King Of Prussia$129$0$0$0
Holiday Inn Express & Suites San Antonio NW near SeaWorld$107$0$7$11
Holiday Inn Express San Diego Airport-Old Town$162$0$10$20
Holiday Inn Express & Suites Arlington (I-20-Parks Mall)$103$0$10$20
Holiday Inn Express & Suites Mansfield$113$0$0$0
Holiday Inn Express & Suites Austin Downtown – University$149$0$0$0
Holiday Inn Express & Suites Austin South-Buda$120$0$0$0
Holiday Inn Express & Suites Jacksonville W – I295 and I10$138$0$10$20
Holiday Inn Express & Suites La Jolla – Windansea Beach$211$0$0$0
Holiday Inn Express & Suites Dallas Market Ctr – Love Field$133$0$0$0
Holiday Inn Express & Suites Austin SW – Sunset Valley$153$0$5$10
Holiday Inn Express & Suites: Jacksonville North-Fernandina$118$0$0$0
Holiday Inn Express Columbus Downtown$132$0$0$0
Holiday Inn Express & Suites Austin NW – Arboretum Area$131$0$0$0
Holiday Inn Express & Suites Irving Dfw Airport North$98$0$0$0
Holiday Inn Express San Diego-Sea World Area$177$0$10$20
Holiday Inn Express & Suites San Antonio-Airport North$89$0$10$20
Holiday Inn Express & Suites Warminster – Horsham$113$0$10$20
Holiday Inn Express Peoria North – Glendale$107$0$0$0
Holiday Inn Express New York City – Wall Street$189$0$0$0
Holiday Inn Express Crestwood$92$0$0$0
Holiday Inn Express & Suites Prospect Heights$100$0$10$20
Holiday Inn Express & Suites Pearland$85$0$0$0
Holiday Inn Express & Suites Deer Park$125$0$0$0
InterContinental New York Times Square$227$0$20$40
InterContinental Chicago Magnificent Mile$175$0$40$80
InterContinental Houston – Medical Center$183$0$20$32
InterContinental San Diego$316$0$30$60
InterContinental The Clement Monterey$289$0$20$40
InterContinental Mark Hopkins San Francisco$223$0$0$0
InterContinental San Francisco$171$0$0$0
InterContinental New York Barclay$607$0$75$142
InterContinental – Alliance Resorts Palazzo at The Venetian Resort$169$0$50$100
InterContinental – Alliance Resorts The Venetian Resort$169$0$50$100
InterContinental Kansas City At The Plaza$166$0$0$0
InterContinental New Orleans$165$0$0$0
InterContinental Minneapolis – St. Paul Airport$198$0$0$0
InterContinental Saint Paul Riverfront$102$0$0$0
InterContinental Cleveland$269$0$0$0
InterContinental Suites Hotel Cleveland$204$0$0$0
InterContinental The Willard Washington D.C.$282$0$0$0
InterContinental Buckhead Atlanta$351$0$25$47
InterContinental Miami$313$0$23$23
InterContinental At Doral Miami$234$0$0$0
Kimpton Hotel Eventi$298$0$40$43
Kimpton Everly Hotel$299$0$15$15
Kimpton Hotel Wilshire$306$0$0$0
Kimpton La Peer Hotel$474$0$14$14
Kimpton Hotel Palomar Beverly Hills$261$0$0$0
Kimpton Hotel Monaco Chicago$189$0$0$0
Kimpton Gray Hotel$183$0$0$0
Kimpton Hotel Palomar Phoenix$288$0$0$0
Kimpton Hotel Palomar Philadelphia$204$0$0$0
Kimpton Hotel Palomar San Diego$250$0$0$0
Kimpton Pittman Hotel$281$0$0$0
Kimpton Harper Hotel$161$0$0$0
Kimpton Hotel Van Zandt$256$0$20$33
Kimpton Hotel Monaco Philadelphia$220$0$0$0
Kimpton Shorebreak Resort$189$0$0$0
Kimpton Rowan Palm Springs$367$0$0$0
Kimpton Sawyer Hotel$231$0$0$0
Kimpton RiverPlace Hotel$221$0$0$0
Kimpton Hotel Monaco Seattle$220$0$0$0
Kimpton Nine Zero Hotel$180$0$0$0
Kimpton Taconic Hotel$213$0$0$0
Kimpton Hotel Monaco Baltimore$136$0$0$0
Kimpton Banneker Hotel$183$0$25$50
Kimpton George Hotel$257$0$0$0
Kimpton Hotel Monaco Washington DC$773$0$0$0
Kimpton Goodland Fort Lauderdale Beach$252$0$20$27
Kimpton Fitch Lodge$455$0$25$50
Kimpton Angler’s Hotel South Beach$446$0$30$60
Kimpton Ridley House$560$0$25$50
Kimpton EPIC Hotel$427$0$25$50
Kimpton Hotel Palomar South Beach$322$0$25$50
Kimpton Surfcomber Hotel$351$0$19$19
Kimpton Vero Beach Hotel and Spa$358$0$0$0
Kimpton Overland Hotel Atlanta Airport$209$0$0$0
Kimpton Sylvan Hotel$233$0$0$0
Kimpton Hotel Monaco Pittsburgh$213$0$0$0
Kimpton Marlowe Hotel$162$0$0$0
Kimpton Hotel Vintage Seattle$185$0$0$0
Kimpton Hotel Vintage Portland$209$0$0$0
Kimpton Alton Hotel$174$0$0$0


BrandHotel Name1 Guest2 Guest3 Guest4 Guest
Courtyard Little Rock Downtown$146$0$0$0
Courtyard Hot Springs$112$0$0$0
Courtyard Birmingham Trussville$293$0$0$0
Courtyard Mobile$117$0$0$0
Courtyard Tucson Williams Centre$254$0$0$0
Courtyard Page at Lake Powell$175$0$0$0
Courtyard Phoenix Downtown$195$0$0$0
Courtyard Flagstaff$161$0$0$0
Courtyard Fresno$185$0$0$0
Courtyard Merced$146$0$0$0
Courtyard Oakland Downtown$195$0$0$0
Courtyard Sacramento Folsom$146$0$0$0
Courtyard San Diego Oceanside$126$0$0$0
Courtyard San Francisco Downtown/Van Ness Ave.$205$0$0$0
Courtyard Palm Springs$175$0$0$0
Courtyard Los Angeles Century City/Beverly Hills$332$0$0$0
Courtyard Colorado Springs South$166$0$0$0
Courtyard Denver Downtown$146$0$0$0
Courtyard Grand Junction$117$0$0$0
Courtyard Boulder$195$0$0$0
Courtyard Casper$107$0$0$0
Courtyard Milwaukee Downtown$126$0$0$0
Courtyard Burlington Harbor$205$0$0$0
Courtyard Tacoma Downtown$146$0$0$0
Courtyard Seattle Bellevue/Downtown$283$0$0$0
Courtyard Arlington Crystal City/Reagan National Airport$126$0$0$0
Courtyard Richmond Downtown$224$0$0$0
Courtyard Virginia Beach Norfolk$107$0$0$0
Courtyard St. George$97$0$0$0
Courtyard Salt Lake City Downtown$224$0$0$0
Courtyard El Paso Downtown/Convention Center$180$0$0$0
Courtyard Amarillo Downtown$126$0$0$0
Courtyard Fort Worth Historic Stockyards$175$0$0$0
Courtyard Austin Downtown/Convention Center$166$0$0$0
Courtyard Lubbock$117$0$0$0
Courtyard New Braunfels River Village$205$0$0$0
Courtyard San Antonio Riverwalk$205$0$0$0
Courtyard Corpus Christi$92$0$0$0
Courtyard Niagara Falls, USA$136$0$0$0
Courtyard Buffalo Downtown/Canalside$175$0$0$0
Courtyard Albany Troy/Waterfront$136$0$0$0
Courtyard Rochester Downtown$195$0$0$0
Courtyard New York Manhattan/Chelsea$185$0$0$0
Courtyard Lake Placid$518$0$0$0
Courtyard New Orleans French Quarter/Iberville$174$0$0$0
Courtyard Miami Beach South Beach$303$0$0$0
Courtyard Tampa Downtown$303$0$0$0
Courtyard Orlando Downtown$264$0$0$0
Courtyard West Palm Beach$269$0$0$0
Courtyard St Louis Downtown West$269$0$0$0
Renaissance Mobile Riverview Plaza Hotel$195$0$0$0
The Battle House Renaissance Mobile Hotel & Spa$215$0$0$0
Renaissance Phoenix Downtown Hotel$254$0$0$0
Renaissance Los Angeles Airport Hotel$205$0$0$0
Renaissance Palm Springs Hotel$303$0$0$0
Renaissance Newport Beach Hotel$264$0$0$0
Renaissance Walnut Creek Hotel$166$0$0$0
Renaissance Boulder Flatiron Hotel$220$0$0$0
Renaissance Denver Downtown City Center Hotel$224$0$0$0
Renaissance Washington, DC Downtown Hotel$175$0$0$0
Renaissance Boca Raton Hotel$283$0$0$0
Renaissance Fort Lauderdale West Hotel$313$0$0$0
Renaissance Orlando at Seaworld$210$0$0$0
Renaissance St. Augustine Historic Downtown$273$0$0$0
Renaissance Tampa International Plaza Hotel$352$0$0$0
Renaissance Atlanta Midtown Hotel$244$0$0$0
Renaissance Atlanta Airport Gateway Hotel$234$0$0$0
Renaissance Chicago Downtown Hotel$205$0$0$0
Renaissance Chicago North Shore Hotel$131$0$0$0
Renaissance Schaumburg Convention Center Hotel$175$0$0$0
Renaissance Indianapolis North Hotel$156$0$0$0
Renaissance Des Moines Savery Hotel$179$0$0$0
Renaissance Baton Rouge Hotel$185$0$0$0
Renaissance New Orleans Pere Marquette French Quarter Area Hotel$146$0$0$0
Renaissance Baltimore Harborplace Hotel$175$0$10$14
Renaissance Boston Waterfront Hotel$234$0$0$0
The Baronette Renaissance Detroit-Novi Hotel$215$0$0$0
Renaissance Minneapolis Hotel, The Depot$289$0$0$0
Renaissance St. Louis Airport Hotel$175$0$0$0
Renaissance Las Vegas Hotel$322$0$0$0
New York Flushing Hotel$362$0$0$0
Renaissance Reno Downtown Hotel & Spa$278$0$0$0
Renaissance Newark Airport Hotel$224$0$0$0
Renaissance Albany Hotel$303$0$0$0
Renaissance New York Chelsea Hotel$283$0$0$0
The Del Monte Lodge Renaissance Rochester Hotel & Spa$244$0$0$0
Renaissance New York Times Square Hotel$273$0$0$0
Renaissance Asheville Downtown Hotel$156$0$0$0
Renaissance Charlotte SouthPark Hotel$224$0$0$0
Renaissance Raleigh North Hills Hotel$269$0$0$0
Renaissance Cincinnati Downtown Hotel$322$0$0$0
Renaissance Cleveland Hotel$166$0$0$0
Renaissance Columbus Westerville-Polaris Hotel$185$0$0$0
Renaissance Toledo Downtown Hotel$166$0$0$0
Renaissance Nashville Hotel$254$0$0$0
Renaissance Austin Hotel$224$0$0$0
Renaissance Seattle Hotel$196$0$0$0
Renaissance Dallas Hotel$293$0$0$0
Renaissance Charleston Historic District Hotel$254$0$0$0
Renaissance Arlington Capital View Hotel$117$0$0$0
The Ritz-Carlton
The Ritz-Carlton, Amelia Island$783$0$0$0
The Ritz-Carlton, Pentagon City$313$0$0$0
The Ritz-Carlton, Atlanta$420$0$0$0
The Ritz-Carlton Golf Resort, Naples$1,351$0$0$0
The Ritz-Carlton, Bachelor Gulch$2,199$0$0$0
The Ritz-Carlton Bal Harbour, Miami$1,861$0$0$0
The Ritz-Carlton, Boston$662$0$13$13
The Ritz-Carlton, Charlotte$829$0$0$0
The Ritz-Carlton, South Beach$930$0$0$0
The Ritz-Carlton, Chicago$489$0$0$0
The Ritz-Carlton, Cleveland$518$0$0$0
The Ritz-Carlton, Dallas$749$0$0$0
The Ritz-Carlton Key Biscayne, Miami$1,028$0$0$0
The Ritz-Carlton, Laguna Niguel$829$0$0$0
The Ritz-Carlton, Denver$528$0$0$0
The Ritz-Carlton, Fort Lauderdale$871$0$0$0
The Ritz-Carlton Reynolds, Lake Oconee$489$0$0$0
The Ritz-Carlton, Half Moon Bay$779$0$0$98
The Ritz-Carlton, Naples$1,508$0$0$0
The Ritz-Carlton, Los Angeles$587$0$0$0
The Ritz-Carlton, Dove Mountain$920$0$0$0
The Ritz-Carlton, Marina del Rey$479$0$0$0
The Ritz-Carlton, Tysons Corner$254$0$0$0
The Ritz-Carlton Coconut Grove, Miami$656$0$0$0
The Ritz-Carlton, Washington, D.C.$425$0$0$0
The Ritz-Carlton, New Orleans$469$0$0$0
The Ritz-Carlton New York, Central Park$853$0$0$0
The Ritz-Carlton New York, NoMad$1,078$0$0$0
The Ritz-Carlton Orlando, Grande Lakes$920$0$0$0
The Ritz-Carlton, Philadelphia$371$0$8$8
The Ritz-Carlton, Rancho Mirage$940$0$0$0
The Ritz-Carlton, Sarasota$857$0$0$17
The Ritz-Carlton, San Francisco$489$0$0$0
The Ritz-Carlton Bacara, Santa Barbara$607$0$0$0
The Ritz-Carlton, St. Louis$636$0$0$0
The Ritz-Carlton, Lake Tahoe$1,126$0$0$0
The Ritz-Carlton Georgetown, Washington, D.C.$603$0$0$0
Springhill Suites
SpringHill Suites New York Midtown Manhattan/Fifth Avenue$234$0$0$0
SpringHill Suites Chicago Downtown/River North$136$0$0$0
SpringHill Suites Los Angeles Burbank/Downtown$273$0$0$0
SpringHill Suites Tempe at Arizona Mills Mall$146$0$0$0
SpringHill Suites San Antonio Downtown/Riverwalk Area$126$0$0$0
SpringHill Suites Charlotte Uptown$205$0$0$0
SpringHill Suites Alexandria Old Town/Southwest$175$0$0$0
SpringHill Suites Nashville Downtown/Convention Center$215$0$0$0
SpringHill Suites Houston Medical Center/NRG Park$175$0$0$0
SpringHill Suites Los Angeles Downey$273$0$0$0
SpringHill Suites Chicago O’Hare$126$0$0$0
SpringHill Suites Philadelphia Airport/Ridley Park$156$0$0$0
SpringHill Suites San Antonio SeaWorld®/Lackland$117$0$0$0
SpringHill Suites Oakland Airport$210$0$0$0
SpringHill Suites Oklahoma City Downtown/Bricktown$141$0$0$0
SpringHill Suites El Paso$154$0$0$0
SpringHill Suites Houston Downtown/Convention Center$161$0$0$0
SpringHill Suites Tuckahoe Westchester County$151$0$0$0
SpringHill Suites Phoenix Downtown$156$0$0$0
SpringHill Suites Philadelphia Plymouth Meeting$122$0$0$0
SpringHill Suites San Diego Downtown/Bayfront$264$0$0$0
SpringHill Suites Austin South$161$0$0$0
SpringHill Suites Seattle Downtown/South Lake Union$136$0$0$0
SpringHill Suites Boston Peabody$146$0$0$0
SpringHill Suites Portland Vancouver$136$0$0$0
SpringHill Suites San Diego Rancho Bernardo/Scripps Poway$166$0$0$0
SpringHill Suites Dallas Downtown/West End$215$0$0$0
SpringHill Suites Jacksonville$166$0$0$0
SpringHill Suites Columbus OSU$146$0$0$0
SpringHill Suites Indianapolis Downtown$107$0$0$0
SpringHill Suites Denver Downtown$210$0$0$0
SpringHill Suites Las Vegas Convention Center$420$0$0$0
SpringHill Suites Detroit Dearborn$146$0$0$0
SpringHill Suites Memphis Downtown$156$0$0$0
SpringHill Suites Louisville Downtown$146$0$0$0
SpringHill Suites Baltimore Downtown/Inner Harbor$123$0$0$0
SpringHill Suites Milwaukee Downtown$156$0$0$0
SpringHill Suites Albuquerque University Area$126$0$0$0
SpringHill Suites Fresno$156$0$0$0
SpringHill Suites Sacramento Natomas$146$0$0$0
SpringHill Suites Auburn$244$0$0$0
SpringHill Suites Kansas City Plaza$166$0$0$0
SpringHill Suites Atlanta Downtown$224$0$0$0
SpringHill Suites Baltimore BWI Airport$126$0$0$0
SpringHill Suites Kenosha$141$0$0$0
SpringHill Suites Albuquerque North/Journal Center$146$0$0$0
SpringHill Suites Madera$126$0$0$0
SpringHill Suites Sacramento Roseville$141$0$0$0
SpringHill Suites Napa Valley$175$0$0$0
SpringHill Suites Overland Park Leawood$131$0$0$0
St. Regis
St. Regis Residence Club, Aspen$5,879$0$0$0
The St. Regis Atlanta$626$0$0$0
The St. Regis Bal Harbour Resort$1,979$0$0$0
The St. Regis Houston$509$0$0$0
The St. Regis Aspen Resort$1,542$0$0$0
The St. Regis New York$2,837$0$0$0
The St. Regis Deer Valley$2,699$0$0$0
The St. Regis San Francisco$1,906$0$0$0
The Westin Milwaukee$264$0$0$0
The Westin Bellevue$313$0$0$0
The Westin Seattle$185$0$0$0
The Westin Richmond$313$0$0$0
The Westin Virginia Beach Town Center$195$0$0$0
The Westin Arlington Gateway$156$0$0$0
The Westin Riverwalk, San Antonio$332$0$0$0
The Westin Houston Downtown$254$0$0$0
The Westin Austin at The Domain$244$0$0$0
The Westin Galleria Dallas$215$0$0$0
The Westin Nashville$342$0$0$0
The Westin Memphis Beale Street$319$0$0$0
The Westin Chattanooga$205$0$0$0
The Westin Hilton Head Island Resort & Spa$303$0$0$0
The Westin Poinsett, Greenville$195$0$0$0
The Westin Philadelphia$293$0$0$0
The Westin Pittsburgh$224$0$0$0
The Westin Cincinnati$391$0$0$0
The Westin Cleveland Downtown$244$0$0$0
The Westin Great Southern Columbus$200$0$0$0
The Westin Buffalo$224$0$10$10
The Westin New York at Times Square$264$0$0$0
The Westin Lake Las Vegas Resort & Spa$175$0$0$0
The Westin Jackson$283$0$0$0
The Westin Governor Morris, Morristown$215$0$0$0
The Westin Jersey City Newport$234$0$0$0
The Westin Las Vegas Hotel & Spa$695$0$0$0
The Westin Mount Laurel$156$0$0$0
The Westin Princeton at Forrestal Village$185$0$0$0
The Westin Charlotte$254$0$0$0
The Westin St. Louis$312$0$0$0
The Westin Minneapolis$214$0$0$0
The Westin Southfield Detroit$156$0$0$0
The Westin Portland Harborview$205$0$0$0
The Westin Baltimore Washington Airport – BWI$156$0$0$0
The Westin Boston Seaport District$195$0$0$0
The Westin Buckhead Atlanta$250$0$0$5
The Westin New Orleans$185$0$0$0
The Westin Indianapolis$166$0$0$0
The Westin Phoenix Downtown$303$0$0$0
The Westin Chicago Lombard$185$0$0$0
The Westin Fort Lauderdale$234$0$0$0
The Westin Denver Downtown$195$0$0$0
The Westin Los Angeles Airport$185$0$0$0
The Westin Copley Place, Boston$332$0$0$0
The Westin Washington National Harbor$283$0$0$0
The Westin Annapolis$254$0$0$0
The Westin Book Cadillac Detroit$371$0$0$0
The Westin Edina Galleria$371$0$0$0
The Westin Kansas City at Crown Center$215$0$0$0

Final word

As you can see, your odds of getting charged for additional guests go way down whenever you book with certain brands such as Marriott or IHG. Meanwhile, other brands like Hilton and Hyatt have a high probability of charging you for the third and fourth guest.

19 Tips for Enjoying Your Hotel Stay & Avoiding Problems

Unexpected hiccups and frustrations are inevitable whenever you are doing a lot of traveling.

But there are some ways that you can reduce the friction of your experience when staying in hotels and increase the amount of “minor” victories.

Over the years, I’ve picked up on a few habits that have helped me to avoid frustrations and have a more relaxing stay and I want to share all of those with you below!

Get a co-branded hotel credit card

Getting a co-branded hotel credit card is going to help you in a few ways.

For one, you can earn more points by using that card to book your hotel stay. It’s really hard to beat the return in value when you use a co-branded card at its own hotel chain.

Secondly, they usually offer some level of elite status which can help you get things like free breakfast and late check out.

What’s more, you can often earn or receive elite credits that can help you climb up the elite status ladder much quicker.

And finally, you can take advantage of other perks like free nights or other little discounts that can add up in the long run and help you save money.

Tip: Use the free app WalletFlo to help you travel the world for free by finding the best travel credit cards and promotions!

Scrutinize your decisions based on saving “a few bucks”

Before you decide on your hotel or room type, scrutinize your decisions based on saving a few bucks.

It’s easy to go for the cheapest rate by default but being honest with yourself is really helpful here.

Are you really okay staying at that hotel with construction going on?

Is an ocean view really not a big deal to you?

Will you be comfortable in that tiny standard room or will you need more space in a suite?

Take a second to imagine yourself traveling in that setting and see if your selection still sounds as appealing. It’s easy to get blinded by savings.

It’s also okay to spend a little bit extra on things you really care about.

Accurately select the number of people in your room

Hotels want you to accurately select how many people are staying in your room for a few reasons.

Some of them will charge you extra if you have multiple guests but it’s also a safety thing.

It will help the hotel comply with the fire code and in the event of an emergency, a rescue worker would know how many occupants would be in a room.

But adding all of your guests to your reservation can also help you receive the full amount of elite benefits you are entitled to.

For example, sometimes you are issued a dining credit for up to two people and if you forgot to add the other person to the reservation, the hotel may only provide you with one credit.

They may or may not allow you to add the extra person later on and receive the elite benefits so it’s best to add them beforehand.

Carry around a band of $1 bills

When we are between trips, we make a point to visit the bank to get a band of $1 bills.

We then place that in a travel bag so that we don’t even have to think about getting bills when packing for a trip.

This is going to make your life much easier when it comes to tipping valet, concierge, housekeeping, and all of the other people at the hotel you might need to tip.

It feels really good to be “loaded” with one dollar bills so you don’t have to stress over tips.

As an aside, we always try to tip a minimum of two dollars to avoid “disrespectful” one dollar tips.

Go for early check in

Early check-in can pretty much never be guaranteed.

But that shouldn’t stop you from going for it.

If I had to guess, I have about an 80% success rate with getting early check-in before the stated check in time. Showing up around noon is often not a problem, even at hotels that are sold out.

Early check-in is great not only because you get more time in your room but you also get to check in before the lobby becomes a tourist zoo.

Check about meal reservations

As soon as you make your hotel booking, you should be thinking about dining reservations.

And don’t always assume that reservations won’t be needed at some restaurants.

Sometimes, especially during a busy season, you may need to make reservations at hotel restaurants that you would typically think would not require reservations.

Avoid the disappointment by reserving your table before you arrive.

Confirm your reservation for nonstandard bookings

For the most seamless hotel experience always book directly but if you booked through an online travel agency you should always confirm your reservation with the hotel.

You can do this over the phone or via email.

You’d be shocked to find out how many reservations are just lost somewhere in the interwebs and it’s usually those reservations booked through an online travel agency.

You also should confirm your hotel room if you have special needs such as if you are bringing a pet, need an accessible room, etc.

And if you have a special occasion such as an anniversary, honeymoon, or anything else you’re celebrating, it’s always a good idea to let the hotel know about that.

Not only can you get free stuff and special treatment but it’s going to also help prevent you from getting walked.

Ask for extra towels at check-in

Whenever we check in to a hotel, we make it a habit to request extra towels right on the spot.

I can’t tell you how many times I had to take a shower in the past without a fresh towel waiting for me when I get out and you never know how long it may take the hotel to provide you with another towel.

I’ve even had (reputable) hotels tell me that towels are temporary unavailable!

Bring a case of bottled water

If you’re an active traveler, chances are you’re going to constantly be on the brink of dehydration from all the running around.

This is especially true if you are hanging out in a place like Phoenix in the summer, going on hikes, or partaking in adult beverages.

While many hotels provide a few free water bottles, it’s often not enough to keep you properly hydrated.

We always try to buy a case of water bottles whenever we arrive at a location so that we don’t spend a crazy amount of money buying expensive water at the hotel and can stay properly hydrated.

Filtered re-usable water bottles can also come in handy but having lots of water bottles is usually more convenient since they can be used for other needs like tea.

Get a portable tea kettle

I don’t think I will ever use a coffee maker again after learning about how dirty those things can get.

Avoid the potential nastiness by bringing your own portable tea kettle to heat up your water. I use a collapsible one that is super easy to travel with and it’s always convenient to use.

Related to this, if you want more varieties of coffee or tea packets, be sure to check out the lobby as they usually have more varieties than what you’ll find in your room.

Bring a white noise machine

Some hotels are just way too quiet and it can be difficult to get some sleep in those environments.

You can get a quality white noise machine for cheap that can easily be transported to help with these situations.

Check your room amenities

Whenever you arrive in your room, survey your room for any oddities.

For example, does the mini fridge work? Are the dispensers with shampoo and soap already empty? Does the TV work?

These are things that may be super inconvenient to fix later on so it’s good to be proactive about discovering them early on.

Ask about upgrades and better rooms

Whenever you check into a hotel don’t be afraid to ask about potential upgrades or rooms with better views.

If you’re courteous and friendly, it’s not hard to get a little bump in room quality from the front desk agent.

Use USB data blockers

I’ve never felt comfortable plugging in my USB cables into those USB ports found in hotel alarm clocks or lamps.

And then I found out about juice jacking and really decided against doing that.

While the odds of something like juice jacking happening to you are probably very low, you can easily remove any fear of that happening by using something like a USB data blocker to charge your devices.

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Bring an eye mask

Eye masks are not for everybody and it takes a while to get used to sleeping with these.

But sometimes there is very little you can do in a hotel room to prevent light from casting a glow in your room.

In another situation, your travel partner may need to stay up to get some things done and that could interrupt your sleep.

Having an eye mask is a great solution to all of these situations.

By the way, I’m a big fan of the hanger on the curtains trick which helps to keep light out.

Get going early

I can’t express how beneficial it is to just get going early at hotels.

For breakfast, you’ll have the best seat in the house, fresh items to choose from, and you won’t have to worry about a line of 37 people judging you for your sometimes questionable food selections (or portions).

When it comes to resorts, you’ll find it 10 times easier to lock down a chair in one of the better spots around the pool or beach area.

Plus, there’s nothing better than catching the sunrise on vacation.

Bring your own blanket

Here’s something you probably don’t want to know: a lot of hotels do not clean the comforters between guests.

You can read some first hand accounts here but it’s one of the unfortunate (and grosser) realities of hotel travel.

For that reason, whenever I’m traveling on a road trip, I always bring my own blanket to minimize contact with duvet covers and comforters that may be a little bit too “broken in” for me.

Verify your key when using late check out

A lot of times whenever you get late check out, your key card will deactivate at the normal checkout time.

This can be really inconvenient if you are arriving back at the hotel after this time and you have a long walk to your room.

That’s because you’re probably going to have to backtrack to the front desk.

So anytime I receive late check out, I always make sure to head to the front desk before I depart to get my card updated with the late check out time.

Settle your bill issues in person

If you’re staying at a full service hotel where you may have a variety of charges like parking, valet, room service, and potentially credits applied to some of these charges, then I would recommend always settling your bill issues in person at checkout.

You’d be surprised how often hotels screwup on your charges.

And trying to work this out over the phone can lead to a lot of back-and-forth with several days in between each follow up which can be really frustrating and difficult to keep track of.

Final word

If you can remember to just take a few steps to prepare for your hotel visit, you can often ensure that the entire experience goes much smoother.

Hopefully, these tips that I’ve had success with over the years will also help you enjoy your hotel experience even better.

Is It Wrong to Book ADA (Accessible) Hotel Rooms (If You Don’t Need Them)?

If you’ve done a lot of traveling then you probably have thought about booking an accessible room or maybe you have just been put in one without requesting it.

In those situations, you may have had mixed feelings about taking up an accessible hotel room if you don’t actually need any of its accessibility features

But is it really wrong of you to take up one of those rooms?

Let’s take a look below and breakdown major questions that people have about ADA rooms.

What is an accessible room?

An accessible room is a hotel room that is designed to cater to people with disabilities or other mobility issues such as those who may be in a wheelchair.

How different are the accessible hotel rooms?

Sometimes you might not even be able to tell the difference between an accessible hotel room and a standard hotel room.

But other times, the differences can be much more noticeable.

For starters, doorways are often much wider allowing for easy wheelchair access.

Often you will find a much larger bathroom with hand rails to help people get around the toilet area and into and out of the bath or shower.

They may even have a roll-in shower (that might allow water to spill out which can be one of the major complaints of accessible bathrooms).

The shower may also have a bench and different types of showerheads that can be more easily used by someone sitting in the shower.

It’s not uncommon to find emergency assistance buttons or cords in the bathroom, either.

Sometimes, the entire room may also be larger, almost empty feeling.

You may even notice some minor quirks around the room. For example, the rack for hanging up clothes in the closet could be much lower or the furniture could be spaced out in an odd way.

The rooms are often located closer to the central area of the hotel such as the lobby.

For example, if you’re staying somewhere like a lodge that has multiple cabins, the accessible cabins will probably require the shortest walk.

Other times they may be closer to the elevator or stairs for the quick access.

Because the rooms can be located closer to higher traffic areas, they can be noisier which is sometimes one of the major drawbacks of these rooms.

If the room is designed to cater to those with hearing impairments, you may notice things like flashing lights.

Accessible hotel bathroom

Why would someone book an ADA room?

People book ADA rooms because it helps them get around the room and hotel easier.

But as for people who don’t actually need the accessibility features….

Usually the reason why someone would book an ADA room when they don’t need it is because it is the only type of room left (and possibly the only one left they can afford).

If it’s between a standard ADA room or a presidential suite, most people will just go for the standard ADA room.

Another reason why some people will book an ADA room is because the room is showing a discounted rate.

The discounts may not always be that much but sometimes people will do what they can to save a few bucks.

And finally, some people may book these rooms because they like having more space. Some accessible rooms resemble something closer to a junior suite.

Why do people not want the accessible rooms?

Some people may not want to be put in an accessible hotel room for the reasons mentioned above that deal with being located in high traffic areas that can be noisy.

They also may not feel comfortable taking up an accessible room in the same way that they would not want to take up an accessible parking space or bathroom stall.

But a lot of people don’t like to be put in these rooms because they feel like there is some kind of stigma or something.

It’s as if they don’t want to be “associated” with being handicapped or reminded that one day they may be in need of extra assistance for their daily needs. The sight of walls lined with hand rails can be triggering for some.

And finally, some hotel guests may be worried that the room has some type of weird functionality that is less than ideal.

This actually can be true sometimes with the bathrooms because you may find some of the layouts to be a little bit problematic or even confusing.

For example, sometimes the shower heads could be tough to deal with for someone 6 feet tall and other times you may not have as much counter space.

It also doesn’t help that sometimes the front desk agent presents the accessible room as something that you would only choose as a last resort.

“We only have an accessible room available, is that going to be okay?”

* makes frowny face*

Tip: Always ask the front desk if there is something odd about the ADA room just in case something might present a problem.

Accessible hotel bathroom

Can you get put in an accessible room without booking one?

Yes, you can absolutely get put in an accessible room even when you did not book one.

In fact, this is happened to me many times.

Probably, too many to count.

You could potentially increase the odds of this happening by trying to get early check in but other times it can just be random.

Sometimes if you are booking something like a corporate rate the relationship that your employer has with the hotel could dictate if you get placed in an accessible room or not.

Also, if you were traveling with the family a front desk agent could feel like a larger accessible room will be a better accommodation for you and your kids so they may place you in it.

If a hotel ever offers me an accessible room, I usually ask to be put in a different type of room but sometimes that is the only available room so you sort of have to just accept it.

Here are some tips for dealing with this situation

If you’re wondering about how to go about booking and dealing with getting put in an accessible room, here are some tips.

Always avoid booking an accessible room if you don’t need it

Some people believe that you should never book an accessible room if you don’t need it.

The feeling is that if you prevent someone from having access to an accessible room that truly needs it, it’s just not a very kind thing to do.

I agree with this line of thinking although I know that I’ve been guilty of booking these rooms in the past when I was unable to find anything else.

In reality, the number of people who need an accessible room is probably not so high every night that those in need of an accessible room are denied accommodation.

But still, lots of people don’t like to chance this.

Book an accessible room but include a note that you don’t need it

Sometimes the only type of room that will be available is an accessible room.

If you really need to stay at the property, one option you have is to book that room but include a note that you do not need an accessible room.

The thinking here is that the hotel will be able to shuffle rooms around by the time check-in comes around and you will not have to stay in the accessible room because it can be given to someone else (perhaps someone who needs it).

You can leave a note when booking on the website a lot of times or you can send an email or call the hotel if you need to let them know that you don’t need accessible room.

Sort it out at check-in

If you book an accessible room and don’t need it you can often get this sorted out at check-in.

Simply let the person at the front desk know that you don’t need an accessible room and ask them if they can put you in a different room.

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Final word

Overall, I would try to avoid booking accessible rooms if you don’t need them because it’s risking taking up a room that someone may truly need during their trip.

If you do end up booking one, consider notifying the hotel that you will not need it and you might be able to get moved to a different room at check-in.

And if you happen to get put into an accessible room with no alternative, try not to worry too much about it because chances are it’s probably not that big of a deal.

Also, try not to waste energy worrying about any associated stigma with staying in those rooms because at the end of the day nobody really cares.

Review: El Tovar Hotel, Amazing Grand Canyon Lodge!

The El Tovar Hotel has been on my radar for quite a long time.

Situated on the South Rim of the Grand Canyon, this is the place to stay for national park lovers and those who want easy access to the wonders of the Grand Canyon.

I finally got to experience what it was like staying at this historic hotel and below, I’ll tell you all about it.

Hotel Overview

There are a handful of hotels/lodges that you can find located right on the South Rim of the Grand Canyon.

These include:

  • Bright Angel Lodge
  • Maswik Lodge (1/4 mile from rim)
  • Thunderbird Lodge
  • Kachina Lodge
  • El Tovar Hotel

Each of these can offer a different type of room ranging from cozy historic units with a shared bath to standard lodge rooms with a private bath and satellite TV.

The “crown jewel” of these hotels is the El Tovar Hotel.

That’s mostly because of the ability to book special suites with great views and its history dating back to its 1905 opening.

The El Tovar was part of the initial wave of “destination resorts” that were built in newly-accessible areas like Yellowstone and Glacier National Park.

These were made possible by the railroads like the Santa Fe Railway, which played a major role in the creation of the hotel.

A former Harvey House hotel, El Tovar also has the most interesting and unique architecture out of any of the properties with a fusion of rustic Western-Swiss themes and southwestern Indian accents.

There’s a reason it was featured in National Lampoon’s Vacation (1983) and why it was visited by presidents like Theodore Roosevelt.

It’s just a special place.

El Tovar Hotel Grand Canyon


The El Tovar Hotel is home to 78 rooms and has a lot of different room types including quite a few types of suites.

We booked a queen room for $400 per night including all taxes and fees (when we booked, we were required to make a 50% deposit).

I really wanted a suite but we did not find availability when we were searching for rooms several months out.

While it would be pricey at about $900 per night, I’d love to stay in the El Tovar Suite, which has a massive private balcony with rim to rim views from the third floor.

You can see some of the balconies in the image above. I’m pretty sure the views from these would be pretty solid. But it’s ridiculously hard to find open dates for that suite.

Grand Canyon Sunset rainbow

Location: South Rim of the Grand Canyon

The El Tovar Hotel is located on the South Rim of the Grand Canyon, which you don’t want to confuse with the North Rim that is located approximately four hours away (where you can find the Grand Canyon Lodge).

If you want to get even more specific, the El Tovar Hotel is found just feet away from the South Rim in Grand Canyon Village.

If you’re trying to soak up every bit of the Grand Canyon that you can, it really is hard to beat the location of the El Tovar Hotel.

It’s right next-door to the Hopi House, Verkamp’s Visitor Center, and also very close to the Grand Canyon Rail where you can board vintage rail cars in true western style.

Find interesting gifts and architecture at the historic Hopi House.

If you want to venture down into the canyon, it’s a super convenient place to stay for an early start on the Bright Angel Trailhead.

If you’re feeling really adventurous you can go for an epic hiking adventure down to the river and back but most people should probably settle for going down no farther than Indian Garden or even the 3 mile house.

The bottom of the Grand Canyon.

And of course, it’s located right on the Rim Trail which you can take in either direction (east or west) for sweeping views of the canyon.

El Tovar Hotel Grand Canyon

This location means that as soon as you step out of the hotel you are only steps away from admiring the magnificent views of the canyon.

While the Grand Canyon is pretty amazing in the daytime, it truly is something special at sunrise and sunset.

It’s not always easy to linger around here during twilight hours, so being able to basically roll out of bed to admire these views is priceless.

Grand Canyon golden hour

Plus, you never know what kind of wildlife might come roaming up to the property for some early morning grazing.

El Tovar Hotel Grand Canyon elk


We arrived a little bit prior to the official check in time but were able to get a room at about 1:30pm. If you’re not able to get early check in, you could just relax on the patio or go for a stroll along the rim. Getting a bite to eat is always an option, too.

El Tovar Hotel Grand Canyon patio

When you arrive, you’ll make your way through a dim lobby lounge and the front desk area will be on your left.

Since we were visiting in October, the lobby was accented with fall leaves and I’m pretty sure they get into Christmas as well. They’re pretty festive around here.

El Tovar Hotel Grand Canyon lobby
El Tovar Hotel Grand Canyon lobby

There are two things you need to know about check in.

The first is that there is no guaranteed parking for your vehicle.

We were visiting on a busy fall day and struggled to find parking anywhere in the vicinity of the property.

Eventually, we found a spot but it was at the Bright Angel Trailhead.

For that reason, you might want to arrive before the afternoon rush and try to avoid moving your vehicle once you find a spot.

Luckily, the shuttle busses can get you just about anywhere you would want to go so you don’t have to drive to get to some of the various look out points, trails, etc.

The second thing to be aware of is that there are no elevators!

The hotel will offer you bellman to assist with your luggage so it should not be a problem for some people. But if stairs are a problem, book a room on the first level.

El Tovar Hotel Grand Canyon lobby

The queen room

Our room was on the smaller side but honestly I thought it was a pretty solid hotel room considering this is essentially a basic room at a historic lodge in a national park.

El Tovar Hotel Grand Canyon bedroom

It appeared that the “queen” bed was a bit on the small side, though.

We measured it out and it came out to a few inches under the standard dimensions for a queen bed of 60 inches.

That was a bummer because it made it difficult for us two to get comfortable. So unless you think you’ll be fine with a smaller queen, I would definitely try to book a king or two queens.

Nevertheless, the bed was comfy in a very fluffy type of way.

El Tovar Hotel Grand Canyon bedroom

The room came with your standard hotel features including: a phone, alarm clock, glasses, ice bucket.

El Tovar Hotel Grand Canyon bedroom
El Tovar Hotel Grand Canyon bedroom

It also had a TV with standard satellite TV programming.

By the TV, you can find a room service menu, which offered pizza delivery from 4 PM to 8 PM. The pizza comes from the Maswik Food Court, which is located at the Maswik Lodge about a quarter mile from the rim.

El Tovar Hotel Grand Canyon bedroom

There was a table with two sitting chairs where you could find the coffee maker.

Outlets were not plentiful near the bed so we had to move this table closer to us so that we could plug electronics into the lamp’s outlets. (You can use the alarm clock on the other side of the bed which has some outlets.)

El Tovar Hotel Grand Canyon bedroom
El Tovar Hotel Grand Canyon bedroom
El Tovar Hotel Grand Canyon bedroom

There’s a closet with an iron, iron board, safe, and room for your luggage.

El Tovar Hotel Grand Canyon bedroom

One thing I was worried about was the Wi-Fi as I had seen reports of it being pretty spotty.

However, I was able to get work done without any problems at all.

If you want to do a bunch of downloading or streaming that might be a different story but I was still able to watch YouTube videos for example.

We also had solid cell phone service which made up for any potential shortcomings of the Wi-Fi.

So this was a very different experience from my recent lodge experience in Glacier Bay National Park where we were without Wi-Fi and cell phone service in our room.

As for the view, we did not have a view of the Grand Canyon but instead we looked out over the parking lot. There’s also a ladder that ran directly outside the window to the roof which was an interesting site.

Sidenote: there is a back entrance to the hotel in this parking lot which can make it a little bit easier to navigate when coming from the parking lot in the back.

El Tovar Hotel Grand Canyon bedroom

The bathroom surprised me in a very good way with its classic look.

El Tovar Hotel Grand Canyon bathroom
El Tovar Hotel Grand Canyon bathroom
El Tovar Hotel Grand Canyon bathroom


We tried out the different dining spots located both in the hotel and in the nearby lodges. Overall, I would say that you can definitely get some quality meals although not every place was a hit.

The first restaurant we tried was the Fred Harvey Burger, which is located at the Bright Angel Lodge. They serve breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

El Tovar Hotel Grand Canyon Fred Harvey Burger

I ordered the Fred Harvey Burger, which came with fries and a potato bun.

It was a nice meal to have after being on the road for six hours but I wouldn’t rank this as one of the best burgers out there.

Keep in mind that there could be a long waiting time so I would head to make a reservation a couple of hours prior to your desired meeting time.

In our case, the waiting time was about one hour.

El Tovar Hotel Grand Canyon Fred Harvey Burger

Next, we tried out the Arizona Steakhouse, which was in a beautiful venue that offered partial views of the rim wall. It’s also located at the Bright Angel Lodge.

El Tovar Hotel Grand Canyon Arizona steakhouse

It’s still a little confusing to me because they don’t have steaks listed on the menu but instead offered one as a special. Just a little odd for a steakhouse if you ask me.

The menu also features beer and wine selections produced from local artisan brewers and vintners.

Reservations are recommended here and we made them for the earliest time available which was when they opened for lunch. However, it looked like people without reservations were able to get in without an issue.

I went with something light which was a turkey wrap ($16.50) that I thought was a perfect quick option for lunch.

El Tovar Hotel Grand Canyon Arizona steakhouse

Brad tried the New York strip steak ($38), which he enjoyed but it was wayyy over cooked for a rare steak.

Then, there was the El Tovar Dining Room, which offers fine dining.

El Tovar Hotel Grand Canyon Dining Room

This is the premier dining venue at the South Rim, where they also serve breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

It’s also the most formal of all of the dining places.

While it sounds like you need to dress up for dinner from the restaurant’s description, casual dress was accepted just fine during our visit.

We enjoyed a really nice dinner during our stay. I went with a special short ribs dish (~$41) while Brad went with the lamb shank ($~37).

The portions were more than plentiful, food very flavorful, and the service was top notch making this a pretty memorable experience. I would recommend not passing it up.

El Tovar Hotel Grand Canyon Dining Room

To make your experience even better you should do two things.

First, definitely make reservations as far in advance as you can because all of the slots can fill up for both lunch and dinner.

Also, when you make a reservation you can request one of the tables with a view of the canyon if that’s the type of thing you’re into.

Here’s a look at the view:

El Tovar Hotel Grand Canyon Dining Room view

Personally, I would avoid booking a reservation during sunset so that you can take in the views from outside.

Grand Canyon South rim sunset


Inside the lobby, you’ll find a gift shop and a smaller news stand where you can pick up snacks and drinks.

There is definitely no shortage of gift shops anywhere in the Grand Canyon but it is nice having one in the lobby so close to your lodging.

El Tovar Hotel Grand Canyon gift shop
El Tovar Hotel Grand Canyon gift shop
El Tovar Hotel Grand Canyon gift shop

Here’s a look at the news stand.

El Tovar Hotel Grand Canyon newststand

Final word

The year prior to this visit we hiked from the rim to the river and back up to the rim in one day which was definitely a memorable and challenging hiking experience.

We were hoping to do something similar during this day but unfortunately life happened and made that an unrealistic option for us.

Despite the disappointment that came from that, I really loved this stay.

Hanging out at the rim during sunset is a really cool vibe and there’s something to be said about just looking off into the vast openness of the canyon that’s hard to explain.

Now that we live in Arizona, we try to make an annual visit to the canyon and I think this is a perfect place to stay for such an occasion.

21 Hotel Etiquette Tips: Become a More Considerate Traveler

If you’re like me and a lot of other travelers, you probably consider yourself to be pretty up to speed on basic hotel etiquette.

But even for experienced travelers, sometimes you realize that some of your routines and practices may not exhibit as much etiquette as you think.

Below are a lot of tips that I’ve gained from years of traveling and speaking with front desk agents.

It wouldn’t be a bad idea to refresh yourself with this list every now and again just to make sure that your hotel etiquette is on point.

Tips for improving your hotel etiquette

Give accurate info on how many people are staying in your room

Whenever you make a reservation, you will be asked how many adults and children will be staying in your room. It’s really important that you answer this accurately because it can dictate a few things.

For one, it can be a safety issue.

In the event emergency services need to be called, it helps them to know how many people to expect in the room.

It can also become a factor with elite benefits and it can even work in your favor to prevent you from getting walked!

Don’t assume you’ll get early check in

Getting early check-in is amazing as it makes your life much easier.

However, it’s pretty much always going to be subject to availability because rooms have to be cleaned after guests check out and that can’t always be done if you are arriving early.

So don’t be afraid to request early check in but don’t always assume that it will (or can) be granted.

Break out of the routine

When you show up at the front desk, try to greet the person working the front desk with a smile and show genuine interest in your interaction with them.

One thing that can drive people working the front desk crazy is being treated like they are subhuman bots.

If a front desk person ever attempts to strike any type of conversation with me I make an extra effort to go along with it just because I know it’s probably a nice departure from the typical bland interaction they often have.

It also doesn’t hurt that being friendly has sometimes gotten me an upgrade or two.

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Delegate use the luggage carts (or don’t)

Using the hotel luggage carts can make it very easy for you to transport lots of bags to and from your room.

At some hotels, especially those on the higher end, it’s expected for the bellhops to handle the luggage carts (and for you to tip them).

This would be the standard etiquette although I personally don’t follow this because of the incident I had at a luxury hotel where the bellhop knocked my bag off the cart and broke my camera lens!

Perhaps, I’m just still bitter but I don’t think I should be forced to delegate that responsibility to anyone. But that’s just me.

Check out of the hotel

You should check out of the hotel when you leave because it helps the hotel manage its inventory better. This is especially the case if the hotel is running at high occupancy.

If you can remember, return your key card and sleeve to the front desk or at least leave it in plain sight on the bed or on a piece of furniture in your room. In case you didn’t know, some hotels reuse both the sleeves and the key cards.

Get to the point on phone calls

If you need to call the front desk, take a little bit of time to formulate your question and know exactly what it is you are trying to ask.

You don’t want to take up more time than is necessary, especially if the hotel is busy.

So just remember to be conscious of the person’s time on the other side of the phone. If they give off the vibe that they want to enter into a lively conversation then cool — but otherwise keep it short.

Be quiet

Always be aware how you could be affecting your temporary neighbors when staying at a hotel.

Sometimes you might not realize how loudly you are blaring your embarrassing TV selection but it could be causing a disturbance to someone in the next room.

Of course, blaring your fancy Bluetooth speakers in a hotel room can also be a problem.

After 9 PM or 10 PM, quiet hours usually kick in. From this point until about 7 AM, it’s expected for noise levels to be minimized.

If you continue to be noisy you’ll usually be given one warning. After that, a second or third strike could get you kicked out of your room.

On the flipside, if someone is being noisy, just let the front desk know because they have experience with dealing with these issues.

If you approach the hotel guest, there’s a chance it could lead to a confrontation that would best be avoided.


Basic elevator etiquette applies at hotels such as waiting for those already inside of the elevator to exit before entering.

But in a hotel you also want to try to avoid over stuffing elevators especially if people have luggage they are bringing.

On the other side of this, you might want to be extra inclusive of people getting on the elevator with you if you are in a property with a single elevator as the waiting time can quickly become pretty long.

Make life easy for housekeeping

After the pandemic, a lot of people don’t actually deal with housekeeping as often.

But if housekeeping is going to come in during your stay, you should try to make their life a little bit easier.

Consider doing the following:

  • Throw dirty towels in a pile in the corner of the bathroom
  • Hang towels up (if you plan on reusing them)
  • Throw away anything gross and wipe up spills
  • Round up all of your trash into a bin or plastic bags
  • Round up your belongings so you don’t have a lot of stray items sprawled out everywhere

You’ll score extra points if you can pile up your towels to one big wad as that will make it even easier for housekeeping to scoop everything up into a bin.

And if your hotel has a kitchen, consider putting your dishes in the dishwasher and starting a cycle when you depart.

Put the furniture back where you got it

Did you need to rearrange any of the furniture so that you could plug in your electronics, enjoy your UberEats, etc?

If so, be sure to push everything back to where you originally found it and plug things like lamps and electronics back in to where they were originally plugged in.

Know which items to take and not to take

A lot of the items in your hotel room can be taken free of charge.

(In reality, you actually already did pay for these things because their cost is included in your room rate but that is a discussion for another time.)

But still, make sure that you are not taking things that are not supposed to be taken. Leave the hangers, ice buckets, etc. Take the tea, shampoo, etc.

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Be patient with the hotel’s shortcomings

No hotel operation is ever going to run smoothly 100% of the time.

Situations can come up like getting walked and you never know what kind of unexpected maintenance issue could arise.

Do your best to be as patient as possible.

Don’t seek compensation for everything

I’ve written on how you can seek compensation when things go wrong during a hotel stay and I’m a firm believer in you requesting what you think you are entitled to.

But a lot of times the infraction is not worth the time or energy you have to invest in order to obtain that compensation.

So try not to go overboard when seeking compensation. Not every little hiccup is worth raising a fuss about.

Don’t tip one dollar

During the hotel stay you may have the opportunity to tip a lot of different people including valet, bellhop, bartenders, etc.

You may not always know exactly how much to tip but one thing you should always try to avoid is tipping just one dollar.

Tipping one dollar for a bartender or barista is one thing and usually is acceptable.

But tipping certain people like valet or concierge only one dollar can sometimes rub them the wrong way.

Tip housekeeping if you leave your room a mess

A lot of people including myself believe that you should always leave some type of tip for housekeeping.

But even if you don’t usually do that, you should definitely do this if you ever leave your room in bad condition.

What would be considered a bad condition?

Well, a lot of scenarios that shall not be mentioned could qualify as “bad condition” but this could include things like tracking in a lot of sand into your room, having lots of trash, etc.

Consider your wardrobe and the setting

Some people get really comfortable in hotels… Perhaps a little bit too comfortable.

When staying at a hotel, try to be aware of what’s acceptable and what’s not when it comes to how you dress.

Clothing that is very revealing could be offputting to a lot of guests, especially if it’s a family oriented property. Clothes should generally remain on when in hot tubs, pools, etc.

I personally don’t venture anywhere in the hotel in my pajamas or in a bathrobe but I still see people doing it and it does look goofy but to be honest I don’t really care.

Don’t go overboard at breakfast

If your hotel has blessed you with a free breakfast, try not to go crazy with taking a lot of items back to your room. You don’t want to deplete the supply before others have had a chance to partake.

Taking a few things “to go” should be fine but sometimes you’ll even see signs on the buffet table that limit the items “one per person.”

Be mindful of slamming doors

Some hotels have mechanisms to prevent their doors from slamming for both the rooms and for those exit doors but others don’t.

Once you realize you’re dealing with a door that will slam shut, consider trying to minimize that impact.

That’s because slamming doors can be a real nuisance to people trying to get rest especially if you are going in and out of your room.

Don’t ever sneak in a pet

Sneaking a pet to a hotel is a bad idea for a few reasons.

For one, you can get hit some pretty hefty fines for doing so. I’ve seen fines for as much as $400 or more.

But the bigger reason why not to do it is that some people have pretty severe pet allergies and if you were on a floor or hotel that does not permit pets, you could set off a bad allergic reaction with someone.

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Don’t take out your frustrations on undeserving hotel staff

Sometimes your travels cause you a lot of stress.

Maybe your flight was canceled and you had to book a last-minute flight on an ultra low-cost carrier, your luggage was lost, etc.

Do your best not to take out any of these prior frustrations on staff members who had nothing to do with them.

When you walk through those hotel lobby doors try to start with a blank slate.

Fill out the annoying post-stay survey

Sometime after your stay, you might see a survey appear in your inbox. Take a quick moment to accurately answer this and bring any issues that you need to in order to help improve the service of the hotel.

This could help make things smoother for a future guests so it’s kind of a way to pay it forward.

Final word

It’s easy to go through your hotel visit without thinking about some of the finer etiquette points mentioned in this article. Sometimes though, it really is all about the little things.

Can You Live in a Hotel? Or Better Yet, Should You?

Living in a hotel sounds cool, off-beat, and interesting at first glance.

The idea of finishing up a day of exploring amazing cities and strolling through markets in a comfortable hotel bed while calling down to room service sounds very tempting to many. 

But there are some super important considerations that you want to think about before deciding to live in a hotel permanently.

As someone who has lived in a hotel/hostel for an entire summer and thought about living in hotels indefinitely, I’ve seen both the pros and cons.

In this article I’ll tell you everything that you need to know before making the leap to full-time hospitality living.

Can you live in a hotel?

Yes, it is possible to live in hotels but there are many logistical hurdles that you would need to consider before choosing that route. There also is the impact on your physical and mental well-being that should be a top consideration.

Below I’ll break down all these to help you answer the ultimate question of whether or not you should live in a hotel.

I mostly focused on living in a hotel abroad with the goal of traveling and exploring the world but some of these considerations will also apply if you were thinking about just living in a hotel domestically.

Choosing to live in a hotel is a big decision with many implications.

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Logistical hurdles

The first step in deciding if living in a hotel is right for you is deciding how you feel about the common logistical hurdles that you will have to deal with.

1. Overcoming the cost (or taking advantage of it)

The biggest hurdle that many people imagine is the cost of staying in a hotel every night.

Now true, if you’re trying to stay in a suite at the Ritz-Carlton every day that is definitely going to add up quick.

But if you’ve done enough research, you know how cost-efficient living in a hotel can actually be in certain parts of the world.

For example, if you chose to go to Asia you could live in a pretty solid hotel paying only $30 to $50 a night.

Some hotels may even provide you with a discount if you make an extra-long booking (always talk to management about this possibility). 

And remember, you won’t have utilities, water bills, cable, furnishings, or have to worry about trash or recycling fees. Internet will be free many times and you might be able to drop your gym membership.

If you are able to monetize what you are doing or set up a business such as a travel blog, you could potentially write off a lot of your living expenses which could bring down your owed taxes substantially.

And if you are savvy with reward points, you can also use those to your advantage in a major way. 

If you focus on one or two hotel loyalty programs, you will quickly climb the elite status ladder and eventually have the top status with several hotel programs.

These statuses like Hilton Diamond will give you great perks like free breakfast and lounge access that could be used to carry you through meals at times, saving you lots of money.

You’ll also have plenty of points and potentially upgrade certificates and free night certificates that you can use to help offset the cost of your stays.

If you are using a co-branded hotel credit card, you’ll earn even more points and add to your savings.

Let’s say you had the Hilton Surpass, which earns 12X on Hilton properties on top of the 20X you’d earn if you were Diamond. That’s a total of 32X and if you value Hilton points at .5 cent per point then that’s like 16% back.

You could stay at a nice hotel like a (self-rated 5-star) Hilton DoubleTree Kuala Lumpur for $50 a night. So your total monthly expense for your room rate could be $1,500 minus the 16% back ($240) for an effective net expense of $1,260.  

That hotel offers breakfast and lounge access so over the span of 30 days those food and drink savings could be very high.

And again, think about all of the bills you won’t be paying by staying in a hotel.

So depending on what your living situation currently is, you could be saving a good amount of money by living in a hotel.

Living in nice hotels can be quite affordable in certain parts of the world.

2. Navigating customs and visa restrictions

If you were planning on living in a hotel in another country, you need to make sure you know how long you will be allowed in the country.

For example, you may only be allowed to remain in the country for 90 days or you might get a longer period of time such as six months.

It depends on the type of visa you have but if you are staying in one country, there’s a good chance that you will have to renew that visa on a regular basis.

This can be very tiring and can also get a little complicated and even a little costly. 

If you are not comfortable with constantly navigating visa requirements, dealing with immigration and customs, the inevitable hiccups, etc., the international hotel hopping route is probably not for you. 

3. Dealing with luggage and laundry

Living in a hotel means that you will most likely have all of your belongings packed up into a couple of bags that you will have with you at all times. 

This can get tricky when you want to take a short trip somewhere.

That’s because it means you will have to:

  • 1) Bring along all of your luggage (hello, baggage fees); OR
  • 2) Pay for nights in a “home” hotel where you will store your luggage; OR
  • 3) Find an alternative arrangement (be careful)

In some cases, you may have a great relationship with your home hotel and can work something out to temporarily store your bags but I don’t think that is a super common practice.

Hotel living also means that you will have to do laundry in your hotel, at the laundromat, or pay the hotel to do it which can be quite expensive (and sometimes risky).

If you like to purchase souvenirs, you’re going to have to do a lot of shipping if you want to keep space in your luggage for your essentials.

And if you’ve ever shipped a 3-foot zebra statue you know how pricey it gets….

But the bottom line is this:

If you can’t see yourself living out of a couple of suitcases, you may not last very long when trying to maintain a permanent residence in a hotel.

You might adapt to the new lifestyle and learn quite a few things. But you might not — it at all depends on the person.

4. Finding a place for your belongings

For every possession that doesn’t come with you, you’re going to have to figure out what to do with it.

Do you sell everything? Put it in storage? Burn it in the barbecue pit?

You’ll have to decide what to do with your belongings but a lot of people do benefit from simplifying their life and getting rid of things they no longer need.

A move to a hotel could be a perfect time to do that.

When I was contemplating a move to full-time hotel living, I threw away several boxes full of old awards, papers, and embarrassing childhood creations that I knew I would just never need.

It felt really good to toss those things out and purge them from my existence.

Other belongings are more difficult to get rid of such as automobiles.

So in some cases, you have to do a lot of planning and legwork ahead of time just to figure out where all your stuff is going to go. 

5. Mail and packages

You can have mail and even packages (including Amazon) delivered to your hotel.

Typically, you would only want to do this if you trust the hotel and you always want to notify them that you are receiving a package.

But there will always be the risk that a package gets lost or is not properly stored for you when living in a hotel.

As for your standard mail, I would recommend having your mail forwarded to a trusted family member and having them open up those letters that have special importance like those from the IRS, student loan providers, etc. They can then scan you the messages.

And be sure to sign up for paperless billing to minimize your incoming mail.

Figuring out your logistics is a must before living in a hotel.

Pros and cons of living in a hotel

Once you’ve decided that you can deal with some of the logistical issues, you have to figure out how you feel about the pros and cons of living full-time in a hotel.

Here are some of the main pros and cons that I considered when deciding whether or not I should live in a hotel.

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The derailed diet


As someone living in a foreign location, and potentially hopping around dozens if not hundreds of cities, you’ll have the opportunity to try all sorts of different foods and cuisines.

Sure you might get sick here and there or gain a little weight but you’ll end up getting exposed to more foods (and cultures) in a few months than many people do in a lifetime.

That is something that’s just incredible to think about, especially for true foodies.


Maintaining a healthy diet while living in hotels can be extremely difficult.

This is all the more true when you earn higher-level elite status and have constant access to free breakfast, free alcohol, and all of the snacks and goodies that come along with those visits.

One of the biggest reasons why I decided to not live 100% abroad in hotels is because I knew that it would absolutely wreck my diet.

If you are staying in an extended stay hotel or just a hotel with a kitchen, things will be dramatically easier for you because you will be able to do some cooking and eat clean.

In that case, look for certain hotel brands that cater to long-term visitors like the Hilton Homewood Suites.

But just know if you don’t go in with a plan and/or possess a high amount of discipline when it comes to your diet, living full-time in a hotel could wreck you.

A free hotel breakfast — could you resist?

The experiences and life decisions


This goes along with the dining experiences mentioned above.

When living in a hotel and traveling the world, the world is pretty much your oyster. The possibilities for exploration and bucket-list checking are endless and only limited by your budget and motivation.

This type of “inundation traveling” can be extremely fulfilling (and addictive).

Seeing something new and epic on a regular basis puts you in a certain type of mind-frame that can be a far departure from anything you’ve experienced before. If you’ve ever studied abroad you probably know this feeling.

For me, this was the biggest pro of living in hotels indefinitely. The thought of visiting 10 to 20 countries in a year excited me like no other.


There’s a potential loneliness factor if you are doing your long-term hotel living in a far flung destination.

You’ll likely be missing key events like: birthdays, weddings, bachelor parties, etc. Some of your friendships may not survive.

All of that can start to take its toll. 

You also may have to give up (or at least put off) major things in your life like: getting a dog, having a child, buying a house, or even building a career. 

So it’s a matter of balancing the (priceless) personal travel experiences you will have with missing out on some major life events.

This is probably one of the major reasons why living in a hotel aboard is not sustainable for many people — it’s just too hard to not regularly connect with friends and family.

Physical Health


Many mid-range or luxury hotels will have nice fitness centers where you can get in great work outs.

It’s not uncommon for these hotels to have decent free weight sections, ellipticals, treadmills, bikes, and other types of state of the art machines.

Full-service properties will even offer special fitness classes.

You also may have a swimming pool to use for a nice workout and even a sauna to relax in. So when it comes to getting exercise, it’s not that difficult to do in a hotel. 

And if you’re doing a lot of exploring, you’ll be on your feet a lot getting in a lot of miles which can be great exercise. In many cities, you can rent bikes and get great exercise.


Heavy traveling can be taxing on your immune system, which is big because hotels can be breeding grounds for viruses.

And let’s not forget about the bed bugs which can be a threat even at luxury hotels.

If you are planning on doing a lot of hotel hopping, the odds of you getting exposed to these things will only go up.

Obviously when a pandemic is alive and well you may not want to be hopping around hotels, either.

But even if you’re not worried about catching something like coronavirus, your way of living could effectively be shut down if things got bad.

Insurance and health care is another major thing to consider.

You might qualify for traveler’s insurance but you will also have to contend with finding and dealing with the health providers.

If you are constantly on the go that can be a challenge.

As someone who has experienced medical emergencies abroad, I can tell you that it often works out just fine. I mean, I’m still alive so that says something.

But visiting doctors does come with an added level of stress for nomads, especially if you don’t speak the native language.

Finally, keep in mind certain types of medications are banned or highly regulated in some countries so it’s also possible that you may not even be able to get the type of medication you need.

Mental health


There is something exciting and exhilarating about a constant change of scenery.

You’ll see so many new things and create such great memories that there is an endless potential for growth and development. 

One great perk is the mental health boost. You can break up stress patterns, shake up your neural networks, and practically bathe in serotonin.

If you’re someone who tends to get stuck in a rut, constantly switching up the scene could be just what you need to flourish as an individual.


Not having a place to call home could have an effect on your mental health.

Many just aren’t cut out to be on the road all the time. And a lot of people can’t function properly not having a true “home.”

And that’s understandable.

Imagine coming back exhausted from a trip and not being able to sleep in your own comfy bed with your favorite pillow and comforter.

If you are not staying in nice properties or in spacious suites, you might feel a bit claustrophobic from time to time.

Other times, noisy neighbors can disrupt your sleep or cause other horror stories in your life — you never know who might be in a hotel room next to you. 

At some point, you may burn out from going in and out of hotel lobbies non-stop and never being able to fully recharge.

Hotels can be lonely places sometimes.

Living in hotel FAQ

Can you buy a hotel room?

In the vast majority of cases, you will not be able to buy a hotel room. But if you are interested in doing so, you should look into timeshares which allow you to purchase something like a room/villa and share it with other owners. 

Can you live in a hotel for months or years?

You can live in some hotels for months, as I’ve personally done it myself. Some hotels may allow you to stay even longer but this could depend on things like local regulations and laws for visitors. In some cases, employers send out workers to destinations where they basically reside in hotels for years at a time.

Can you live in a hotel permanently?

You can live in some hotels indefinitely and for long periods of time which is essentially a permanent residence in some cases. As long as the hotel does not have restrictions on the duration of your stay, you should be able to remain there as long as you wish as a paying guest.

Final word

Ultimately, I decided that I was more interested in living in a home, getting a dog, and living a more traditional existence than living permanently in a hotel.

But I think for some people, living in a hotel could be a good thing at least for a while and could be an exciting adventure that lasts for a few years.

What to Do if You Get Walked by a Hotel: Step by Step Guidance

Just like airlines, hotels like to maximize their profits by achieving 100% occupancy or as close to it as possible.

Because a certain percentage of hotel guests never show up or cancel at the last minute, many properties overbook to compensate for the vacant rooms.

If you happen to book a stay at a hotel that is overbooked, you may run the risk of getting walked.

Here’s what to do if you ever find yourself in that unlucky situation!

Decide if it’s a “walk” or “relocation”

Your first step in dealing with the walk is to figure out if you’re actually being walked or simply “relocated.”

If you’re being relocated, the walk policy of the hotel will not apply which usually means you will need to figure things out on your own.

(Sometimes the hotels may still assist you with being relocated but you probably won’t trigger any compensation policies.)

Some hotels may only consider you walked whenever you are denied your hotel room after showing up in person at the front desk.

If a hotel notifies you before you arrive at the hotel, especially if it is multiple days or weeks before your stay, they may consider that a relocation.

The terms and conditions don’t always clarify when something is a walk or relocation so you may have to figure this out on your own but it’s worth getting the hotel to clarify.

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Look for the hotel’s policy but be prepared to not find anything

Once you’ve been told that you’re getting walked, try to locate the policy for that hotel chain.

Some hotels like Marriott are very transparent about how they handle walks and you can easily find their details.

But other chains like Hilton can vary property to property and you won’t always know what to expect.

At a minimum, the hotel should provide you with a comparable room at a different hotel and if you need to take transportation to get there, they should cover that as well.

Also, if you need to make a phone call and don’t have a phone that works they should allow you to make a call to notify people where you will be.

Try to reason your way out of the walk if you feel strongly about it

You don’t always have to accept getting walked.

If you’re showing up very late you may not have an option but at other times you may be able to change the mind of the person working the front desk.

The way it works at a lot of hotels is that whenever the hotel realizes that an overbooking is inevitable, they will choose certain guests to be walked based on different criteria.

This means that sometimes whenever you are told you are being walked, there are still rooms available. You will just have to persuade the agent to give you one of those rooms.

One of the best ways to do this is to emphasize how inconvenient the hotel transfer will be.

Perhaps you have some type of special circumstance that would make relocating a major problem. If that’s the case, be sure to articulate that well.

Make sure they are offering a comparable room

If you do end up accepting the walk or are forced to accept it then make sure the hotel is offering you a comparable room.

What constitutes a comparable room can be a very subjective determination.

Some of the factors that might go into that include:

  • Price
  • Comparable brand tier
  • Location (safety and general appeal of the area)
  • Convenience (distance from original hotel and/or from the city or airport)
  • Amenities at the hotel (breakfast, lounge)
  • The room type you will receive

Price can be tricky because you may have paid a much lower rate at the time of booking and prices could have skyrocketed since.

So if they put you in a room going for the same rate that you paid, it could mean a significant downgrade in your stay.

Therefore, shooting for a comparable brand tier often helps you get into a similar type of room. Also, putting a lot of weight on the convenience/location factor is usually a good idea.

Figure out an optimal solution if booked for multiple nights

If you have a stay of multiple nights then there are a few different ways that you could handle your walk.

The most convenient option will probably be to have the hotel pay for all of your nights at the new hotel because that will minimize your back-and-forth.

However, some properties will only cover you for the first night and some might even try to get you to come back to their property after the first night.

Reiterate your need for convenience when trying to work this out and don’t be afraid to push back on the options offered by the hotel.

Request for transportation and other necessary expenses to be covered

If you need to take transportation to get to the new hotel, the hotel should offer to cover that but you may need to ask in some cases.

You might also be able to get other expenses covered that have been caused by the walk.

For example, if the hotel is moving you to another property that will not offer you a free breakfast then you could request compensation for that lost benefit.

Don’t get greedy but also don’t be shy if the walk is truly going to impact your wallet.

Inquire about compensation

In addition to the hotel covering your hotel room, you might be able to receive compensation for the inconvenience of getting walked.

This is especially true if you have upper level elite status with a hotel. Hotels really don’t like to walk high level elite members but on occasion they don’t really have a choice.

They know how valuable of a customer you can be so sometimes you can get some very meaningful compensation. Don’t be afraid to push for value around the $200 range.

Follow up

If you were told that you would receive compensation make sure that you follow up because some hotels are really bad about giving you what they promised.

I usually give the hotel management a couple of chances to get it right but when I sense that they are dragging their feet I just go ahead and transfer the matter to corporate offices to get things done.

Final word

Getting denied access to a hotel that you have made reservations for can be frustrating.

But these steps should help you sort out the process and hopefully deal with it a lot better than you might expect.

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