Hyatt Ziva Los Cabos Pools Review (Cabanas) [2021]

When it comes to all-inclusive resorts in warm destinations, the pools are often the pulse of the resort. I’d say that remains true for the Hyatt Ziva Los Cabos, too. The resort boasts one main pool, an infinity pool, an adult’s only pool, and a kid’s waterpark. And of course there are plenty of cabanas to rent out as well.

Below is a review of all of the Hyatt Ziva Los Cabos pools with tons of photos so that you can get ready for your trip to the Hyatt Ziva Los Cabos. 

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Hyatt Ziva Los Cabos Lagoon

The first pool is not a swimmable pool but it’s more of a “lounge pool,” and I think it’s referred to as the lagoon area. This area is located right when you walk through the lobby and before you enter the main pool. (This is also where the tequila bar is located.)  

It’s a beautiful cascading lagoon area with some cool ray sculptures.

And you can’t forget about the frogs.

This area has several platforms you can relax on and chill. Each platform has some cushioned seating and a fire pit located in the middle. You can also find some umbrellas that offer shade. 

In the evenings the fire pits light up and it’s a really cool experience to relax around them, surrounded by water. 

Hyatt Ziva Los Cabos Main Pool

The Hyatt Ziva Los Cabos main pool will come into view as soon as you pass through the lobby. It really is a pretty striking view with the pool in the middle and the deep blue ocean in the background. You will inevitably want to stop for a photo.

The pool is pretty wide and has a couple of small islands in the middle. You might be able to find volleyball nets or soccer goals set up in the pool. 

This is a family resort so of course you should expect the pool area to be a little bit more noisy than an adults resort (there is an adults only pool that you can read about further below). But the pool area was still not as crazy as I thought it might be.

Every day there should be events taking place in the pools. You might find things like water aerobics in the morning and other games that will happen throughout the day. And of course you can find fun activities like foam parties.

There are a lot of seats around the pool areas and there are of course cabanas as well.

There are traditional cabanas which come with some wide cushions and a side table — they call these pool cabanas. 

Sometimes cabanas at other resorts also come with privacy shades on the side for a more private experience but these only had shades on top. That wasn’t an issue but just something that I noticed. 

They also have the in the water cabanas which are called palapas. These offer you some nice shade but your chair is actually in the pool as shown below.

If you are a full-sized adult your butt will be very close to the water in the palapas and if you have a shirt on it will probably get wet at the bottom — just something to note.  

Cabana rental experience

We ended up renting some pool palapas in the water as well as the traditional pool cabanas outside the water. Personally, I preferred the cabanas outside of the pool.

That is mostly because when you are in the pool you just don’t have many places to set your belongings other than the small end table you see below. Also, Cabo can feel a little bit cold at times (versus somewhere like Cancun). Because you will be wet or getting splashed when sitting in the pool, it is harder to get warm. 

In the end, I think it is cool to try both of them but like I said I would prefer the cabanas on the outside of the pool.

When you rent a cabana you will have a staff member serve you drinks. Be sure to bring something to tip them especially if they are killing it. For the most part, the servers were pretty attentive but the level of attentiveness was different each day.

Cabana rental prices: 

The price of your cabana will depend on the location and size.

Here are some (USD) prices you might encounter. 

  • In-pool palapa: $85
  • Small pool cabana: $65 
  • Beach Cabana: $85 to $105 (comes with a bottle of wine)

My advice would be to check with the check-in desk as soon as you arrive to inquire about reserving these for your stay. Once your cabana is reserved, you should see a sign with your name printed on it.

The swim up rooms on the main pool side have their own pool that is not connected to the main pool. I still don’t think I am a big swim up room person but it is pretty cool to have the ability to walk outside your room and instantly drop into a pool. (I just don’t care that much for the lack of privacy).

Food and drink near the pools

Since you might be spending a lot of time in the pool areas, you probably want to know where you can get some drinks and food.

As already mentioned, if you rent a cabana you will have drinks brought to you which is very nice. There is also the Azul Bar located in the infinity pool area (seen further below), so it should always be easy to grab a drink if you’d like. 

If you’d like a quick bite to eat you will probably want to check out Coco Loco. There, you can get snack food items like fish tacos and hamburgers, which I actually thought were pretty good.

Also, during the day they will bring out grills and start cooking up different types of protein which was very tasty. Just look for smoke and a long line of guests and you will find the food stations. 

Hyatt Ziva Los Cabos Infinity Pool

The Hyatt Ziva Los Cabos also has an infinity pool. The infinity pool is smaller and is more laid back than the main pool for the most part. 

It is a beautiful little pool area, and I liked that it is closer to the ocean.

There is a swim up bar, Azul Bar, that serves up all types of drinks.

Here is the view of the beach from the pool.

There is also an adjacent hot tub.

Right outside of the infinity pool is the wooden “sidewalk” that takes you across the resort so that you don’t have to walk in the sand.

There is also a handy shower so you can rinse off all of that sand.

On the beach there are a lot of different chairs and also some beach cabanas.

Here is a look at the cabanas on the beach. Again remember the price of the rental depends on the size and location of the cabana.

In case you are not aware the beaches here are not very swimmable. That is because the undercurrent is so strong that you could get swept away by waves relatively easy. So when you come to the beach here you pretty much will just be hanging out outside of the ocean.

It may not be as fun to some people but the waves here are pretty loud and it can be super relaxing to just lie down in a cabana. The cabanas here will also most likely be more peaceful than the ones in the pool area.

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Hyatt Ziva Los Cabos Adults Pool

The adult only pool at the resort looks pretty amazing. Here is a view of the pool with the beautiful mountains in the background. I found this pool area to be much more laid-back than the others and a great place to just wind down as a couple. 

That building in the middle is the bar area and I was really impressed with its roof.

There is basically a cactus garden on the top which I thought just looked really cool.

Here is a look at the swim up rooms which look a lot different than the other ones. I love how they are connected directly to the pool.

Here is a closer look at the bar. 

And here is a look inside the bar.

Hyatt Ziva Los Cabos Water Park

The resort also has a kids waterpark area. It is a cool looking little area with several waterslides and a locally inspired arch. The water in this park area is extremely shallow, and it’s not really for swimming (but more for splashing around).

I thought it was pretty cool that they had a little replica arch. 

There are chairs outside the water park area for you to relax on.

Some of the chairs are shaded.

If you want to get in the water there is a little pool next to the waterpark. I’m sure this pool is also very shallow but I think you could get more of a real swim in this. Obviously, it is still a very small pool though. 

There also is a kid’s area next door with a slide and playground.

Hyatt Ziva Los Cabos Pool hours

  • The pool closes at 9pm.

Final word

The pools are big and they never felt crowded while we were there visiting in July. Also, I was relatively pleased with the pool service.  So overall I I was pretty impressed by the pools at the Hyatt Ziva Cabos.