Buc-ee’s Ultimate Guide (Locations & Facts) [2024]

If you’ve ever been on a road trip in Texas chances are you or someone in your car has wanted to stop at Buc-ee’s. Over the years, Buc-ee’s has established itself as a distinctly Texan establishment.

But what exactly does Buc-ee’s have to offer that makes it so special?

In this article, I’ll give you the ultimate guide to Buc-ee’s.

You’ll see what exactly is so special about this oversized convenient store and what you can expect when you visit different locations.

What is Buc-ee’s?

Buc-ee’s is a chain of travel centers (convenience stores) that can be found throughout Texas and the South.

The stores are known for their enormous gas station facilities, wide range of food and snack offerings, and most of all: ultra-clean bathrooms.

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Things to know about Buc-ee’s

The store that never sleeps (open 24 hours)

All Buc-ee’s locations are open 24 hours a day and 365 days a year. So even on major holidays like Thanksgiving and Christmas you can still experience a good ole Buc-ee’s visit.

What’s more, the stores are often well lit and with all of the security cameras (see below), they generally feel like pretty safe places to stop at.

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Crowds can be an issue

Even though some Buc-ee’s locations are absolutely huge and can cater to throngs of customers, crowds and traffic can still be an issue.

If traveling on a weekend, especially around the holidays, you might have to wait or get aggressive to find an open gas pump.

And when venturing inside, you could run into a madhouse as soon as you pass that little buck-tooth beaver statue outside.

These stores are designed to cater to massive amounts of people so big crowds are not always a problem. Hordes of people seem to move in and out without a lot of issues.

But if you’re expecting a quiet and peaceful visit to a gas station bathroom, you won’t always get that at Buc-ee’s.

For some, the chaos just isn’t worth it.

40+ locations (not only in TX)

To the dismay of many Texans, Buc-ee’s is no longer an exclusively Texan establishment.

In 2019, Buc-ee’s opened their first convenience store/gas station outside of Texas in Alabama.

And now you can now find 40+ locations in states all over the south including Georgia.

More states are being added to the Buc-ee’s roster and you’ll soon be able to find locations in states like Tennessee, Kentucky, and Mississippi.

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The eyes of Buc-ee’s are upon you

Some Buc-ee’s locations are known to have high levels of surveillance. For example, the Bastrop location has about 200 high-tech cameras.

These are those movie-like cameras that can zoom in and reveal fine details like the type of bill you used to pay for your purchase.

You could be tracked from the time you enter the parking lot to the time that you leave so you don’t want to test the beaver.

Hopefully you don’t ever have to worry about this but if something ever goes down you will need to file a police report and then request for the police to request the surveillance footage from the store.

There’s a Buc-ee’s credit card

The Buc-ee’s credit card, issued by TDECU (Texas Dow Employees Credit Union), will get you $.10 off every gallon and comes with no annual fee.

In terms of rewards, this is not the most rewarding travel credit card but for a true Buc-ee’s fan, it might be worth picking up. You can find out more details about the credit card here.

Not every one wants Buc-ee’s

Believe it or not, not every place on the globe is eager to add a Buc-ee’s.

 Efland, North Carolina did not want one.

Why not?

They worried it would “would worsen traffic congestion, pollute a protected watershed, and offend aesthetic sensitivities.” 

Those seem like some pretty legit concerns so you can’t knock the town but it all probably just comes down to the fact that not everyone outside of Texas will “get” Buc-ee’s.

Where the name came from

Buc-ee’s was founded in 1982 which means that it will turn 40 years old in 2022.

The owner and co-founder, a Texas A&M graduate (whoop!), went by the name of Arch “Beaver” Aplin III and he apparently always had a liking for the Ipana toothpaste mascot known as “Bucky the Beaver.”

One look at that logo and you can see where the inspiration came from for Buc-ee’s.

Not every Buc-ee’s is bigger in Texas

To give you a sense of how big the Buc-ee’s stores can be, consider that the New Braunfels, TX, location boasts:

  • 120 fueling positions
  • 1,000 parking spots
  • 64 ice freezers
  • 83 toilets
  • 31 cash registers
  • four Icee machines
  • and 80 fountain dispensers

The entire New Braunfels store is 66,335 square feet, which is more square feet than a football field.

Seriously, a gas station bigger than a football field.

Only in Texas.

But this may come as a surprise: not every Buc-ee’s location is the size of a small airport or shopping mall.

Several locations are actually quite compact and closer to the size of your regular convenience store.

Many of these smaller locations are in Texas so if you see an out-of-state Buc-ee’s, there’s a good chance that will be on the bigger side.

Bathrooms are NOT overrated

You’ve probably heard about the award-winning bathrooms at Buc-ee’s.

While some gas stations look like a scene from the movie Saw, Buc-ee’s stores are famous for being the cleanest bathrooms you’ll find on the road and in my experience it’s always true.

In fact, the pristine bathrooms found at Buc-ee’s are probably the number one reason why people stop at Buc-ee’s.

But they aren’t just spotless — the bathrooms also are usually huge and spacious.

I’ve never seen a wait for a urinal and only on a couple of occasions have I seen a real line for the stalls.

In the men’s room, you can find walls of urinals with deep floor to ceiling partitions that actually give you real privacy.

For people traveling with families, the consistently clean and private bathrooms are even more attractive.

Bottom line: if you ever need to go on the road, Buc-ee’s is definitely where you want to be.

And just in case you were wondering, you don’t actually have to buy anything to use the bathroom there.

Inside Buc-ee's

You’ll have plenty of food and drink options at Buc-ee’s

Buc-ee’s will have just about every type of snack item you could possibly be craving, including their famous “Beaver Nuggets” which are a sweet combination of caramel, sugar, and butter coated corn puffs.

Prices sometimes feel a little high but some popular items to pick up at the store include:

  • Jerky
  • Fudge
  • Kolaches
  • Dippin dots
  • Sandwiches
  • Tacos
  • Icees (lots of flavors)

If you’re looking for specific suggestions consider these:

  • Hill Country turkey jerky
  • Bohemian garlic jerky
  • Salted caramel covered pretzels
  • Rhino breakfast taco
  • Texas BLT
  • Mediterranean salad wrap

Some locations have a barbecue stand called the Texas Round Up where you can buy pre-made chopped brisket sandwiches, pulled pork, turkey, sausage, etc.

In my experience, the food is not always phenomenal but a solid notch or two above your standard gas station food.

It’s perfect when you’re looking for something quick and hearty on the road.

In terms of barbecue quality, you could certainly do better in Texas by hunting out a BBQ joint.

But the beauty of Buc-ee’s is that it’s highly convenient to pick up a hot BBQ sandwich while also filling up your tank and not having to gamble on the bathroom situation.

The shopping at Buc-ee’s goes well beyond food and drink, though.

You can find all kinds of apparel, souvenirs, and random items.

If your location is near a tourist hotspot with a particular type of attraction then you’ll find gear for your visit such as fishing rods, beach supplies, river tubes/shoes, hunting gear, etc.

Buc-ee's bbq

Buc-ee’s is NOT a truck stop

Buc-ee’s are not truck stops and so you are not going to find any showers or a lot of 18 wheelers hanging around.

In fact, you can often find “no 18 wheelers” signs posted at the entrances.

The reason for this is to keep Buc-ee’s like it is, a family friendly environment without some of the “hassles” that come with truckstops.

Many truckers are unhappy with being denied access to Buc-ee’s — after all, without massive shipments coming in from truckers how else could Buc-ee’s exist?

But one thing is clear, Buc-ee’s is serious about keeping out 18 wheelers and will even escort drivers out of the store who try to make their way in.

They pay great

Working at Buc-ee’s can be a lucrative job opportunity because their employees are well paid.

According to GlassDoor, “The average Bucee’s hourly pay ranges from approximately $16 per hour for a Cashier to $18 per hour for a Team Lead.”

That’s some really good money.

Meanwhile, the typical Circle K Cashier salary is earning $12 per hour and many convenient stores will be closer to $10 per hour.

These mega-convenience stores can get incredibly busy so it helps tremendously to have employees getting sufficiently compensated so that they can help keep things moving at a quick pace.

You may not have windshield cleaners

If there is one major weakness of some Buc-ee’s locations, it’s that they don’t have windshield cleaners or squeegees located at the pumps.

This means that your bug splattered windshield will have to remain dirty on your long journey to you next destination, unless you have some way to clean it yourself.

They have car washes

While you may not find windshield cleaners, some locations have car washes.

As you would expect some of these car washes are going to be quite large just like the one in Katy, Texas, which is the largest car wash in the world.

Gas may or may not be cheaper

I’ve seen gas at Bucee’s priced both a little bit lower and a little bit higher when compared to nearby gas stations.

Buc-ee’s locations



  • 2328 Lindsay Lane South, Athens, AL 35613


  • 2500 Buc-ee’s Blvd., Auburn, AL 36832


  • 6900 Buc-ee’s Blvd., Leeds, AL 35094


  • 20403 County Rd. 68, Robertsdale, AL 36567



  • 5201 Nugget Road, Berthoud, CO 80513


Daytona Beach

  • 2330 Gateway North Drive, Daytona Beach, FL 32117

Saint Augustine

  • 200 World Commerce Pkwy, Saint Augustine, FL 32092



  • 601 Union Grove Rd. SE, Adairsville, GA 30103

Warner Robins

  • 7001 Russell Parkway, Fort Valley, GA 31030



  • 1013 Buc-ee’s Boulevard, Richmond, KY 40475

Smiths Grove

  • 4001 Smiths Grove-Scottsville Road, Smiths Grove, KY 42171


Harrison County

  • (Opening TBD)



  • 3284 Beaver Rd, Springfield, MO 65803

South Carolina


  • (Opening 2025)


  • 3390 North Williston Road, Florence, SC 29506



  • 2045 Genesis Road, Crossville, TN 38555


  • 170 Buc-ee’s Blvd, Kodak, TN 37764



  • 780 Hwy-35 N Byp, Alvin, TX 77511


  • 2299 E Mulberry St, Angleton, TX 77515
  • 931 Loop 274, Angleton, TX 77515
  • 2304 W Mulberry St, Angleton, TX 77515


  • 1700 Highway 71 East, Bastrop, TX 78602


  • 4080 East Freeway, Baytown, TX 77521


  • (Opening 2025)


  • 801 N Brooks, Brazoria, TX 77422
  • 1101 S Brooks St, Brazoria, TX 77422 (Closed)


  • 27106 US-290, Cypress, TX 77433


  • 2800 S Interstate 35 E, Denton, TX 76210

Eagle Lake

  • 505 E Main St, Eagle Lake, TX 77434


  • 1402 South IH- 45, Ennis, TX 75119

Fort Worth

  • 15901 N Freeway, Fort Worth, TX 76177


  • 4231 E. Hwy 332, Freeport, TX 77541
  • 1002 N Brazosport Blvd., Freeport, TX 77541


  • 2375 E Austin St, Giddings, TX 78942


  • 165 State Highway 77, Hillsboro, TX 76645


  • 27700 Katy Fwy, Katy, TX 77494

Lake Jackson

  • 899 Oyster Creek Drive, Lake Jackson, TX 77566
  • 101 N Hwy 2004, Lake Jackson, TX 77566
  • 598 Hwy 332, Lake Jackson, TX 77566

League City

  • 1702 League City Pkwy, League City, TX 77573


  • 10070 West IH 10, Luling, TX 78658


  • 205 IH-45 South, Madisonville, TX 77864


  • 1550 Central Texas Expressway, Melissa, TX 75454

New Braunfels

  • 2760 IH 35 North, New Braunfels, TX 78130


  • 2541 S Main St, Pearland, TX 77584
  • 11151 Shadow Creek Pky, Pearland, TX 77584

Port Lavaca

  • 2318 W Main, Port Lavaca, TX 77979


  • 1243 Crabb River Rd, Richmond, TX 77469

Royse City

  • 5005 E Interstate 30, Royse City, TX 75189


  • 4155 N General Bruce Dr., Temple, TX 76501


  • 506 W. IH 20, Terrell, TX 75160

Texas City

  • 6201 Gulf Fwy (IH 45), Texas City, TX 77591


  • 40900 US Hwy 290 Bypass, Waller, TX 77484


  • 10484 US 59 Road, Wharton, TX 77488

Find locations here.

Final word

Buc-ee’s is a must stop for millions of people every year when traveling through Texas and now through the South.

Beyond the broad food selection, spotless bathrooms, and absurd number of gas pumps, there’s just something special about the store that gets a lot of people excited.


  1. Perhaps to bring a Bucee’s here in this military town of jacksonville, nc called camp Lejeune, nc……..
    Maybe you all can lively up the place. Cause it need it here.

    S HILL

    1. Saundra, Jacksonville. like New Bern, where I live are too far from I-95. All of Buc-ees are located right off exit ramps of interstates. Florence, SC is the closest location to ENC so its not that far. Maybe someday in Fayetteville but I doubt NC will see a Buc-ees after what Efland (Chapel Hill) did.

      1. I live here ENC I went to the one in Florence SC this past weekend for the first time. It was definitely an experience the beef brisket sandwich was absolutely delicious!! I agree this part of NC will probably never have a Buc-ees come to this part of the south. A lovely weekend ride is worth the trip.

    2. Bring one to locust Grove. Y’all mentioned it in 2019 then nothing ever came about. Henry County game is the fastest growing counties in the U.S

  2. We love Buc-ee’s!! My family seriously considered to relocate to Texas, just to live near Buc-ees.
    Going to Buc-ees is the needed fun road trip break that is so so needed for a family road trip. Perfect restrooms, working available, no waiting at the gas pumps and a million fun things to buy… and oh the delicious food, not at all what you would expect at a gas station. Freshly prepared sandwiches, salads, bakery items etc., etc. Perfect stop for a family or anyone who wants a clean convenient stop. You can stretch your legs and everyone leaves happy! Grand Rapids, Michigan NEEDS a Buc-ee’s. As does Springfield, ILL and Springfield, MO.

      1. Just curious, we share the same surname. Do you have relatives in Florida, Georgia or Texas?

    1. I agree . Do you know if there’s one I can take my husband too? We will be coming from North Louisiana headed to Traverse City/ Maple City Michigan!

  3. This a interchange, south of Madisonville of I69 and the Western Kentucky Parkway that would be ideal for a store Location. This is a main crossroad from East to Louisville to West Paducah Kentucky, South to Nashville , Tenn. North to Evansville ,In. There is no store within 10mile area.
    Just a heads up for a location. With elimination of coal mining, this area needs good paying jobs.
    Madisonville exit 42is also prime area.

  4. 2 questions:
    Will there be a Buc-EE’S coming to Louisiana and if so where?
    Why not put some tables outside for people to sit and eat?
    Some of us don’t like eating in our vehicle or standing!
    I live in Louisiana and will drive 5 hours just to go there. I know it is closer to go to Alabama and there will be one in Mississippi soon but I love the one is Baytown!

    1. The reason for no tables is because even though they sell food it is still a convenience store and gas station. They want to turn a profit like any other business and if they put tables and chairs in then, those customers are using up prime real estate for parking for other customers. That being said if they put the tables and umbrellas out by the grass areas for dogs, or closer to the windshield/air stations then I could see that as a plus, but I don’t think that will be coming to any Buc-ee’s as that would cost more than what they are willing to spend for upkeep.

  5. I enjoyed my first trip to ur store in Terrell, any chance for a store (big or small) going up near Tyler on I-20. Several new places are opening on FM 14 exit, only 1 of 2 roads into Tyler! A move closer would be great. It’s over 60 miles to get Buc-ee’s now!

  6. Visited your store in Daytona, Florida, great experience, would you consider placing a store
    in Gibson, PA?

  7. Would love to have a Buc-ee’s in Barlow, KY. We are a small rural town in far Western KY. How can I get in touch with someone in management?

  8. Please correct this post. The windshield cleaners are NOT at the pumps at the bigger stores so people can get their gas and move. TYPICALLY, there ARE squeegees and cleaners off to the side, and from my experience in the rear, to avoid congestion of customers coming in and out of the parking lot. The squeegees at the larger stores are also not your TYPICAL length handles (at least the ones here in Texas that I have gone to at the larger stores).

  9. The 2 in FL are great. Another possible location off I 95 with space for a large store is Indrio Road in St. Lucie County. Halfway between Vero Beach and Port St. Lucie. I think exit 146. The 2 in FL off 95 are always real busy. This location is not far from the intersection of I 95 and The FL Turnpike. An A 1 location.

  10. For those who want squeegees, Buc ees can import the numerous skells who maraud your vehicle at traffic lights here in NYC and apply a filthy rag to your windshield

  11. I am Agent for Hamilton County Development Authority, Jasper, Fl, with a I-75 Location at Se Quadrant of Exit 467, Jennings , Fl and have city water & sever and Cell tower; Have incentives available to encourage development of a fueling location. Excellent visability and is the first exit in Florida going south. I have tried without any success to contact anyone at the corporate. Please advise with whom we should communicate . Regards, J. T. Bounds, Fl Broker/Agent for Hamilton County Development Authority, Josh Smith, Director.

  12. Please bring a BUC-EES to Middle Indiana. Just found 2 in Georgia and am now hooked on the store!!

  13. I was wondering if Buc-ees offered sugar free items in the store. Diabetics have a hard time at convenient stores trying to find the right food to eat.

  14. I love going to Buck-ees here in Leeds AL. They are always very clean and you can find about anything you need there. There is 1 issue that I have seen on numerous occasions is people parking at the gas pumps and getting gas and then going shopping inside the store leaving their vehicle at the pump. The gas pumps are not a parking area for shopping. . .

  15. The first Buc-ee’s outside of Texas opened in Alabama in Jan 2019. I think they were looking at locations in FL and LA, but the Baldwin County, AL location opened before any other ones outside the Texas.

  16. We stopped at the store in Florence South Carolina recently! I purchased some salt water taffy, when I got home to Florida I checked the date of expiration it was over two years old!! Check the dates on they’re products!

  17. Stopped at Daytona and added another hour to my trip. Well worth it and I still didn’t see it all! Maybe Virginia and West Virginia can be next!

  18. Driving from Savannah to NJ I stopped in Florence SC location.
    It was amazing to see all that Buc- ees has to offer. I was very impressed with size, quality of food and efficiency of the employees. Well done!!

  19. There is a rumor that you will be coming to Millbrook, Al on the interstate. Is this true ?

  20. I absolutely love Buc-ees, but since I moved from Florida back to Ohio, there aren’t any 🙁
    My town is right on I-75. Any chance of expanding to include Ohio? Us Northern folks like shopping at Buc-ees, too!


  21. The wife and I a lot but we always have our travel trailer with us. So does Buc-ee sell auto diesel for pickup truck

  22. We stopped at the Bucees in Adair, GA on the way back to East Tennessee from visiting Grandma’s house. We had our 8 month grandson with and it was around 9pm and time for him to eat. We stopped at that Bucees as we always do coming home from her house, and needed to heat a bottle to make his cereal. When we went in, we asked about a microwave to warm his milk, and the young man said the only microwave was the employees. I asked if he could just warm the bottle for us, so he asked his supervisor and she said No. So we asked at the checkout to see the Manager, who also said we could not use the microwave there. We were very upset at the fact that they would not help. Did not do our normal shopping we always do there, but left and drove across the road to Loves, where they were ever so helpful and accommodating, help us warm his bottle, we made his cereal, got him fed and brought him on home. They are putting one in one exit down from our exit in Sevierville/ Kodak, where our daughter is a Police Officer, and they were very distraught to hear that they would not have microwaves there to accommodate when they had to warm their meals on the run that they carry during their shifts, and where they would get drinks and such hat they might need to go along with their meals. I think they need to rethink their decision to not have microwaves as they are a necessity for those traveling with babies. Also our friend told us about the fact that they don’t have windshield wash at the gas pumps either. We will no longer be patronize Bucees if they are not going to accommodate their customers needs.

  23. I can’t wait to visit Bucee’s
    Planning a trip just for that.

  24. Please come to Surprise, az 303 and the 10.. we will welcome you in a heartbeat, please please come to the west. We have nothing like your wonderful store. Love love your store.

  25. Just had my first Buc-ees experience. OMG. It was amazing. You were welcomed at the door as you came in and everyone was so friendly and helpful. And the bathrooms were amazingly clean. Even had an attendant that kept the line of people flowing through quickly. Never pass up an opportunity to stop there if you get a chance. The only thing that I found disturbing was the fact that when it is time to switch their sandwiches from the breakfast items to the brisket sandwiches the toss all the leftover breakfast items in the trashcans. I was talking to one of the employees when it was time for the switch over and she said that is what they have to do with all leftover food. It hurt my heart to see all of this food just thrown away when it could be used in so many other ways. There are area churches that will come to vacation condos and pick up your leftover food items that can be used in some of their mission programs to feed the hungry and take to halfway houses, safe houses, drug rehab houses, etc. I would think there would be some organization that could use that food. It was heartbreaking to see knowing that there are so many people that would love to have that food. Just so sad.

  26. OKLAHOMA! We need Buc Ee’s in Oklahoma! I always stop at one or more Buc Ee’s when traveling through Teas, but we need one in Oklahoma too! Area around Lawton, Oklahoma would be great! I-44


  28. One Word Delaware !!!! Delaware!!!

    From South to North the State is the crossover from the mid-South to the big Megalopolis.. It attracts a ton on visitors and living here all my life anything Big and New from another area of the Country will kill it!!!! A spot along rt 1 anywhere from Wilmington to the Delaware beaches or anywhere off the 13 miles of I-95 in Delaware would do amazing… Olive Garden, and several other National chains have their #1 sales or at least top 5 locations in DE…. Bring Buck-EE to DE, I promise you won’t be disappointed. Hell I’ll even manage it. God bless America!!’!!!!!

  29. Buc-ees Diesel seems to all be BioDiesel 10%. All of the Mercedes Sprinter diesels I know of require no greater than 5% biodiesel. There are lots of them including mine. Come on Buc-ees, get straight Ultra Low Sulfur 5% or lower diesel!

  30. PLEASE PLEASE consider a BUC-CEES in Hendersonville, NC we would love one or at least consider one near us!

  31. Hi – we visited a Buc-ee’s when traveling back from FL back in Dec 2022 and LOVED it… it was sooo big. Can you think about bringing it to Westchester NY or Fairfield CT??

  32. How can I order online ?y’all had Outdoor Bruner with a small table on the side. It was on sale for $89, I would like to get.

  33. The Bastrop Texas location does have a whole windshield washing station in the corner on the hwy71 side entrance it has awesome squeegees with long handles and super clean water

  34. Every state needs a buckees! Richmond, Virginia and Don’t leave out West By God Virginia. Mountaineer love buckees.

  35. Hi, my one and only visit to Buc-ee’s was while visiting family in Texas. Wow.! What an experience. I loved everything about it. I know you recently opened in Florence SC. But do you have plans on coming to Myrtle Beach SC? I live there, and myself and others would love to have one closer to us. Thank you.

  36. did you ever think of putting a Buc-cee’s in the Hershey PA area along I-81 near the exit to Hershey Park & Hollywood casino

  37. Buc-cees is the best We need one here in Minnestoa went to the 2 in Florida. please open one closer to us in MN. The meat was so Fantastic not anything that I have ever had and such a bonus that it was from a gas station and must say the cleanest bathrooms ever.

  38. Making our yearly trip to Texas next week, can’t wait to visit Bucees again … We like to stock up on jerky and have a great lunch after we fuel up.
    Thanks-You Bucees !

  39. I was shocked that there were NO wheel chairs. WHY?

    I was also shocked that there was no area where you sit and eat. WHY?

    We will not stop at Buc-cees again.

  40. I understand we are getting one in Alamance County, NC on Interstate 85/40 close to Mebane. I can understand Buc-cees decision to come to Alamance County. This area is growing like a weed.

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