Denver International Airport’s (DEN) Cell Phone Waiting Lot “Final Approach” Is Insane

Cell phone parking lots are excellent for providing a free waiting area while waiting to pick up passengers. Usually, these lots are small and at best may have basic amenities like nearby restrooms.

However, at Denver International Airport, they take the concept of cell phone waiting lots to the next level. In this article, I will provide a detailed overview of Denver International Airport’s (DEN) cell phone waiting lot, known as Final Approach.

What is DEN’s Final Approach?

Final Approach is the designated name for the cell phone waiting lot located near Denver International Airport (DEN). It offers a range of amenities you wouldn’t typically expect to find at a cell phone parking lot including: a food court, gas station, restrooms, convenience store, and car wash.

How close to the airport is Final Approach?

Final approach is located approximately three miles west of the Jeppesen Terminal.

On our visit, it took us about seven minutes to get to the terminal to pick up our passenger from the time that we exited the cell phone parking lot and we encountered minimal traffic.

So if you have the passenger text you when they are exiting the plane, that would be a good time to start to head over to the pick up terminal unless they have checked bags they need to pick up.

In that case, you want to probably wait until they tell you that the bags are starting to come out or better yet until they retrieve their bags. Like most other airports, they don’t allow you to wait around at the pick up area.

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What do they have at Final Approach?

When you visit Final Approach, you’ll find a spacious parking lot with 253 spaces, a large gas station, a convenient store, and, most importantly, the Final Approach food court.

There’s a partition between the main parking lot and the area with all of the dining options and the gas station but it is still adjacent to those facilities so you could easily walk over from the main parking lot if for some reason you can’t find parking in front of the facilities (which I think would be rare).

Denver's (DEN) Cell Phone Waiting Lot

The food court houses various restaurants including Dunkin’ Donuts, Aunt Annie’s, Schlotzsky’s, and Tia’s (a New Mexican restaurant). Some restaurants open up as early as 7 AM so you have a few different breakfast options.

Denver's (DEN) Cell Phone Waiting Lot final approach
Cell Phone Waiting Lot final approach food court
Cell Phone Waiting Lot final approach food court

Inside the food court, you’ll discover a multitude of tables and flight information screens, aiding you in keeping track of the status of your awaited flight. They even provide free Wi-Fi for your convenience.

Cell Phone Waiting Lot final approach food court

If you prefer to enjoy the outdoors, there are picnic tables available, perfect for a pleasant day.

Cell Phone Waiting Lot final approach food court outside

Adjacent to the Final Approach food court, you’ll find a convenience store called Rocket, accompanied by a large Phillips 66 gas station.

Cell Phone Waiting Lot final approach gas station
Cell Phone Waiting Lot final approach gas station

The convenience store also features a Wendy’s, boasting one of the largest drive-through entry signs I’ve ever seen. It remains open until midnight so if you’re visiting when the other places are closed (around 8pm), this may be your only option.

Inside the convenience store, you’ll encounter travel-themed decor with Colorado-themed outdoor accents.

Cell Phone Waiting Lot final approach convenience store

It’s one of the more upscale and equipped convenience stores you’ll come across, offering a convenient pit stop for snacks or beverages while awaiting your flight.

Cell Phone Waiting Lot final approach convenience store

The restroom facilities may not be on par with Buc-ee’s, but they certainly surpass the standards of your typical gas station convenience store. And there’s also a car wash outside.

Cell Phone Waiting Lot final approach car wash

Additionally, Final Approach serves as an ideal location to refuel your rental car before returning it. Hopefully, you didn’t pre-pay for your gas as that is often a rip-off!

From the parking lot near the convenience store, we were able to do some plane spotting. However, the departing flights were not very frequent, and we only caught glimpses of a few Southwest flights. Nevertheless, anything to help pass the time is always welcome.

Cell Phone Waiting Lot final approach plane spotting

One important tip for Denver International Airport is to clarify the terminal from which your passenger will be arriving.

There are separate terminals for the west and east, and although specific airlines are assigned to each, it’s possible for your passenger to end up in the wrong terminal, resulting in a long detour to reach them.

So, make sure to confirm the terminal with them to avoid any confusion and unnecessary driving on your part.

Final word

If you ever need to wait to pick up a passenger at Denver International Airport, the cell phone waiting lot is the ideal spot to be. It surpasses the typical cell phone waiting lot as it offers multiple dining choices, a spacious gas station and car wash, and a pleasant convenience store.


  1. The cell Phone lot is so hard to get to for 1st timers. Signs are not enough and they are not posted far enough away from turns. I almost wrecked where that stupid high median is when i didn’t know which side of the median I should be on. And then the lot is so tight it’s impossible to pull out without a 3-point turn. And only a handful of parking spots. It was soooo much better when it was on the right hand side as a quick pull in and
    Pull out. And this is so far away from the tired arrival that has to wait for me to get to pick her up. If I want to eat I’ll go to the restaurant but I just want an easy cell
    Phone lot to wait in so they don’t chase me away at Arrivals!!!. Not to mention the turn around back to the airport is way too long now since they changed it. Please send to anyone who can fix this absurdity.

    1. Well DIA out grew the previous cell phone lot. We are blessed to have this well equipped spot. Once you have used it a few times most will agree it provides all that’s necessary for a pre flight or post flight stop. I’ve traveled through many airports both in and out of the USA and can assure you that DIA’s Final Approach and cell lot are nothing to bitch about.

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