Hyatt Ziva Los Cabos 24 Horas Deli Cactus Review

Many all-inclusive resorts have a 24 hour lounge. This is a room that you can typically access during all hours of the day and night and retrieve snacks and certain beverages and just relax in. The lounge at the Hyatt Ziva Los Cabos is called the “24 Horas Deli Cactus.”

I honestly kind of fell in love with this little room, mostly because I just loved the design and feel of the lounge. You should note that this lounge is not the same as the Club Lounge that Hyatt Elite members/premium guests are allowed to access. I will review that lounge and a later article.

24 Horas Deli Cactus

There is no dress code for 24 Horas Deli Cactus but you cannot enter it went with wet clothes or with bare feet.

When I first entered the lounge I thought, “Wow, this is a beautiful lounge.” I loved the Southwest/Mexican vibe to it and it had plenty of seating areas to relax in. It also just had some really good lighting. I did notice that it didn’t have TVs or pool tables like some other 24 hour lounges I’ve seen.

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24 Horas Deli Cactus lounge. 

Some of the seating reminded me of an airport lounge. 

Toward the back of the lounge you can find some tables and an area where you can get some snacks.

You can choose from a variety of sandwiches which include options like ham and cheese and salami.

I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of the sandwiches. These are the perfect grab and go snacks if you have a long day of excursions planned, such as diving, fishing, etc. and I really appreciated that. 

The lounge also had a wide selection of juices, including orange juice with closed containers, perfect for on the go. 

And then there was a selection of yogurts or possibly smoothies? I did not give these a try but they looked pretty good.

Finally, they also had a selection of fruit including green apples, red apples, and bananas that looked pretty fresh. Again, this was such a good place for a pit stop.

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And if you wanted to quench your thirst with something carbonated they also had a soda machine. Options included Pepsi, 7-Up, Diet Pepsi, Lipton tea, and a couple of others.

The lounge also had a small computer table with two computers and a printer.

Final word

Overall, this was a high quality 24 hour lounge. I have seen other lounges that offer a larger variety of hot food items and also more things to do (like play pool) so that was one drawback.

However, this lounge still had some quality sandwiches that came free wrapped which were perfect for being on the go. I also really just loved the vibe inside the lounge and found it very relaxing.