Hyatt Ziva Los Cabos Zen Spa Review

I didn’t actually get a chance to try out the Hyatt Ziva Cabo Zen Spa treatment on my stay, but I was able to tour the facilities and I have to say that it’s a very impressive spa facility. I’ll take you on a tour of the spa below.

Hyatt Ziva Cabo Spa treatments

While I didn’t try any of the treatments, you can find all of them here. The “four hands treatment” and golf ball massage looked pretty interesting to me and below are some of the treatment prices (prices could change). 

  • Relaxing Massage (50 min: $155)
  • Deep Therapy (50 min: $165)
  • Sport Massage
  • Aromatherapy
  • Lymphatic Drainage Treatment
  • Four Hands Treatment
  • Chirogolf Massage
  • Welcome Home Massage
  • Riverstone Treatment (80 min: $200)
  • Prenatal Massage (50 min: $155)
  • Neck, Back and Shoulders Massage
  • Reflexology
  • Scalp Massage

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Hyatt Ziva Cabo Spa facility

The entrance to the spa is huge with high ceilings. Some very personable staff members greeted me when I arrived and were very happy to give me a tour of the place right on the spot (I didn’t arrange this tour before my visit). 

I was taken to the staircase area which was pretty stunning with a green-lit fountain at its base. I’ve only visited a hand full of hotel spas but I think the spa facilities were among the coolest that I’ve come across. It’s not just a relaxing vibe — it’s also just an intriguing atmosphere. 

My guide then walked me up the grand staircase that was lit with tall candles, making you feel as if you’re making your way through the corridors of a palace.  

Upstairs there was a sitting area and a lot of different massage rooms. 

The first massage room I saw was one of the standard rooms with only one massage table and a shower. Some hotels have public shower facilities so it was nice seeing a private shower room. 

Then I got to visit a couple’s massage room, which also came with a large shower. I’m not sure if I’m totally sold on couple’s massages as Brad and I typically get out own individual massages. I just find it easier to relax that way but everybody has their own preferences.  

I liked the beach/shell decor. 

Some of the rooms had tubs in them. 

I loved the lounge area full of comfy chaise lounge chairs.

There’s also a small counter for refreshments — fruit and infused water.

There’s a nice dry sauna room. 

And I got a look at the men’s lockers. 

The spa has a beautiful pool and jacuzzi room with an impressive fountain serving as the center piece. 

There were also shower open facilities.

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And there were hot tubs and plunge pools.

I liked the long hot tub area with chairs to relax on. 

I also loved the jets and waterfall shower heads, which looked very relaxing. 

The spa is unique in that it has outdoor spa treatment options in little over water villa huts. 

These huts get decorated better before your treatment but I caught them without the full decor, so keep that in mind. 

Since Cabo doesn’t get as humid as the Caribbean, getting an outdoor massage could actually feel great. Imagine getting a massage in the shade while a cool breeze blows through. 

Final word 

This was one of the most impressive spas I’ve ever seen at a hotel. It’s huge, charming, and just a beautiful facility with a great staff. I definitely regretted not getting a spa treatment after I toured the facility. 

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