Toronto Marriott City Centre Review (Stadium View Room)

Some time back, I stumbled upon images of a remarkable hotel room that boasted an incredible view of a baseball field below. I was utterly captivated and couldn’t resist adding it to my ever-growing list of must-visit places.

Fast forward a few years – our digital nomad travels took us near the vicinity of the hotel during baseball season, and there was no question about it; I had to seize the opportunity to experience the Toronto Marriott City Centre firsthand.

Below, I’ll tell you everything you need to know about staying at the hotel and what to expect if you book a stadium view room.

Booking the stadium view room

If you want one of the bi-level suites or larger king rooms with a stadium view on a game day then you probably want to book as far in advance as you can.

That’s because these rooms may sell out and there are only so many of them available at the hotel.

With all of the taxes and fees, we paid around $800 for one night for the larger king room. However, I’m still a little unclear on what to expect when it comes to the pricing of these stadium view rooms.

I saw reports of people only paying a few hundred dollars for the stadium view rooms. And when I did my initial search right after the MLB schedule was released, I saw these rooms going for several thousand dollars per night for the Astros and those weren’t even the bi-level loft rooms.

So just be prepared for some wild price fluctuations on game days, especially if you are searching soon after the MLB schedule is released.

Toronto Marriott City Centre Stadium View Room

Getting to the Toronto Marriott City Centre

As one might anticipate, the Toronto Marriott City Centre finds its home smack dab in the heart of downtown Toronto, conveniently adjacent to the iconic CN Tower.

What surprised us was the large expanse of the hotel’s entrance area. This spacious entryway makes ingress and egress a breeze, even in the midst of the bustling city.

However, a little wrinkle in our plans emerged due to our trusty Jeep sporting a rooftop pod. Regrettably, this rooftop addition meant we couldn’t squeeze into the parking garage on site.

But, with the direction of the hotel staff – we quickly found a spot under a nearby streetlight just a couple of blocks away, which proved to be a minor hiccup in an otherwise smooth arrival.

Toronto Marriott City Centre

Checking in

Arriving a couple of hours ahead of schedule turned out to be a stroke of luck, as we could avail ourselves of the early check-in option. We eagerly made our way to our designated room, which happened to be situated on the fourth floor of the hotel.

That sounds like a low floor but remember how deep the stadium is underground.

The moment we stepped into the room, I went straight to the window to take in the panoramic view of the stadium.

As it was still a good few hours before the game, the field lay virtually deserted. Yet, even in its emptiness, the sight was nothing short of breathtaking. You see, I have a soft spot for one-of-a-kind hotel vistas, and this one quickly climbed the ranks of my favorites.

There’s something undeniably intruiging about gazing out at the stadium, especially when the retractable roof is drawn shut. It’s almost as if you’ve been granted access to an exclusive insider’s view of the stadium.

Toronto Marriott City Centre Stadium View Room

Next on the agenda was a thorough exploration of our room, and I must say, it didn’t disappoint in the space department. The room offered ample square footage, boasting a cozy king-sized bed on a lower level.

Additionally, there was a spacious seating area looking out to the field featuring a sofa, a comfy chair, a pair of bar stools, and a television – perfect for catching the game, albeit with a slight 10-second delay. I should also add that the hotel is pet friendly.

Toronto Marriott City Centre Stadium View Room

The room’s well-thought-out layout also included an abundance of seating options, making it ideal for hosting a small gathering of friends or fellow sports enthusiasts. With ample seating at your disposal, inviting a handful of guests over for a lively viewing party wouldn’t be a problem.

There’s also a pull out bed which is a nifty addition that can provide a unique and rather enjoyable experience—watching a professional baseball game while comfortably lounging on a bed. However, I must admit that while it adds novelty to the setup, it may not be the epitome of comfort.

Toronto Marriott City Centre Stadium View Room bed

As we were leisurely lounging in the room, we observed the gradual awakening of the stadium below.

The field crew hustled to prepare the grounds, while athletes engaged in early warm-ups and exercises.

What makes this hotel room unique is you can casually observe the entire game-day spectacle.

We had the privilege of marveling at the design of the retractable roof as it gracefully unfurled, and even had a firsthand view (and auditory experience) of the diligent pre-game and post-game cleaning crew in action.

It’s not every day you get to peek behind the scenes and see how everything comes together on game night, and for me, that was a pretty captivating experience.

One standout feature of our room was the generously sized window that you could slide open. Naturally, there’s a little caution required, especially if you have items like your phone or binoculars in hand – you wouldn’t want them taking an unplanned plunge. Thankfully, the window design includes a handy panel that provides some added security against accidental mishaps.

Toronto Marriott City Centre Stadium View Room window

With the windows flung wide open, you’re in for an immersive experience, complete with the electric atmosphere of the crowd below. It’s a sensation that I recommend savoring to the fullest by keeping those windows open.

When it comes to the stadium view from our hotel room, it’s nothing short of breathtaking.

Toronto Marriott City Centre Stadium View Room

However, in terms of your actual seat view, you’re situated quite high above the outfield.

Now, for folks like me who relish the opportunity to sit in various spots within stadiums and appreciate the nuances of each perspective, this was a plus.

Personally, I also don’t mind being a bit further from the action, as it affords an excellent vantage point to take in the entire field (with the exception of the outfield fence directly below).

Toronto Marriott City Centre Stadium View Room view

To enhance our viewing experience and get up close and personal with the game, we made sure to have a trusty pair of binoculars on hand. They proved to be invaluable whenever we wanted to zoom in and soak up the finer details of the action unfolding on the field.

The only drawback is that you cannot see the Jumbotron or even a smaller screen portraying what’s on the Jumbotron. Also, we did not have speakers directly pointed at our room (I think others do) and so that made it hard to decipher what was being said over the PA system at times (but it also made a room quieter).

But despite a couple of small drawbacks, I still absolutely cherished this experience.

I honestly didn’t realize how much I was going to enjoy it especially because I wasn’t watching my team, the Astros. It did help that I was watching a team that impacted their playoff odds (the Rangers) and got to watch George Springer in action.

But even if you have no vested interest in the teams, it’s just the coolest thing to look up from your hotel room and see the live MLB action.

If you do book one of these rooms, I’d recommend looking into getting room service delivered.

You can order a lot of ballpark favorites like hotdogs including fully loaded dogs, nachos, and a lot of other items. I fully expected room service to take a long time but they delivered our food within about 20 minutes.

Indulging in your all-time favorite ballpark treats delivered straight to your room, and savoring them while you’re engrossed in the game, is just one more distinctive facet of this experience.

Toronto Marriott City Centre Stadium View Room

In addition to the awe-inspiring views, there’s an inherent coolness factor in watching America’s favorite pastime while being in a different country altogether. It reminded me of watching an NFL game in London and there’s something very memorable about hearing a different country’s national anthem during the pregame rituals.

A quick heads-up for anyone considering booking a room at the Toronto Marriott City Centre during a concert event: while it’s a fantastic place to stay, you should be aware that the stage setup will obstruct your view of the concert.

You may find that black curtains are used to block your line of sight to the performance. However, you’ll still be able to enjoy the music and experience the sounds and energy of the concert from your room.

Executive Lounge

Toronto Marriott City Centre boasts a pretty solid executive lounge, which we had access to give an our Titanium status and possibly our room as well?

It’s found in a long narrow room that wraps along the side of the hotel and kind of gave me airport lounge vibes.

You’ll be able to grab breakfast here in the morning and also hors d’oeuvres in the evening.

In terms of the breakfast, they had a pretty standard breakfast set up with eggs, bacon, cereals, fruits, cheeses, some pastries and bread along with other standard items. I’d put it a little ahead of something you would get at a Hampton Inn. A solid breakfast but not a stand-out one.

In the evening the hors d’oeuvres selection consisted of cheeses, crackers, and a few hot dishes including really tasty potatoes and chicken.

Throughout the day you can head up there for chips and beverages including sodas.

The service during the evening and breakfast hours was solid so overall it was a good lounge experience. Unfortunately, this lounge does not face the stadium so you can’t get the stadium views here. I do believe there is a dedicated lounge for private events that does overlook the stadium though.

Hotel facilities

The hotel itself is impressively well-equipped.

In the lobby, you’ll discover a convenient Starbucks for your caffeine fix, and on the opposite side, there’s a restaurant called Sportsnet Grill that’s worth mentioning.

What makes Sportsnet Grill particularly noteworthy is that it’s an excellent spot to catch the game, and not just for hotel guests – even members of the general public can stroll in and enjoy the action. The restaurant boasts floor-to-ceiling windows that offer a nice view of the field.

However, these coveted spots tend to fill up fast, so if you’re keen on dining with a view, it’s advisable to make reservations well in advance. Alternatively, you can opt to hang out at the bar, where you can order the same delectable foods available for room service.

For those who enjoy staying active and relaxing, you’ll be pleased to know that the hotel boasts a spacious and well-appointed gym and pool area. To access these facilities, you’ll need to hop on a separate set of elevators that whisk you away to a different level.

The gym itself is impressively equipped, especially considering the size of the hotel. Whether you’re into cardio, weightlifting, or a mix of both, you’ll find the tools you need for a fulfilling workout.

And when it’s time to unwind, the expansive pool area beckons. It not only offers ample space for swimming but also features a hot tub for soothing those tired muscles after exploring Downtown Toronto. It’s the perfect way to balance your active endeavors with some well-deserved relaxation.

Final word

As you can tell, I’m very big on the uniqueness of this hotel experience. I’m always seeking out hotels that have something special to offer, whether that be in the form of fascinating history, extraordinary location, beautiful views, etc. And this hotel experience delivered in a major way. For the hard-core baseball fan or even a casual fan, I would strongly recommend a stadium view room.

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